How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh?

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A gun safe is essential for those who practice this activity and decide to store their guns and weapons in safes with extreme safety. An armored gun safe must protect the contents from any external threats. These safes must be structured and of average weight. But, how much does a gun safe weigh?

You will see 20 lbs to 500 lbs gun safes in the market. The weight of the quality safes depends on the quantities of weapons. The large and commercial gun safe weighs more than 1000 pounds. For entry-level and basic use, a gun safe weighs up to 60 pounds.

How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh

There are several types of safes for different types of use. So, their weight is different. Let’s see how much does a gun safe weigh:

How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh

1. Steel Gun Safe

The solid steel gun safes hold up to 20 shotguns. The armored safes for shotguns have a key or electronic combination lock. Having a gun safe is essential if you have weapons. In fact, leaving them in simple cabinets would run a great risk, especially in the presence of children. They come in different sizes and weigh 50 to 1000 pounds.

2. Wooden Gun Safe

For those who want to include a gun safe in their home furnishings, we have thought of a wooden gun safe. They are the perfect mix of safety and beauty. In fact, they offer the same level of safety as solid steel gun safes. Though they are made of rock-solid wood, they weigh more. They weigh 100 pounds to 1000 pounds.

3. Entry-Level Gun Safe

This type of gun safe can hold 5/6 weapons and a few other equipment. The entry-level actual safes are weighed from 20 pounds to 100 pounds. They are stress-free to mount and move around the house.

4. Mid-Range Gun Safe

The safe is used to keep several weapons. You can keep up to 20 guns and rifles in it. So, they weigh 500 to 1000 pounds. Also, most of the mid-range gun safes are equipped with soft support for the butt of the rifles.

Mid-Range Gun Safe

5. Commercial Grade Gun Safe

If you want to keep more than 50 weapons of your team in one place, the commercial-grade gun safe is the perfect option for you. They have advanced construction. So, they weigh more than 500 pounds.

6. Car Gun Safe

While traveling outdoors, we carry guns for our safety. Car gun safe is safe to carry guns that users had experienced on Nightstand Gun Safe. They are placed in the driver’s seat or trunk. Their weight is very light, about 5 pounds to 30 pounds on average.

7. Corner Gun Safe

Corner gun safes are known as the most secure gun safes. It is used in those places where space is a big issue. You can keep your personal weapons and accessories in the corner gun safes. The corner gun safes weigh 30 to 150 pounds.

Corner Gun Safe

8. In-Wall Gun Safe

They are installed inside the wall and come in different sizes. 20 inches In-wall gun safes such as Paragon Lock & Safe are most used and they weigh 40 to 100 pounds on average. Also, you can see other sized In-wall gun safes from 60 to 300 pounds.

What Makes Up Most Of The Weight In A Gun Safe?

Wooden gun safes are heavier than steel gun safes. The advanced security system-based door makes a gun safe heavier. Because the doors are designed with resistant materials that are literally heavy in weight. Also, they are fire, water and bulletproof.

What Makes Up Most Of The Weight In A Gun Safe?

If you want to use a gun safe for commercial use, it will be larger. Larger gun safes are started from 100 pounds weight. Also, the sturdy base, drawers, thick steel and multiple compartments make a gun safe weighty.

Disadvantages of a Heavy Gun Safe

Weighty gun safes are durable and provide high security. But they have some disadvantages that cannot be avoided. Let’s see the drawbacks:

Disadvantages of a Heavy Gun Safe


Heavy gun safes are assembled with high-end materials. So, they become costly. When you bring it to your house, the carrying charge is also high. The installation charge is very high because only professionals can set up a heavy gun safe properly.

Damage wall and floor:

Heavy things leave their spot on the wall and floor. Also, carrying heavy furniture causes unwanted damage in the house while moving. The heavy gun safe leaves a spot on the floor and wall. If you have a tile floor, the heavy safe will damage the floor’s finishing.

Difficult to install and move:

Heavy gun safes weigh more than 1000 pounds. You must need many laborers to carry and move the safe. Also, its installation is challenging. Sometimes, you need to drill the wall and floor to install a heavy gun safe.


Now, you know how much does a gun safe weigh? It depends on the types, used materials and size of the gun safe. Basically, gun safes are weighty for ensuring extended security. We must focus on the securities that a gun safe provides.

You can find the best quality gun safe in the 60 to 500 pounds range. More than 1000 pounds of heavy gun safes are challenging to ship and install on the house. Observe the overall condition and go for the best one that ensures complete safety.

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