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A bolt gun is a device that is also called a CAPTIVE BOLT PISTOL. You need a safe if you want to protect your gun as it should be. But buying a safe for your gun is useless unless you can have the proper installation. So, you should have knowledge about necessary tools, basic guidelines, and steps to install before going to work to bolt your gun safe.

However, if you are in trouble to install your safe accurately then this article is right for you. Here, you will get guidance on the best way to bolt gun safe to concrete floor step by step. Consider the following factors to bolt your gun safe to the concrete floor-

Requirements Tools For Best Gun Safe Alternatives

Best Gun Safe Alternatives

You can have mental peace while having a reliable gun safe at home. But you must have the following tools if you have an intention to install the gun safe yourself. Let’s see the list of tools given below-


A saw is a kind of tool that looks like a blade with a toothed edge at its sides. Usually, we use a saw to cut the materials while installing the gun safe on the floor.

Anchor Bolt

The Anchor bolt is entitled as the joints connector or tools installing objects. An anchor bolt will help you to connect both structural and non-structural fundamentals on your concrete floor. You need different sorts of components to connect the equipment.


You might have a question: why do you need a scissor while installing a safe? You need a scissor to incise the clothing/carpet on the floor before bolting your gun safe. You cannot bolt your safe unless removing the carpet/cloth from the selected spot.

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

It’s too simple to think about a measuring tape. We can accomplish no tool-installation job without having a measuring tape.

Hammer, Corded Drill, and Drill Bit

A hammer bolt is also known as a powerful tool to bolt gun safe. You can make a powerful hole into masonry using a hammer. It is also needed to insert the nuts properly. The function of a corded drill and drill bit is almost similar to the function of a hammer.


You need a pencil to mark the decided place so that the measurement would be appropriate.



The function of a screwdriver is to rotate into a slotted head. A screwdriver is a kind of tool that is utilized to screw or unscrew the necessary bolt.

Masonry Drill Bit

In general, people use a masonry drill bit along with a hammer. The rotating tumblers of masonry carry out the dust.

Also, you have to make sure a suitable place with strong support is installed to keep your gun safe. Sometimes, you can get a safe at the market with holes already at the base, back, and anchor. Use a high-quality masonry drill bit and corded drill if you do not find the safe with a hole.

Step by Step Instructions to Bolt the Gun Safe to the Concrete Floor

The concrete floor can be the best fit to install your gun safe. Your gun can be simply accessed because of installing your gun safe on the concrete floor. You must follow these ten steps to install your gun safely. Let’s go through these central steps-

Step-1:  Choose a suitable concrete surface. Level your safe on the floor correctly and use shims to level properly.

Step-2: To access your masonry drill bit, take away the caps from the safe inside floor.

Steps-3:  Ensure the spot you have chosen has no obstacle that can create a problem to your safety from being unbolted.

Step-4: Drill holes into the concrete floor applying your hammer and 5/8inch concrete drill bit. Now, insert the concrete anchor through the bolt-down holes of the safe. Fixed or tightened the nuts with a 19mm screwdriver. It will help the concrete anchor sleeve bolt to expand well on the concrete floor.

Step-5: If you have a fancy to set your safe on top of the carpet, stain the spot using a pencil and slice the marked part of the carpet using scissors.

Step-6: Now, place the safe on to the right place and spot the drilled holes at the back. You have to drill the spotted holes using your masonry drill bit and keep drilling the required holes.

Step-7: Use a tap while drilling to measure the bit’s depth to understand when to stop making the hole. Your tap will tell you the exact span to drill.

Step-8: Eliminate the dust while finished drilling by a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

Step-9: Set the safe on the drilled holes and rotate the anchor bolts unless you feel secure.

Step-10:  Put the black caps back that you took away at step-2.

Note: The mentioned instructions above are considered as the best procedure to bolt your gun safe on your concrete floor. Moreover, these recommended steps are most popular among the concrete floor users to bolt their gun safely. So, I hope you already have got the best way to bolt gun safe to concrete floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well! You may go through the given questions (the most commonly asked questions) below to remove your confusion. Hopefully, you can have a good experience while going through these questions-

Should you anchor your gun safe?

The answer is yes! Anchoring supports you to be safe from unexpected accidents and even it can help to save your floor from damage.

Which types of anchors can be used for bolting down a gun safe? 

I strongly recommend to use ‘Liberty Anchor Kit’ as it is tot up as the best anchor in the present market

Where do thieves search first?

Thieves commonly look for space under the bed in the master bedroom. Thinking of the master bedroom of a gun owner’s bedroom, they find the master bedroom so lucrative.

What do you suggest to put under the gun safe?

Placing a rubber mat between your gun safe and concrete will bid you the best protection.

How many Anchor-Bolts are there according to their types?

There are four best types of anchor-bolt you can find.

Final Verdict

A proper safe installing activity is considered key to assuring your gun safe exactly where it is. Those who do not want to take help from any professional to install the gun safe s/he can take the guidelines from this article and install the safe easily into her/his concrete floor.

The best way to bolt gun safe to concrete floor with ten steps is already discussed in this article. Confidently, you have no more confusion about installing your gun safe on your concrete floor.

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