6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 – Special Choice For You

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Many US households have guns for various uses like hunting, self-defense, target shooting, and recreational activities. Statistics show that more than half of the firearm-related incidents happen in homes because of lack of knowledge and carelessness.

Therefore, you need to get a high-quality gun safe to protect your guns from buglers and kids. Finding a quality gun safe can be challenging, especially if you are on a budget. Luckily, we have researched the best gun safes under 600 that you can consider buying. Check our top picks in detail to help you find a safe that suits your needs.

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6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 - Special Choice For You 1

Vaultek MX Series Safe High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe

6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 - Special Choice For You 2

Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe

6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 - Special Choice For You 3

Barska AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe

6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 - Special Choice For You 4

Festnight Digital Gun Pistol Box 5-Rifle Firearm Storage Cabinet Safe

6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 - Special Choice For You 5

SnapSafe in Wall, Long Gun Shotgun Safe

6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021 - Special Choice For You 6

Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe

What Size Gun Safe Do I Need?

The right size is based on what you want to keep inside the safe.  For instance, do you want to keep jewelry and other random items? It is great to buy a gun safe that can hold your items well. Additionally, ensure there is some free space left to help you get quick access.


You should also consider getting a bigger safe that you want. After all, you don’t want to buy a safe and then realize it will not fit your items. After deciding the safe you want, get a bigger size. Again, some manufacturers can be misleading to the interior size of the safe. If you want a safe to fit 25 rifles, go for one marked 50 rifles, and you will not be disappointed.

Another essential consideration is where you want to put your safe. Do you have enough space at home? Therefore, depending on the available space, you can either choose a small or big safe.

Lastly, you need to consider whether the size you choose will affect your budget. Of course, a bigger size will cost more. However, you can also get a bigger safe at a relatively affordable price.

6 Best Gun Safes Under 600 Reviews 2021

Shopping for a gun safe on a budget can be tedious because there are many options. Again, not all the safes you will find are up to the mark. While you want to keep your budget low, you also need a gun safe to give you maximum protection. The following best gun safes under 600 are high-quality and affordable gun safes that will secure your gun against burglars, kids, and other unauthorized person. 

1. Vaultek MX Series Safe High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe

Vaultek MX Series Safe High Capacity Smart Handgun Safe

If you have a gun, a gun safe should come in handy. While you might not have the budget to buy the most expensive gun safes, you can still acquire a relatively affordable gun safe like the Vaultek MX Series. This is a quality safe that can store up to eight guns. It features a rugged and robust carbon steel construction for durability. Additionally, the gun safe features a powder-coat finish preventing corrosion

This gun safe comes from the best gun safe brands and provides excellent anti-theft protection. Like other Vaultek safes, this model also features impact protection, dual anti-impact latches, and anti-ply bars to prevent break-ins. The safe interior has adjustable height shelves so you can customize the inner space to suit your needs. Additionally, you will find a twin pistol rack with high-density foam.

Expect instant access of your valuables with the 4-point entry that features a biometric scanner. You will also find manual keys, fire backlit pad, and smart key nano. Moreover, with the built-in LCD screen, you can easily see all the safe activities. This safe connects with Wi-Fi to help you see or get instant alerts right in your phone for any safe events.

Vaultek MX Series Features:

  • The safe has a quality backup lithium-ion battery that offers power for up to 4 months if you use it without plugging in.
  • The high capacity interior can hold up to eight handguns and has a built-in LCD screen to help you see safe activities.
  • It features superior steel construction for durability and powder-coat to prevent corrosion.
  • This safe has the best anti-theft protection; therefore, you do not expect any break-ins.
  • It has an oversized biometric scanner, manual keys, and smart key nano for instant access. 

2. Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe

Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe

You don’t necessarily need to acquire the most expensive gun safes to enjoy the best protection for your guns and other valuables. With a budget lower than 600 bucks, you can get this amazing gun safe that provides maximum protection. This gun safe is ultra-light without compromising its durability. It is durable and strong so moving it to different places in your house is not hard.

This is one of the top quality gun safes that is easy to adjust. It utilizes Securelt’s CradleGrid technology that helps you organize the storage. You can easily store your long guns without the need for extra tools. This gun safe has a key override with a control panel. Additionally, there is a hidden key overrode for backup; hence your items are secure.

When it comes to construction, this gun safe will impress you. It features a robust steel cabinet with a back panel grid to help you get straight-line access. Therefore, you can reach your ideal firearm without necessarily moving the others. Moreover, organization awareness helps to boost visual inventory. This safe is a perfect model for both home and office use.

Secure It Gun Features:

  • The safe features a durable and lightweight construction; hence it is easy to move in your house or office.
  • It is easily adjustable to help you get an organization. You can also store your long guns without any tools.
  • The safe has a keypad control panel and a hidden key override to ensure you get the best protection.
  • The back panel grid helps you reach every firearm, and you don’t have to move the others.
  • It improves the visual inventory, so it is easy for you to know what you have safely and where it is.

3. Barska AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe

Barska AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe

If you are looking for top gun safes under 500, Barska AX13100 4.33 is a perfect selection. The safe is easy to use and offers the best protection for your guns. The pin is easy to program, thanks to the simple digital keypad. You can easily set your ideal pin and also store up to two other unique codes. 

This safe features three built-in pry-resistant deadbolts that help in keeping your items safe. You can choose to mount it with the hardware included. Another great aspect you will love is the quality interior. The interior is carpeted, and you can store close to 8 rifles without the accessory attachments. Additionally, the safe has two removable shelves and two removable racks to help you keep ammo and handguns.

It features 4 AA batteries for backup, and they can operate for up to one year. If you forget about changing the batteries, use the keys; it comes within the hidden keyhole. Alternatively, you can plug in the battery pack for backup.

Barska AX13100 Features:

  • It features a user-friendly digital keypad with a nice design hence easy to set your pin.
  • The interior parts of the safe are carpeted and can hold up to eight riffles without attachments.
  • Features a solid construction with steel walls and tamper-resistant edges for maximum security.
  • It comes with essential components like mounting hardware, backup keys, and 4AA batteries. 
  • The safe has pre-drilled holes, and this helps you to mount it in any convenient place. 

4. Festnight Digital Gun Pistol Box 5-Rifle Firearm Storage Cabinet Safe

Festnight Digital Gun Pistol Box 5-Rifle Firearm Storage Cabinet Safe

The invention of gunpowder is among the great innovations. People can now use guns for various reasons like protection, hunting, and target shooting. However, the safety of your gun is essential. Prevent gun-related accidents by having a gun safe. Festnight is the best gun safe for home that you can choose to buy. 

This safe features heavy-duty construction and a rugged design for durability. You can use it to store up to 5 rifles. Using the safe is easy since you can lock your electronic password by coming up with an ideal password. Alternatively, you can use it manually with a key and four spare keys.

Apart from the spare keys, other items you will find in the package include batteries, user manuals, and a sponge buttstock.  The safe is also great for keeping other valuable items like sensitive documents and heirlooms to prevent unauthorized people’s access.

Festnight Digital Features:

  • The locking mechanism keeps children and robbers away from the safe; hence your items are safe.
  • It features a heavy-duty steel construction to offer durability and the best protection for your valuables.
  • The safe has enough space to hold up to five rifles, heirlooms, and other sensitive documents.
  • You can easily program the electronic lock with a password or choose the manual lock using a key.
  • It features internal retention for separate lock boxes to store bullets and other smaller items.

5. SnapSafe in Wall, Long Gun Shotgun Safe

SnapSafe in Wall, Long Gun Shotgun Safe

SnapSafe is one of the best budget gun safe; you can get to keep your guns safe. This safe features durable construction to provide optimum security for your items. The safe is ideal for different applications so you can use it in your vehicle, under the bed, or in a closet. The safe offers easy installation, which you can achieve in less time.

Opening the safe is also easy since it has an electronic and a keyed entry for security purposes. The electronic keypad and the key backup give you confidence and ensure you do not get locked up accidentally from accessing the same.

The safe provides extra storage for your items. The gun safe features three shelves that you can remove to suit your needs. You can use the shelves to keep your passports, jewelry, passport, documents, and other valuables.

SnapSafe in Wall Features:

  • The safe features heavy-gauge steel construction that prevents break-ins and protects your items.
  • You get electronic and a keyed entry; hence no worries about having a hard time accessing the safe.
  • It has extra storage to store other essential items like documents, jewelry, and passports.
  • Easy to install the safe in a few minutes, and it comes with a mounting kit and user manual.
  • Versatile safe that you can use for a wide range of applications to meet your needs.

6. Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe

Moutec Large Biometric Rifle SafeIf you need a gun safe with improved features, the Moutec rifle safe is worth your investment. This good affordable gun safe has durable steel make to give you the best protection. You can keep up to 7 rifles, guns, magazines, and ammo.

Unlike other gun safes, this model is deeper and allows you to access your items during emergencies easily. It has a reliable biometric fingerprint that helps you unlock the safe instantly. Additionally, its smart technology keeps buglers and kids away from the safe.

This safe is easy to mount. It features pre-punched holes for mounting at the bottom and the back of the safe to help you attach it on the wall easily. You can mount the same at any convenient place in your house. Apart from the safe, you will also get other essential items in the package like 4 AA batteries, 4 anchor bolts, 2 spare keys, 2 keys for the inside box, and a manual.

Moutec Large Features:

  • Great safe with ample storage for up to 7 rifles, and you can also store some handguns.
  • Tough and rugged design ensures you get the best protection for your firearms.
  • Easy to install since it comes with pre-punched mounting holes at the bottom and back of the safe.
  • The safe has a reliable locking mechanism with a biometric system for instant access.
  • The front door has a corrosion-resistant finish to offer protection for many years.

How Much Money Do I Need to Spend On a Gun Safe?

Gun safes are available in different price ranges to suit the needs of users. First, you need to understand that acquiring a gun is a huge investment and dangerous. Therefore, you need a safe to keep your weapon secure. 

The amount of money you intend to spend will be based on your budget. You can get guns safe from 100 bucks to over 3000 bucks. Several things affect the price of the safe. These include its size, level of security, fire protection, and the features it has.

Other thoughts also determine the amount you should spend on a gun safe. They include the following:

  • You can choose an expensive gun safe and keep it in a place easy to reach, for instance, your bedroom.
  • You can also buy an affordable gun safe and keep it in places that are hard to access.
  • If you want to store your gun for a short time and sell it, there is no need to buy an expensive safe.
  • If you also don’t plan to take care of the safe properly, there is no need to buy an expensive one.
  • Lastly, if you intend to keep expensive guns in your gun safe, you should also consider buying an expensive safe that will safeguard your items.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are on a budget and need a quality gun safe, you probably have various pending questions. These are the most frequently asked questions about gun safes.

Will my floor support the weight of a gun safe?

Yes. You can keep your gun safe on the floor conveniently without worries. The floor can support it well because it ensures the weight is well distributed.

Can I Bolt the Safe to the Floor?

Yes, you can. You can bolt your jewel safe, home safe, and gun safe on the floor if you want to give it extra security.

Can gun safes be stored in the garage?

It is not recommended to store your gun safe in the garage; unless you have no other option. When you store it in the garage, make sure you bolt the safe and built a nice closet around the safe.

Is it easy to break into a gun safe?

All gun safes have a prying space. If you have trouble using the lock of your safe, you can break the prying space using bolts or rods. However, after this, your safe will not be secure anymore.

Can a gun safe be tax deductible?

Gun safes can be tax-deductible in some states and limited in others. However, it is easy to write off the safe purchase once you meet the necessary conditions. 

Final Verdict

If you have firearms at home, you need to get a gun safe to keep them secure. Gun safes are essential because they ensure your gun is not stolen or land in the wrong hands. You don’t have to spend a lot to acquire a gun safe since gun safes are for all budgets. We have given you a rundown of the best gun safes under 600 to keep your gun safe.

We recommend the Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe if you need an affordable safe with improved features. This safe is great for large rifles, handguns, and other essential valuables. It features a strong construction to protect your items, and you can easily access it during an emergency.

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