3 Best DNZ Scope Mounts [A Complete Guide]

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Do you need a scope with excellent stability or building quality? There are many options but finding the exceptional one is not an easy job. You want to prioritize your list as you are investing money. Not every scope mount will have all the things you are looking for. But DNZ scope mount has a lot of features like accuracy, durability suitable condition, eye relief scope optic and so on.

Our selected three scopes from DNZ allow you to choose one by minimizing your toil. All these three scopes possess some rare advantages features. Easy installation, great accuracy, super magnification, etc., everything in a row. Moreover, indeed it is an excellent product under 500 Dollar. Also, hunters prefer to keep on top of their list because of its durability and excellent for rough use.

About DNZ Scope Mount Brand

It is an American company. DNZ product is a company that is family-owned and operated company. They check every single product before coming out of the factory. They provide the best product within the budget for the customers. Customers satisfaction is their main concern.

The DNZ Scope mount brand is doing its best to prioritize every person who uses their product. Moreover, the company are trying to be the best and so they have a great service too. However, some people will disagree aim of the company. The most significant thing for a company is to provide a great service to the customers. Above all, they try to make the customers happy.

How We Reviewed These Product

We have reviewed 13 various products, coming up with our best mount scope providing you with total reviews. Luckily, It took two days to gather all the things. 4 experts had reviewed these products step by step. First, we use the development and use it for one week. After that, we look for more online reviews and the feedback of the users. Not but the least we also keep in mind how reasonable the product is going to be. We look for alternatives like other company’s scope mounts.

Besides, I will review three different models about the scope mount here. Afterward, we look for more online reviews and the feedback of the users. We have compared about five various products. Then we try to find out the problem as well as the cool features in the product. As we tried to find out the issues, we checked around 50 buyers’ reviews. Finally, we will discuss the features, specifications, and many other things. So, you will be able to make the decision based on the features.

Table of Content:

We will discuss the technical specifications, product review, for whom this product is designed, and the pros and cons. As we will go through these things, and there will be lots of information, it will be easier for you to decide.

Comparison Chart:

We will discuss three models of DNZ scope mount as well as we will compare the models. They are DNZ 51200, DNZ 52200 & DN 11280. The differences between these models will be discussed briefly in the following parts.

Image Product Technical Spec Price
DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube
  • Dimensions: 10 x 3.6 x 0.2 inches; 6.4 Ounces
  • model number: 51200
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer: DNZ
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DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge

model number: 52200

Department: Unisex-adult

Manufacturer: DNZ Products

Materials: Top-grade billet 6061T6 aluminum

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DNZ Game Reaper: Ruger American DNZ Game Reaper: Ruger American
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 3.4 x 1.5 inches; 4.8 Ounces
  • model number: 11280
  • Manufacturer: DNZ Products
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3 Best DNZ Scope Mounts Review in 2021

DNZ scope mount gives you more stability, durability, and many other things such as accuracy and safety. These three have different abilities than one another. Moreover, these products are one of a kind, and everyone loves to have one of them.

Best DNZ Scope Mounts

1. DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube

DNZ 51200 Savage Axis Edge Scope Tube,1

DNZ 51200 scope mount is an excellent product. It is 67% lighter than other one-piece mounts. Moreover, it contains four times threads. Also, they provide precision socket-head cap screw so that the rifle  can have absolute strength and security. Surprisingly, there are no moving parts between the firearm and the scope. As a result, it helps the fireman safe from a kind of injury.

There is also a precision machined that comes from a solid block billet aluminum. Custom-made to suit each sort of firearm and align perfectly together with your rifle receiver. Also, it is extremely better than steel mounts at a fraction of the load and absorbs shock and withstands temperature, which is a good thing to have in a scope mount.

It fits the Bushnell banner and down circle-X reticle riflescope, 3-9 x 40mm, real tree ap-x amo to weaver mounts, 308nsavage axis too. Excellent charger as expected in one piece.

Moreover, people are loving while using this product because of its building quality,

durability, and accuracy. It is easy to install and keep accuracy regardless of caliber once installed, which people love to have.

For whom is This Product Designed?

This product is specially designed for beginners. Because it is easy to control, farther more it is suitable for all conditions and installation is easy too. The backpressure is lesser than the other scopes in standards. The eye relief is just peace of mind. Therefore, for practice and natural hunting, it serves both sides with excellent efficiency. In other words, from pro to beginners, this dnz 51200 incorporates everything in one package.

DNZ 51200 Specifications:

  • Package Dimensions: 10 x 3.6 x 0.2 inches; 6.4 Ounces
  • Item model number: 51200
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer: DNZ
  • ASIN: B004YDPK22
Why Do We Love it?
  • It is 67% lighter than other one-piece mounts.
  • Absorbable level of this product is greater than other scope mounts.
  • This Dynamic one can be used for all kinds of savage axis rifles.
  • Not only the accuracy but also the durability is excellent as ever.
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • While using the flash, the light makes a minor problem in this one
  • There are two screws in total, which makes the accuracy a little bit

2. DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge

DNZ Game Reaper: Savage Axis & Edge - Fits All Calibers - High Mount (Black, 1 inch) (52200)

DNZ 52200 scope mount is an excellent product for aiming long target. DNZ Product has a one-piece scope mount system. Moreover, they make customized scope mount to fit to all other savage axis. So, it is very safe and not harmful too. Most importantly, it is not only simple to use but also easy to install. As there is no lapping required, the accuracy remains the best. Proudly Made & Packaged in the USA.

This scope mount Include some components like Mounting Hardware Kit, Game Reaper 2-Piece Scope Mount etc. Hunters vote for this mount for its accuracy and durability. Moreover, everyone is buying this product and giving an excellent review about it. So, we picked it up and went all out to see if those are true about this product. And guess what? It turned out very well and beyond exception.

You want to keep the scope as on the brink of the rifle as possible. The sole reason for a high amount is to permit the range to clear the gun if you have got an outsized objective lens (50mm or more significant). Otherwise, you would want to use a medium to low mount. Most of the time, the bolt handle does not interfere with the scope regardless of which height mount you have got. As a result, this scope mount works completely fine.

For whom This product Designed?

It is designed for all the savage axis rifle users. Besides, users who prefer short guns will be good to go with this scope mount. For example, savage axis .223, Savage Axis ii XP fde, Savage axis 6.5 Creedmoor, and many more. Those, who are looking for a budget scope can use it. Also, whoever wants to have a stable and great accuracy from a scope mount can use it.

DNZ Game Reaper Specifications:

  • Item model number: 52200
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer: DNZ Products
  • The solid block of top-grade billet 6061T6 aluminum
  • ASIN: B004YDPK9A
Why Do We Love It?
  • Super easy to install and crystal-clear optic quality makes this product center of the attraction
  • It gives a lot of room for shell ejection as well as bolts opening/closing
  • The block aluminum (6061T6) has up to 4x more thread, strength and security
  • This dynamic one fits with almost every rifle
  • It is perfect for a harsh environment, and no lapping required
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • Sometimes the front screw of this mount is loose.
  • Mounting the DNZ is pretty straightforward.

3. DNZ Game Reaper: Ruger American

DNZ Game Reaper: Ruger American – Short Action - Medium Mount (Black, 1 inch), 40mm (11280)DNZ makes top-quality products as long as they build what exact rifle model and caliber rifle you have and what size the objective lens on the optic they want to mount onto that rifle! People want a good product with some features like durability, accuracy, and many other things.

This DNZ 11280 scope mount is designed for the Ruger American Predator short action rifle. It is a 1″ scope mount in a matte black finish that, in medium height, for most rifles, will accommodate a 40mm objective lens. Medium size means that from the centerline of the scope tube to the receiver’s top to is 1.06″ high, which gives much stability and accuracy.

This is a scope mount that everyone would love to have. It mounts very quickly on the Ruger American fast action. Everything lines up perfectly and holds tight. From experience, I have the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 BDC paired with it, and it has excellent clearance over the barrel.

For Whom is This Product Designed?

This scope is not that expensive when you are using such a powerful scope under 500. And the product is giving a very excellent service. People who have a tight budget are going to love this product. Because this scope mount quickly goes with Ruger American short rifles. Everything lines up perfectly and holds tight. It is medium in height and has a matte black color finish, which gives a great look.

Ruger American short rifle can buy this one. Also, those who have a 50mm scope can use this one. It is medium in height and has a matte black color finish, which gives a great look.

Ruger American Specifications:

  • Package dimensions: 9.9 x 3.4 x 1.5 inches; 4.8 Ounces
  • Item model number: 11280
  • Date First Available: May 10, 2013
  • Manufacturer: DNZ Products
  • ASIN: B00CQ8JWO4
Why Do We Love It?
  • Each Ring and Base is from a block of top-grade aluminum billet.
  • Great accuracy as expected from a scope mount like this one.
  • This exceptional one is easy to install
  • No lapping required
Flaws but Not Deal Breakers
  • It has a problem with the Ruger American Site states it will, but it will not, hits the barrel unless the scope goes all the way forward, and then eye relief is incorrect
  • 50mm will not fit in with this mount

How to Use DNZ Scope Mounts

Mounting your scope by yourself also means you will fit it to your exact measurements. Moreover, for that bespoke fitment, matching it up to your shoulder. You must follow the installation process given in the book before you touch any tools to your gun or scope.

How to Use DNZ Scope Mounts

Match Rings and Bases

All modern rifles are pre dilled or tapped. Because of the suitable mounting attachments, they do these pre dilled and tapped. So, this initiative is for suitable mounting system that ensures the perfect rings for your rifle.

Mount Bases

The best way to mount the scope is to keep low on the rifle without the target bell

touching the barrel. As a result, it makes sure the safety of the user. Ask an operator for advice so that you do not face any problems.

Put them in their place

Apply a small drop of thread-freezing compound like Loctite (the semi-permanent Blue is better for scope mounting) for added security. Alternately tighten the screws to ensure a comfortable fit. If you’re using rings with a rotating socket system to connect to the front base, don’t use the scope as a lever to pivot the ring into place. Instead, use a wooden dowel or anything of a similar diameter.

Reticle Alignment

Place the scope and tighten the rings’ highest halves just enough to allow the scope to rotate and withdraw and forth, with the rock bottom half of the rings in place. As a consequence, rotate the scope until the reticle is vertical and horizontal.

Eye Comfort

Place the scope far enough forward to shield your eye from recoil. As a general rule, move the scope about an inch in front of where you think it needs to be.

Tighten screws

You can double-check the location of the lens. You should also check to see if the ring screws are tightened for protection. Tighten the screws in alternating directions to ensure continuity between the ring halves.


Use the right insertion pin for the caliber you’re using to mount a boresight, then change the vertical and horizontal axes to your vital point of aim.

Frequently Asked Questions

People find some problem or need some information about their rifle or the scope mount. And a lot of people got them very useful.

What size DNZ for 50mm scope?

0.98″ is perfect for 50mm scope to the centerline.

IS this scope mount easy to use?

Yes, this kind of scope mount is easy to use.

Is the Dnz durable?

Yes, this DNZ is durable.

Bottom Line

The DNZ mount Review is done, and now you can make your own decision about the scope mounts. In this article, there are three different models of DNZ scope mount we explained earlier. Those are good. Some have problems, and some do have a minor issue. DNZ cares about the product and the customers too. They want to gain maximum customer satisfaction for the goodwill of their company.

I will suggest using the DNZ 51200 for your rifles because I find them very good, durable, and have great accuracy. Moreover, it is desirable. Also, the aluminum body gives a more delicate and more substantial vibe to the product. Also, from the customer’s review in the link, we can see that the DNZ 51200 scope mount is a great product. As professional hunters also prefer to have this model because of the accuracy it contains.

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