Are Gun Safes Really Fireproof? The Truth about Gun Safe Fire Resistance 2022

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If you own a gun, for sure, you also own a quality gun safe. There is nothing wrong with storing a gun inside a gun safe. A gun safe with a fireproof feature is preferred to all. But are gun safes really fireproof? Can it protect your gun from being burned in the course of fire events?

You may be struggling to give the actual answer since you’re not sure how efficient the gun safes are against fire. However, we’re going to break down this topic in the following section in detail. Let’s move on!

Are Gun Safes Really Fireproof?

Not only you, but almost all the gun safe owners have a question in their mind whether the gun safes are thoroughly fireproof or not. Fire can burn everything in the world. A gun safe is nothing to the mighty fire. In a word, the gun safes are not’ completely fireproof. You can’t rely on a gun safe during the fire events to get the gun intact.


But it can save your gun for a specific period at a particular temperature. In this case, your gun safe must have UL approval to overcome minor fire occurrence. If you spend a good amount of money, you can get a little relief from the devastation of fire, but not thoroughly. Do you ask again, are gun safes really fireproof? Obviously not, since you’ve got your answer.

Do Fireproof Gun Safe Really Work?

You will find enormous gun safes are being sold in the market, referred to as fireproof capability. Some of those can work against fire for a specified period. But most of the gun safes are not manufactured passing Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test. If you can choose the ideal one and spend handsome money, you can protect your valuable gun from small fire incidents.

But if you go for the wrong gun safe, you have to cost a lot since it won’t give you fire protection for a short period. However, it can be said; if you purchase a quality and well-designed gun safe, it will work against fire for a while.

What Does a Fire Rating Mean?

Whenever you go to the market to have a fireproof gun safe, you will find different ratings labeled to those. It will put you in a confusing situation if you’re void of the rating explanation. In this section, we’re going to point out the rating of gun safes.

What Does a Fire Rating Mean

Class 125:

Most of the gun safes feature a class 125 rating.  A gun safe with class 125 can endure temperature up to 125 degrees Farenheight. To illustrate, it will save the gun as long as the inner temperature will be below 125 degrees.  But if the temperate inside the gun safe goes up through the impact of the outer temperature, all the stuff inside the safe will be burned periodically.

Class 150:

If a gun safe features class 150 ratings, that means it can withstand temperature up to 150 degrees Farenheight. It will be failed to cope up with the excessive temperature of the mentioned scale. So, if there happens higher heat surrounding this gun safe, your gun will no longer be intact.

Class 350:

Class 350 rating gun safe is the most used and prominent gun safe. It can resist temperature up to 350 degrees Farenheight. That means you can rely on a gun safe with a class 350 rating for a long time than other classes. But you have to spend a good amount to purchase this gun safe under 300.

How to Fireproof Gun Safe?

It’s hard to have a completely fireproof gun safe.  No gun safe can resist severe fire occurrence; whatever fireproof rating it occupies. But you can follow some strategies to make a gun safe fireproof for a specified period at a specific temperature. Let’s cover those up.How to Fireproof Gun Safe

Put away chemicals that cause a fire:

Your gun safe will be seized through the chemicals that cause a fire. No fireproof ratings will do if somehow causes fire through a chemical. Hence, you must put all the chemicals away from the gun safe to make it fireproof.  It will allow you to utilize both the gun safe and gun for a long time with no maintenance.

Put soft rubber mat under the gun safe:

You can put your gun safe on the soft rubber mat to make it more fireproof. To have the best fireproof advantage, you can wrap the gun safe up through the carpet as well. It’s the most effective approach to making a gun safe fireproof.

Remove flammable things from the gun safe:

No doubt, the flammable things cause fire at ease most of the time. If you keep flammable items close to your gun safe, there has a probability of causing the fire. So, you must remove all the combustible stuff away from the gun safe to make it fireproof.

Place the gun safe in a safe area:

Keeping the gun safe in a safe location can be the most effective method of having the optimal fireproof scope through a gun safe. A gun safe has no flammable things its own; it will be burnt if there causes fire on its surrounding. So, if you can put it in a protected area, you can have the highest fireproof facility through your gun safe.

Final Thought

Every gun owner has the intent to purchase a fireproof gun safe to keep the gun protected from fire causes. But are gun safes really fireproof? The answer is nothing but negative. As a gun owner, you shouldn’t depend on the gun safe during the fire events. Otherwise, you will lose both the firearm and gun safe at the same time.

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