Do I Need A Gun Safe – What You Should Know?

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If you own a gun, you know how much responsibility a firearm comes with. Protecting it becomes a job that you cannot ignore by any means. A single revolver can come up with a lifetime suffering if you don’t use it safely and keep it with utmost care. The fear of getting into trouble with your gun or other firearms in your house when you have children in the house.

Do I need a gun safe

If you ask, do I need a gun safe, the answer is yes, even if you own only a single gun. A gun safe doesn’t just keep the firearms and your family safe but also gives the gun more integrity. There are tons of other reasons why getting a gun safe would be a great decision. I’ll get you through them so that you can understand why you should have a gun safe:

Do I Need A Gun Safe?

The best thing you can do to protect both your gun and your family from getting hurt is to get a gun safe. Wherever you have to carry your firearm or any other valuable belongings, a gun safe can serve a lot of purposes, as I’m going to describe below.

Reasons To Own A Gun Safe

If you are trying to know why do I need a gun safe, I’ll mention the reasons why you might want to consider getting a gun safe:

Keeping your family safe

Accidents never inform you before coming; therefore, you must take prior protection to the potential accidents. Keeping a firearm is always a dangerous thing, especially if you’re keeping it in your house. If you have a kid, a gun safe is the single most important thing you need if you own a gun.

Protection from lawsuits

If you don’t have a gun safe and somehow you end up getting a visit from a thief, you’re in deep trouble. He’ll sell the gun on the black market to a gang member who might commit a crime using your gun. The result of the crime will make you liable in the court, and you may even end up behind bars. So, get a gun safe and isolate the possibility of getting into legal trouble with firearms.

Keeping the gun safe

You must keep your gun out of the reach of your kid or any other person who doesn’t have a license to use a gun. There could never be a better option than a gun safe for a situation where you cannot ensure its safety while you’re out. If you have a possible scene where there is a chance of damaging the gun or being used without a lawful reason, a gun safe is a must.

To prevent burglary or robbery

Statistically, hundreds of thousands of firearms get stolen around the USA each year. If you don’t want to be the next target of a robber or a thief, get a good gun safe to knock them out. Guns are expensive, and they are too dangerous not to keep safe. A gun safe will eliminate the chance of ending up with a burglary in your house. Make sure the gun safe has a floor mounting capability so that the thieves cannot just take the safe away.

An extra layer of protection

The main perspective of having a gun is to protect life, a valuable asset, and documents in short. Quick access to your firearm is highly necessary for some particular situations to defend yourself or your family. If you have a gun, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and available in the time of crisis. A gun safe does them both; it keeps the gun safe, and you can access the gun instantly in the necessary time.

Protection from fire

Coming into contact with a fire is the worst situation for a firearm or ammunition. It can cause massive destruction, blast, or deadly injuries. A good gun safe will come fireproof, so you can keep your gun and ammo safe if your house gets on fire. However, make sure you get a gun safe that has the fire-resistance rating for at least one hour with high heat. It will ensure that your gun, ammo, important documents, and valuable belongings are safe and sound.

Protection for other belongings

A gun safe doesn’t just keep your guns and ammunition safe; it also comes in handy to protect other valuable things. If you have anything that should be protected with the utmost care, such as the legal documents, a gun safe is the best option. You can put ornaments and proofs in the gun safe where you have access to a gun, in case of an emergency. It keeps your heritage safe and sounds so that you can pass them on to the next generation safely.

Concealed carrier

If you’re a concealed carrier, you must have a lot of firearms and valuable items to carry from there to there. Being a concealed carrier also means that you have the authorization to the different firearm laws. Getting a gun safe is the single most important equipment you will need in your car or carrier to cope up with them. Depending on the state you’re driving through, get a proper gun safe to avoid any unusual incidents. If you don’t have a safe, you’ll get in trouble either from the government or the ones you’re the target of.

Keep out of anti-gun movements

All the anti-gun political movements have a common complaint in their protests campaigns against gun owners. They’re putting a narrative that gun owners keep guns not to protect themselves, but to threaten the regular people. To put a self-proposing answer to that, you should have a gun safe that talks for itself. You can show that gun owners need safety, and they are protecting their identity, their family, their belongings with it.

How To Choose A Gun Safe?

If you’re planning to get a gun safe, there are a bunch of things you must consider having in your gun safe, such as:

  • Construction and weld: The gun safe should come with solid, reinforced 10-24 gauge steel construction and should have solid non-cold welding.
  • Lock system: You can have either a Biometric lock system or an electric one if you want to keep up with the modern lock system. Or you can go traditional with a Dial or combination lock system for the safe.
  • Door hinges: door hinges should be exterior that adds the sturdiest support for the lock and the box. It will protect the integrity of the gun safe more than an internal mechanism.
  • Fire and waterproof: Your gun safe should be safe with UL 72 Class 350 rating for at least 1 hour, which will protect the belongings inside in a fire or flood.

Note: Here is an in-depth article on how to choose a gun safe, make sure you visit that to know about the topic in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about gun safe that you might have in your mind:

Is 14 gauge steel good for a gun safe?

For a personal gun safe, 14 gauge is a fair thickness that you can rely on.

Is it OK to put ammo in a gun safe?

Yes, but make sure the ammo cans have no moisture on them before you store them for a long time.

Is it safe to have a gun in the house?

If you don’t have a gun safe, it’s dangerous to have a gun in your home, especially if you have children.

Final Thought

Statistics show that over 250 thousand guns get stolen every year, your gun can end up being one of them if you don’t take prior protection. A gun safe brings you the utmost protection for your gun as it adds protection from the thieves and other reasons. And you can use it for the safety of other valuable belongings as well.

I hope now you have the idea of whey do I need a gun safe and what you should look for. Never compromise on the quality of the gun safe when it’s related to you and your family’s safety.

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