Can A Locksmith Open A Gun Safe?

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Safeguarding essential documents and valuables in a combination safe is a crucial idea to every individual. Safes provide contents inside utmost security against fire, burglary, and other kinds of disasters. However, at times you might forget the lock combinations of your safe. How will you go about opening it? Will you just look for someone to drill it for you?

Now, here comes the role of locksmiths when such cases happen. The work of locksmiths is to repair, install and also make adjustments to locks. They offer services to all matters entailing security systems. But, can a locksmith open a gun safe? In our discussion today, we shall discuss more about locksmiths and instances we need them for help.

Can a Locksmith Open a Locked Safe?

With advancements in technology, we have several modern nightstand gun safe locking systems in the market. These include the biometric fingerprint readers and usage of electronic keypads. Even though people are busy shifting to these new technologies, most people still envy the traditional combination locks.

Can a Locksmith Open a Locked Safe

These locks all day long continue to gain popularity as the most secure method of keeping cash and other valuables. Most people love them since cracking them is not a joke at all. You will prove their effectiveness, especially when you forget the combination and you need to open them. So, can a locksmith open a gun safe?

Yes, a locksmith can open safes. However, there are few safes that junior locksmiths can’t open. Advanced safes are better left to specialists who have gained root in the industry. There are several safes specialists trained for an extended period to tackle different kinds of security system issues.

They have every information that has made them aware of all possible developing advancements that are taking place. However, bear in mind that such services are costlier alike. Before they start offering service, they usually ask questions regarding the ownership of the safe. They will only provide services once they are ascertaining you are the real owner of the safe you intend to open.

Now, how do these specialists open a safe? Opening a safe might sound like something simple to those who haven’t found themselves in such situations. However, this is the most challenging task, and it needs the help of a specialist to accomplish it. Locksmiths have all the skill entailing how to handle all the security issues. Moreover, they have all tools required to assess the problem and execute it. So, how do they go about opening safes?

1. Cutting

When an individual forgets a key combination, there are few things you are left to get your safe open. Cutting becomes one in the list of the possible methods of opening closed safes. However, this is not such an easy task since cutting through the metal employed to construct them takes time. Most locksmiths rarely consider this method as such. However, when every possible way has failed, this comes in as your only solution.


Locksmiths employ either a saw or touch to cut through the safes. The entire process proves difficult since it’s noisy and takes a lot of time to complete. The job completion time here depends on the specific material employed to construct the safe. Otherwise, they require several sets of saw to get the safe fully dulled down.

2. Drilling

Another method locksmiths employ to open a safe is drilling them. Mostly, this method isn’t meant to wreck the safe. So, how do they go about drilling a safe? These specialists use a drilling machine to dig a tiny hole into a safe. They will then pass a small instrument into the safe to look for a means to open the lock.

Nowadays, safe manufacturers design these gadgets with advanced technology that can complicate the job. However, compared to other methods, most locksmiths prefer drilling than others. Consequently, locksmiths prefer drilling due to the relative speed and the repair required afterward.

3. Scoping

Thirdly, we have the scoping method that these locksmiths employ to open safes. However, scoping is done after drilling the safe. Here, the locksmith uses a borescope instrument to find out how to open the safe.

You see, it’s almost a similar process as drilling. Consequently, with added security measures, scoping becomes the most affordable method to consider. Overall, what you need is your safe open without getting damaged big.

When You Will Need a Locksmith to Open a Gun Safe?

The above methods emerge as the commonly employed by locksmiths to open safes. However, when do you need these specialists for help? Most probably, several issues might hinder you from opening your safe. Let’s look at a few instances when we require the services of these specialists.

When You Will Need a Locksmith to Open a Gun Safe

Forgotten Safe Combination:

A common instance we require locksmiths is when we forget our safe combinations. Locksmiths have the skills to save you from any possible lockout that might hit you. Moreover, they have tools and equipment that make the work a bit easy. They are capable of bypassing auxiliary measures that limit you from accessing the contents in your safe.

This might sound an easy task to many; however, you should not try it yourself. You might lack an idea about how to accomplish it without damaging the contents inside. Locksmiths have everything required to access the contents inside without harming them.

Internal Wiring Issues:

Another possible instance that might hinder you from opening your safe is when there occurs an internal wiring problem. This problem is common with the modern electronic options and not the conventional ones. Such issues arise especially after prolonged usage and signal sending slows down or completely fails. You cannot open your safe in such cases, and you will probably need help to access your valuables. This is also a point you need the help of a specialist to sort out the issue.

At first, most people try to troubleshoot themselves. However, believe it not, such problems only get solved by a specialist. Locksmiths can inspect your safe and figure out the failing part that developed the issue. They are also well equipped and skilled to solve the problems quickly without damaging your safe contents.

Final Thoughts

So, can a locksmith open a gun safe? From our discussion, we have learned that these specialists have all it takes to accomplish such tasks. They have all tools and skills to carry out the job without damaging the contents inside. So, whenever you have problems with your safe, stop rushing to handle it yourself. Hire a professional to fix the messes.

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