The 10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe – High Quality & Extreme Duty

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Are you confused about which is the best fireproof gun safe in the market right now? Then we can gladly say that you are in the right place. In this article, we are reviewing the top ten fireproof guns safe in front of you. With the incising crime rate, having a gun in your home is a good decision. But you need to use it concurrently. Keeping your weapons gives you a huge relief, especially if you have kids in your house.

Undoubtedly, gun safe keeps you away from any unwanted accident. It also serves you to keep your stuff other than guns. Moreover, it is effortless to install, and anyone can do it identically. To say nothing of, the problem is many companies are selling gun safes now a day. So, it is tough to tell which one is better. Because of that reason, we are here to save your day. We have researched a lot in order to provide a brief idea about these ten best products. Let’s look into it.

Are Fireproof Gun Safes Really Fireproof?

Undoubtedly, fire is something that causes massive damage to anything it gets close to. No product in the world is really fireproof. However, you can only try to resist fire for a period of time. Fireproof gun safes also prevent fire for a certain amount of time.

Using the resource and technology, gun safe companies now a day makes the secure stand out in fire for an impressive amount of time. Besides, this is enough for you to react to it. So, a gun safe maybe not entirely fireproof, but it makes way for you to respond in like manner.

Safe Selection Criteria:

Having a gun is entirely your choice, but keeping it safe and accessible must be a top priority. There are many gun safes on the market, and not all serve the purpose you are looking for. The product we selected met our criteria and stood out than others. The criteria are:

Top Security:

Firstly, a safe’s purpose is to give security to your important stuff. So, top security is our number one priority; otherwise, it doesn’t serve the purpose. If you intend to buy a gun safe then make sure its materials are good enough. You also need to check if its pry and fall resistant or not. That way you can choose a winning product.

Enough space:

Secondly, if you are buying a safe, then you should be able to fit your personal belongings properly. Besides, you shouldn’t compromise with space. So, when choosing a gun safe make sure there is extra space for your needs. Some safe includes space on the door also which comes very handy. Therefore, you need to make sure of enough space.

Good Pricing:

Thirdly, when you spend money on a product, you expect it to serve well. So, one of our top priorities was that the product needs to be fair in terms of pricing because money doesn’t grow on trees. However, many product charges more but you can ultimately get the same type of product in less bucks. So, make sure to compare between the products price correspondingly in order to make a decision.

Modern Feature:

Fourthly, technology has advanced vastly, and so has the safes. With this in mind, there is no denying that everyone loves technology as well as modern features in their safe. Modern features allow you to easily access your safe. It not only saves time but also saves hassle. However, some people just don’t like old boring features at all. So, if you are one of those people then you better make sure of the modern features significantly before buying it.


In addition, another important thing is how reliable the product is. You need to believe that the product gives you 100% satisfaction. For this reason, we also marked that criteria. So, make sure that the gun safe you are choosing has that reliability. Many products promise false reliability and takes away your money. So always be cautious on that matter.

Good Customer Service:

Finally, after purchasing a product, it is essential that you can easily set it up, and if you ever face a problem, you should get the solution as soon as possible. Some people complain that though some companies sell good product but their customer service is terrible which makes the customer upset when they are new to the product or want a solution of uncommon problem. So, never make this mistake.

How We Reviewed?

Undoubtedly, reviewing a product is not that easy. There are many processes on how we reviewed these products. Firstly, we have spent hours on research and analysis. Our research team dig up more than 30websites from the internet and found out the key features. Secondly, they thoroughly compared more than 100 user reviews of those products. Thirdly, they have reached the price and the unique features that stood out. Lastly, they also checked the company backgrounds. And finally, we came to a conclusion with these ten products.

Table of Content:

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Comparison Chart:

Here the fireproof gun safes are compared for you. As a result, you can easily have a glance at all the products comparatively.

Image Product Technical Spec Price
Editors Choice

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof and Waterproof Safe
  • Weight:16.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches
  • Size:1.23 Cubic Feet
  • Material:Steel
  • Manufacturer:SentrySafe
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Best Fire-Resistant Safe Box

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.93 x 13.8 x 25.98 inches
  • Size: 2.1 Cubic Feet
  • Material: 14-gauge heavy-duty steel
  • Manufacturer: Amazon Basics
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Advanced Security Safe Box

SentrySafe SF123ES Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SF123ES Fireproof Safe
  • Weight: 85.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches
  • Size: 1.23 Cubic Feet
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: SentrySafe INCSentrySafe INC
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Large Fireproof Safe Box

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe
  • Weight: 186.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.4 x 11.7 x 35.7 inches
  • Size: 4.71 Cubic Feet Safe
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: SentrySafe INC
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Highly Customizable Gun Safe Box

Stack-On A-18-MB-E-S Armorguard 18-Gun

Stack-On A-18-MB-E-S Armorguard 18-Gun
  • Weight: 361 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.75 x 23.38 x 55 inches
  • Size: 24 Gun
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: STAAP
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Budget-Friendly Gun Safe Box

Wasatch 24-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof

Wasatch 24-Gun Fireproof and Waterproof
  • Weight: 329 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 56 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Size: 18 long gun
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: Wasatch
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Durable Construction

Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock

Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock
  • Weight: 306 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 20.75 x 23.5 x 55 inches
  • Size:  24-Gun
  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: Fortress
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Advanced Features Gun Safe

Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun

Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun
  • Weight: 667 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 59 inches
  • Size:  19.9 cubic feet
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Manufacturer: Barska
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Best Mini Gun Safe Box

Jolitac Biometric Cabinet Safes for Home

Jolitac Biometric Cabinet Safes for Home
  • Weight: 41.64lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 21.65″ x 15″ x 13.78″
  • Size: 2.58 Cubic Feet
  • Material: Q235 carbon steel
  • Manufacturer: Jolitac
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Compact and Reliable Gun Safe Box

0.8Cub Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet Security Box

0.8Cub Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet Security Box
  • Weight: 14.97 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Size:  0.8CUB
  • Material: steel
  • Manufacturer: HDQ
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10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews In 2021

Here we suggest you the best ten fireproof guns safe in order to remove your concerns and help you make a wise decision. We hope you will be less concerned after looking through it.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe Reviews

1. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

In truth, Sentrysafe sfw123dsb is one of the reliable products in the market. It is also a safe. Besides, Its UL classified fireproof technology gives protection to your belongings for an hour at 1700°F. So, no need to worry about losing your important documents or guns, or favorite collection in an emergency fire situation.

On the other hand, the waterproofing system is also great for this product.  It will guarantee you 24-hour protection even in a natural disaster. The security system is also top-notch. Moreover, its security system contains a preset dial combination as well as a secondary locking key. In fact, the four large 1-inch bolts also help to make the safe more secure than usual.

However, it contains a pry-resistant hinge bar and impact-resistant system for added protection. It will protect your documents from a heavy fall. Besides, the interior of the safe also looks excellent and organized. In particular, It also has a door pocket as well as key rack for the small things to put into.

So, let’s move further of the SentrySafe sfw123dsb review.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB Technical Specifications:

Weight 16.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches
Size 1.23 Cubic Feet
Material Steel
Manufacturer SentrySafe
Why Do We Love It?
  • It is entirely fireproof as well as waterproof
  • You can easily adjust the system on the inside according to your comfort
  • Its bolt down system for higher security concern
  • The interior is vast, and it also has door pockets for extra space
What should Improve
  • The air circulation of the inside needs to be improved
  • The interior quality also could have been better

2. Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe YB-66YLA-F

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe, 2.1 Cubic Feet - YB-66YLA-F

Indeed, the Amazon Basics fire-resistant box safe will give you absolute protection from your personal belongings in any type of situation. Its UL 72 standard fireproof system will give 20minutes of protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit which is enough time to secure your personal stuff in like manner.

The body of the product is made with 14guage heavy-duty steel to forgive extra security. In addition, to add security, it contains five large 0.75-inch bolts. For easy and quick access in an emergency situation, it also has an electronic keypad, which will help you to reach your personal belongings much faster.

On the other hand, the inside of the shelf is adjustable to your preferred settings, which comes in very handy. Besides, you can store your documents, guns, or any personal thing according to your comfort. So, if you’re looking for a winner product, then you should go for this one. More of the amazon basics fire-resistant safe review is also given below.

YB-66YLA-F Technical Specifications:

Weight 90 pounds
Product Dimensions 16.93 x 13.8 x 25.98 inches
Size 2.1 Cubic Feet
Material 14-gauge heavy-duty steel
Manufacturer Amazon Basics
Why Do We Love It?
  • The adjustable shelf comes with very handy.
  • Its 14guage heavy-duty steel body.
  • Also contains an electronic keypad for fast access.
  • Fully fireproof.
  • Comes in three different sizes.
  • Provides one-year warranty
What should improve
  • To illustrate, they should put a battery indicator on the keypad.

3. SentrySafe SF123ES Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SF123ES Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad 1.23 Cubic Feet, Black

The SentrySafe SF123ES fireproof safe can be the perfect choice for you. It has UL classified fireproof system, which will survive for one hour at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when there’s an emergency situation, you have quick access to your essential things. Moreover, it is also ETL verified so that it can stand a fall of 15 feet.

However, you can set your own lock combination with the digital lock combination feature. Digital combination gives the safe more robust security. In order to ensure safety, the safe contains four live locking bolts. It also includes a pry-resistant hinge bar, as a result, any theft has to lose his blood and soul trying to open the safe.

The safe can be bolted down but be cautious that do not bolt on the sides. It is made of steel. For this reason, no one can break through it to reach your personal belongings or guns. Besides, the size of the product is just fine to put your gun or documents in safety.  So, you can say that it is the best fireproof gun safe for the money.

SentrySafe SF123ES Technical Specifications:

Weight 85.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches
Size 1.23 Cubic Feet
Material Steel
Manufacturer SentrySafe INCSentrySafe INC
Why do we love it?
  • UL classified fireproofing.
  • It also contains organizable shelf on the inside.
  • ETL verified fall resistance.
  • Electronic lock system.
  • Plenty of space to store your products.
What should improve
  • No light on the inside of the safe.

4. SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe EF4738E Fireproof Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

If you are looking for a big safe for your gun or essential belongings, then certainly, it will be the perfect match for you. The SentrySafe EF4738E safe have ELT verified fireproof protection, which will give you half-hour protection at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also has ETL verified waterproof protection for up to 72-hour protection. following that It will survive in 12-inch-deep water in an event like a flood. The digital locking system ensures top security as well. As, It will make it easier for you to access your belongings. Besides, it contains five locking bolts as well as four deadbolts. Furthermore, the thicker door makes the thief cry for its advanced protection.

However, it has a lot of space to store your stuff. You can easily keep your guns and equipment, and there will be space left for other things. So as an added bonus, you will be able to organize the shelf as you like. Besides, it is made with a metal body. So, we can say that it will serve you for a very long time. Now, let’s see further information on the SentrySafe ef4738e review.

SentrySafe EF4738E Technical Specifications:

Weight 186.3 pounds
Product Dimensions 19.4 x 11.7 x 35.7 inches
Size 4.71 Cubic Feet Safe
Material Steel
Manufacturer SentrySafe INC
Why do we love it?
  • It is fully waterproof and fireproof.
  • It has plenty of space to store your belongings.
  • Digital locking
  • For safety, it has five locking bolts as well as four deadbolts.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
What should improve
  • Customer service should improve.
  • It is also a heavy safe, so it can be a burden for you.

5. Stack-On A-24-MB-E-S Armor guard 24-Gun Safe

Stack-On A-24-MB-E-S Armor guard 24-Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, Matte Black

If you are concerned about storing your gun with safety, then the Stackon A-24-MB-E-S will be the best fireproof gun safe for your home. You can store 24 guns in the safe, which is more than enough for an average person. Besides, its survival time is 30 minutes in 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the exciting features is that the shelves can be adjusted by your choice. However, it has three half shelves and one full shelf for you to keep your gun or equipment simultaneously. It also contains 1.5 feet bolt. Moreover, for extra space, it has door storage for pistols or any equipment. So, no need to worry about being short of storage.

The safe comes with an electronic lock system in order to quickly reach your guns or stuff.  You can set three to eight-digit combinations to secure your belongings. Besides, it will also provide you a backup key to manually open the safe for backup and emergency situation. Seeing the features, we can surely say that you can consider this product for your gun safe.

Stack-On A-24-MB-E-S Technical Specifications:

Weight 361 pounds
Product Dimensions 20.75 x 23.38 x 55 inches
Size 24 Gun
Material Steel
Manufacturer STAAP
Why do we love it?
  • 24 guns or equipment can be staked at once
  • Plenty of room
  • Electronic lock combination
  • Two-way locking system
  • Special bolt down feature
  • Adjustable interior
What to improve
  • In the forefront, the interior needs to update.

6. Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock

Surely, Wasatch fireproof and waterproof safe is one of the finest products on the budget. You can certainly say that it is the best fireproof gun safe for the money and Its unique feature makes it stand out in the market. So, if you are concern about the safety of your weapon or belongings, then you can go for it in like manner.

Wasatch will give you 30 minutes of protection in 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, it will also provide 72 hours’ protection in 2 feet water. So, when an emergency situation comes, you will be prepared. It also contains Alarm-U electronic lock system, so if anyone tries to open it with your consent, you will be alarmed. It also includes a key for another backup.

But some people face a problem with the door not opening fully. For this reason, its external hinges will let you open the door 180 degrees wide so that you can comfortably put your things concurrently. The body is made of 2mm steel, and the door comes installed from the factory. So, no extra hassle. Moreover, its three active bolts and two deadbolts ensure safety eventually. Lastly, we can say that the Wasatch safe will be a wise choice for you.  However, if you are really tight on budget then we will recommend you to check our budget-friendly gun safe article.

Wasatch Fireproof Technical Specifications:

Weight 329 Pounds
Product Dimensions 56 x 24 x 24 inches
Size 18 long gun
Material Steel
Manufacturer Wasatch
Why do we love it?
  • Waterproof as well as fireproof
  • All electronic lock system
  • Factory-installed door storage
  • Adjustable interior
  • Best in the budget
What to improve
  • The electronic lock needs to work at the same.

7. Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock

Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe with Electronic Lock

The Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe is one of the best fireproof gun safes under $500. It has everything you need in a gun safe. Besides, you can easily store your weapons or equipment. And for safety, you don’t need to worry about anyone reaching it other than you.

However, it is entirely fireproof, with a 30-minute survival time of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. So, don’t panic about your important stuff if you face any fire situation. The safe has 2mm steel construction so that a thief might leave you a note for the safe being so strong. Furthermore, its external hinges allow users to have full access to the safe.

On the other hand, it consists grey convertible interior so that you can manage your stuff easily. It also consists lever handle for easy opening. In addition, to add security, the fortress eight guns fireproof safe has three inch locking bolts, two deadbolts, and a patent notch bolt as well. In the end, with this safe, you can easily be relaxed and no need to worry about your gun safety.

Fortress 8-Gun Technical Specifications:

Weight 306 lbs
Product Dimensions 20.75 x 23.5 x 55 inches
Size  24-Gun
Material Steel
Manufacturer Fortress
Why do we love it?
  • Fireproof for 30minutes at 1200F
  • Plenty of space
  • Electronic locking mechanism
  • It can also be bolted to the floor
  • Good security system
What should improve
  • Need lights on the interior

8. Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault

Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)

Undoubtedly, the Barska fireproof fire vault is one of the best sizeable fireproof gun safes in the market right now. If you have lots of guns and you need a reliable safe for it, then this might be perfect for you. It has tons of features to assist you and most importantly, it will help you to keep your guns safe and sound.

However, the fireproofing is very impressive of this product. It can withstand a fire for an hour at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, if you want an ample space in your safe that you will be glad to know that you can stack up to 45 rifles and equipment in this safe. Moreover, tt has a silent access feature so that machine noise doesn’t annoy you. Besides, the electronic keypad helps you to access your belongings as fast as you want.

To operate significantly, it needs one 9V battery, which will be given by the manufacturer. The body of the safe is made of alloy steel. So, you can adjust or remove the interior shelf as you like and organize the safe according to your needs. Besides, it comes with backup keys in case of any emergency situation. As a result, you don’t need to worry about losing your stuff.

Barska Technical Specification:

Weight 667 Pounds
Product Dimensions 40 x 22 x 59 inches
Size  19.9 cubic feet
Material Alloy Steel
Manufacturer Barska
Why do we love it?
  • It can store up to 45 rifles
  • Silent access feature
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Removable shelves
  • Includes 9V battery
  • Two ways locking mechanism
What should improve
  • A bit heavy

9. Jolitac Biometric Cabinet Safes for Home

Jolitac Biometric Cabinet Safes for Home, Fingerprint Security Safe Box

If you are looking for the best small fireproof gun safe in the market, then undoubtedly this one is the perfect match for you. The Jolitac Biometric cabinet safe uses biometric fingerprint technology for locking. So you can quickly reach your things with your fingerprint. Besides, it can store up to 32 fingerprints.

However, it is made of Q235 steel, which makes it very reliable. The box’s surface is rapped with antirustantirust and insulation coating, which gives protection from any types of scratches. It also has deadbolt locking, which helps to protect from any weapon. Besides, its 5mm thick door and Its three 20mm deadbolts give you three times more security.

The safe is tested and also proven explosion-proof. Another key feature is its dual locking system. If you put the wrong entry five-times or more, it will automatically turn on the alarm, and the notice will continue for one minute. Besides, it comes in handy in terms of theft. It also has a removable interior shelf. So, if you are satisfied with the features, you can consider this product.

Jolitac Biometric Technical Specifications:

Weight 41.64lbs
Product Dimensions 21.65″ x 15″ x 13.78″
Size 2.58 Cubic Feet
Material Q235 carbon steel
Manufacturer Jolitac
Why do we love it?
  • Modern fingerprint locking system
  • It is made of Q235 carbon steel
  • 100 dense layer of anti-rust phosphate layer and static spray
  • Motorized door
  • Adjustable interior shelf
  • Two emergency keys for backup
  • It fits anywhere
What should improve
  • Fingerprint scanning

10. 0.8cub Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

0.8cub Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet Security Box

Are you looking for a small safe cabinet for your gun or cash? Then this might be the one you are looking for.  This little secure cabinet comes in very handy, and it has a lot of attractive features. Besides, it contains a triple lock core, which includes 20mm thick solid steel.

The box is made of high-quality steel, which gives protection from water and fires. However, the material used in making the body protects your documents and belongings. If a thief tries to open it, he will have a tough time trying. Besides, the size of the safe is perfect for storing your handgun, documents, or cash.

There are two ways of unlocking the safe. First one is using the numeric keyboard, which has three light indicators, and second one is a physical key. There are four mounting bolts included as well. You can put them on your wall, on your floor or on your shelf.Mounting the safe provides extra security from thieves. After that, we can say that it is one of the best product that is available in the market.

0.8cub Technical Specifications:

Weight 14.97 pounds
Product Dimensions 16 x 13 x 13 inches
Size  0.8CUB
Material steel
Manufacturer HDQ
Why do we love it?
  • Fireproof and waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Two unlocking method
  • Ninety days return or exchange policy
  • Numeric keyboard with light indicators
What should improve
  • Fireproofing

How to Use a Fireproof Gun Safe – Step by Step

If you expect your gun safe to serve you years after years, then you need to follow the basics of how to use a gun safe. So here, we are demonstrating to you the seven necessary steps:

How to Use a Fireproof Gun Safe - Step by Step

  • Don’t Force Stack: If you stack your guns in the safe, your weapons may get damaged. Besides, giving your gun space to breathe is suitable for both your guns and the safe.
  • Control Humidity: On the inside of a gun safe, the humidity should be at 50 percent. So, you should continuously keep an update of the moisture for good safe health.
  • Bolt Down the safe: Bolting down your gun safe will give you extra security from thieves. But you also need to keep in mind that your floor needs to be able to bear the weight of the safe before bolting.
  • Obey the Firearms Safety Rules: Carefully follow the gun handling rules. Otherwise, you may face the consequences. However, only keeping a gun safe doesn’t make you free from the authorities.
  • Keep copies of safe: Make a few copies of the safe gun combination and store it far from the safe if possible. It helps in you in some certain situation or if you can find your keys.
  • List your things inside the safe: Keeping a list of your guns and ammunition is essential. This way, you can keep track of your ammunitions and stay tension free.
  • Put off your gun case: Guns need to be dry and the air circulation must be good around them. They are keeping the case on ruins the guns gradually and the guns around it. So be extra cautious about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we are going to answer some common questions and concerns of general people about the fireproof gun safe.

Is a fireproof gun safe worth it?

Undoubtedly, keeping your gun safe fireproof will save you from any significant accident.

Is the electronic keypad fireproof of all gun safe?

It depends on the various companies, but most of them are fireproof.

Are gun safes bad for guns?

No, it will secure your guns, especially if you have kids in your house.

Is it wrong to keep guns safe in the garage?

Definitely, but if you are careful enough, then it won’t be a problem.

Is a gun safe a good investment?

Obviously, it is a long term investment and you can use it to store other belongings other than guns.

Bottom Line

So, after reading till the end, we hope that you will be able to find the perfect product you are looking for. We have researched a lot to do this review so that we can help people choose their ideal gun safe. So, I hope with our clear intention and dedication we will be able to assist you to choose the perfect gun safe.

In short, if you want our opinion about which one is the best fireproof gun safe as shown above then we will suggest the SentrySafe SFW123DSB. It is water and fireproof, the interior is adjustable. Besides, the price is just right and it also has extra space on the door. So, in our opinion, all these features make the product really special. Thank you for sticking up till the end. Have a good day.

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