Are Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Safe? Things You Need to Know!

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After spending a lot of money to purchase a gun, the second thing to think about is where you will store it. Most people store their guns anywhere in their bedrooms. However, this is not right since guns are dangerous, and sellers recommend storing these gadgets in inappropriate places. Gun safes are excellent innovations where gun owners can store their guns. So, after choosing your gun of choice, think about purchasing a safe as your next investment.

Gun owners have from the past times installed dehumidifiers in their gun safes for various reasons. Dehumidifiers mainly maintain correct levels of humidity to prevent gun safes and other valuables from damages. But are gun safe dehumidifiers safe? Let’s get the limelight about this topic in our discussion today.

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What is a Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

Most people refer to gun safes as golden rods. So, what are these items? Gun safe dehumidifiers are devices employed to maintain gun safes dry. Safe gun dehumidifiers heat up to about 140 degrees to keep dampness out. Reduced humidity prevents rusting from taking place.

What is a Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Are Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Safe? Experts Opinion

In the market, there are various gun safes under 600 you can purchase to store your gun. However, since humidity levels vary from time to time, experts recommend installing dehumidifiers in their gun safes. Their core purpose is to regulate the amount of humidity to prevent them and components inside from possible damages. But then the question arise, are gun safe dehumidifiers safe?

Yes, dehumidifiers make part of the most significant investments you will ever have to protect your gun safe from damages. Typically, humidity can affect your gun a great deal. Not only do humid wreak havoc on gun safes but also pose firearms inside into risks of damage.

There is a significant amount of moisture trapped in safe guns when opening and closing them. The trapped moisture will slowly form rust on your firearms over time. Continuous corrosion leads to permanent damage that will make them malfunction.

Are Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Safe? Experts Opinion

Most of the damage on the firearms is limited to aesthetics. However, the result can affect the overall performance of the machines. Nevertheless, most firearms have wooden parts and components. Exposure of these parts might give rise to mold and mildew over time. Therefore, investing in a humidifier is essential to all gun owners who need to maintain their machines in the right conditions.

Now, you have an idea that dehumidifiers are essential devices to install in gun safes. But, what is the safest humidity level that you should maintain in a gun safe?

Typically, humidity varies from a place to the other. They are lower at the basements than the upper floor or the garage. However, we need to get an idea of the recommended humidity levels to maintain firearms in gun safes. Ideally, the safest relative humidity in gun safes is something of between 40 to 55%. Something falling out of this bracket can cause your machines to damage.

Gun owners should always monitor the relative humidity in their gun safes frequently to avoid damaging their machines. Generally, humidity can go high or low of the set standards. If this is the case, consider installing dehumidifiers to control the levels.

Low humidity in gun safes makes the firearms dry extremely. Over time, the driest environment will cause the parts to corrode. In such cases you are dealing with low humidity, don’t use a dehumidifier. Instead, set an air conditioner to regulate moisture to the normal standards.

Before you consider purchasing a dehumidifier for gun safes, there are a lot of factors to consider. They include;

  • The buyer’s place of residence
  • Frequency of opening the gun safe
  • Where you placed your gun safe

The frequency of using a gun safe is also a factor to mind before installing dehumidifiers in gun safes. If you use it often, then you are less likely to purchase a dehumidifier. Using the safe gun often will ensure there is constant airflow circulating in the safe. However, if you use the safe maybe once in a while, consider installing a humidifier.

Consequently, where you installed or placed your gun safe is also essential in this case. Most people place their gun safes along the interior walls. A shift in humidity levels can pose the components in the safe gun at risk of damage.

Most probably, you can’t meet all the above criteria. So, the solution you remain with is installing dehumidifiers. Still, those who don’t meet any of the above criteria should get a dehumidifier to safeguard the gun safe and components inside. To rest assured of this, install a dehumidifier to maintain correct humid levels in the safe gun.

Where Do You Put a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe?

After purchasing a dehumidifier, you should not just install it anywhere. Instead, ask an expert where to set it for maximum performance. Experts recommend setting dehumidifiers at the base of the gun safe. Likewise, you can install it on the front side of the gun safe.

Where Do You Put a Dehumidifier in a Gun Safe

Other excellent locations to install it is closest to the door, nearest the back wall, or deep inside the safe. However, different dehumidifiers work excellently when placed in particular locations. Let’s look at where to set different types of dehumidifiers.

Silica Gel Dehumidifiers:

These options work excellently from anywhere. Performance is not affected at all, no matter where you install them.

Rod Style Dehumidifiers:

Where you mount these dehumidifiers dictates their performance a lot. They work best when placed at the base of your safe. The heat from the dehumidifier will rise to take any form of moisture around.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is quite an essential section in any complete article. Have a look at what prospects and users had to ask about the gun safe dehumidifiers.

Can a gun safe be too dry?

Yes. However, the dryness cannot pose the safes and valuables inside into risks of damage like moisture.

Can dehumidifiers be harmful?

Yes, they are harmful, especially to individuals suffering from eczema. If you have such an underlying health condition, ensure you stay hydrated.

How long do gun safe dehumidifiers last?

Maintenance of safe gun dehumidifiers is everything about their stay. Properly maintained options last even to ten years.

What is the best humidity for a gun safe?

Professionals say that 50% is the perfect level to maintain in a gun safe. The level is perfect at a room temperature of about 70 degrees.

Is it OK to keep a gun safe in the garage?

You can place it there, but that’s not a recommended place by professionals. Place them there only if you lack a place to install them.


So, are gun safe dehumidifiers safe? We have enlightened readers why gun safes form essential gadgets for firearms. They safeguard guns from damages caused by high and low humidity in the gun safes. So, after spending money to purchase a gun, think about having a safe gun dehumidifier also. They maintain correct levels of moisture to prevent possible damages of valuables and the unit alike. This way, you will protect your gun machine against possible damages.

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