Are Gun Safes Waterproof? Makes A Safe Water Resistant 2022

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A gun safe is the best option for your firearms to keep it away from others, including the burglaries. Besides, the gun safe can help you keep your important documents, money, and precious metal safe and sound. However, if you’re living in an area where it gets flooded, disasters strike often, or the items inside are too important, you may have thought about getting a waterproof gun safe.

A common question arises at a point, are gun safes waterproof? Do they really exist? Well, the truth is, no gun safe is 100% waterproof, but they do exist to some extent. You can obtain one of the gun safes, which are rated as waterproof, or just make it waterproof if you don’t want to pay for the rating. Stick to the article to know everything about the waterproof gun safes and how you can obtain or make a waterproof gun safe.

Are Gun Safes Waterproof?

Getting a gun safe can give you peace of mind and make you feel more secure at home. You can get a good sleep with the important documents, firearms, precious metal, and paper money in the safe. Not every situation demands that the gun safe be waterproof, but some areas or extraordinary situations may come when you have to think about waterproofing your safe.


There are gun safes available in the market, which are rated as waterproof and fireproof. Do they work? Well, the answer is yes, and no! No gun safe is completely waterproof yet, but some renowned waterproof gun safes can stay submerged by 39 inches for up to 72 hours. As you can imagine, they are incredibly pricier than the regular gun safes available in the market.

How Do You Waterproof a Gun Safe?

Keeping your gun safe out of water can become a must-do thing sometimes. If you already have a gun safe and planning not to buy another with a waterproof rating, you can make it waterproof quickly. Here are the things you should know and the steps you can take to make your existing gun safe waterproof:

How Do You Waterproof a Gun Safe

Elevating the safe off the floor

Most people usually place their guns safely on the ground floor to the corner of the room for the safest placement. If you suddenly get a disaster strike and have to keep your gun safe off the water instantly, getting it off the ground is the best idea. The first thing you can do is, get some concrete or wooden blocks and place them under the gun safe. They will elevate the gun safe from the ground and keep it away from the water. You can get the weather forecast, determine how high the water may rise, and get the safe off the ground to that level using slabs.

Give it some good pain jobs

The next thing you must consider is the exterior of the safe, especially if it’s a cheap or old gun safe. It’s highly likely that a cheap or an old gun safe would get weakened over time, especially at its bottom. The bottom of the gun safe where it rests can serve you at its best if you get it a waterproof paint job. It will make the external of the safe capable of fighting the humidity around the safe when the water is around.

Getting the gun safe to high ground or upstairs

If the flood doesn’t seem to stop at a level and tries to get into the gun safe even after getting it off the ground, get it upstairs. However, it’s only possible if you have the floor above your head or a roof with a stair to it and sturdy enough to hold onto the safe. You can also make a platform for the gun safe if you don’t have a floor to climb with the gun safe.

Consider a moisture barrier

Maybe you have secured the gun safe from the direct contact of the water, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe! You must keep it safe from the humidity and the moisture to keep the interior and the belongings safe. One of the most effective ways of making a room moisture-free is to make a moisture barrier. You have to install the moisture barrier before you put slabs on the floor under the gun safe. However, make sure the barrier is strong enough to withstand the weight of the safe; a hard rubber mat would do the job. If you can spend some extra money, getting a vapor barrier like a vinyl siding could be the best option.

Seal all the holes and the door

Sealing the holes in your gun safe can help you keep the water vapor and the humidity gets inside the safe. You may have holes or passageways for the air to go inside the gun safe and damage the inside. Use some RTV, High-Temperature Silicone Sealant, or some sealing solution to make the inside of the safe air and watertight. You can also use a waterproof container inside the safe to keep the guns, metal goods, or money safe even if water gets inside. So, even if you ask how are gun safes waterproof, you can make it through during a flood or disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about waterproofing a gun safe that you might find useful if you’re planning for a watertight gun safe:

Should a gun safe be airtight?

Some waterproof gun safes can stay days at an airtight condition, but it won’t be airtight for as long as you want. However, it’s not necessary to be fully airtight; rather, it’s important to be climate controlled.

Are gun safes easy to break into?

There are some marketings gimmicks of the manufacturers that are pretty easy to break into. However, some renowned gun safe makers make the most secure safes that aren’t easy to penetrate.

Is it okay to keep the gun safe in the garage?

If you have no other place to keep the gun safe in your house, it’s okay to place it in the garage. However, make sure you secure it on the ground, either by bolting in or chaining it firmly.

Where should I put a gun safe in my house?

The best place to put a gun safe in the house is the ground floor, where you can secure it to the ground. Make sure you’re placing it in the furthest corner in the room, close to the walls.

Final Thought

If you need to keep your gun and goods out of the water and humidity, the first asked question is, are gun safes waterproof? Keeping it safe from water and humidity can be a tough job, but with some good safety precautions and proper management, you can easily keep your gun safe secure. Make it resistant to moisture and heat from the inside after treating it from the outside.

A low watt bulb or goldenrod may do a good job of keeping the inside warm and safe from the humidity outside. You can also use a regular or a desiccant dehumidifier to reduce the humidity inside and keep the gun safe slightly warm.

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