How To Bolt Down A Gun Safe On A Wood Floor [Step by Step]

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Besides having a gun, it’s also essential to keep it in a safe and secure place. You have to keep your gun secure from burglary, and nothing can be a better solution than keeping it in a gun safe. Along with securing your firearms in a gun safe, you also need to secure the gun safe too. Burglars can carry out the gun safe or can have easy access to it.

A gun safe is always at risk of theft and for that, you need to take necessary steps to avoid any unexpected occurrence. However, bolting down your gun safe on a wood floor is the better option among many multitudes of options. To know how to bolt down a gun safe on a wood floor you need to take some related factors into account. This guide will show you how to do it with ease.

What You’ll Need To Bolt Down A Gun Safe On A Wood Floor?

When you are about to bolt down your gun safe on a wood floor, you have to arrange all the necessary elements. By arranging every essential thing, you can boost your work efficiency and complete your task easily. Here are some necessary components that you’ll need to arrange to bolt your gun safe on a wood floor.

  • Pencil
  • Hammer drill
  • Concrete drill bit
  • Vacuum
  • Anchor kit – lag Bolts or lag Screws
  • Wrench

Bolt Down A Gun Safe On A Wood Floor

How To Bolt Down A Gun Safe On A Wood Floor

Although most people find it difficult to anchor a gun safe on a wooden floor, it’s not that difficult as it sounds. You can simply bolt down a gun safe on a wood floor by following the below-mentioned steps. Here, we have included the easiest and reliable process for bolting safe to wood floor.

How To Bolt Down A Gun Safe On A Wood Floor

Step 1: First you need to choose a perfect location for placing and bolting your gun safe. You must need to select a level or plain surface, or you can also anchor it to the floor joint.

bolting safe to wood floor.

Step 2: Now place the gun safe to your desired location and remove the black caps from the inside of the safe. So that you can easily access the pre-drilled bolt down holes.

Step 3: Use the pencil to outline the pre-drilled boltholes in the floor. You need to move the pencil by following the entire hole location.

gun safe

Step 4: In the fourth step, you have to drill the anchor hole by using a hammer drill. You need to use 1⁄2 inch drill bit or 5/8ths-inch bolt bit to drill the wood floor.


Step 5: Now use a vacuum to clean up the dust and place the gun safe over the holes you have drilled.

vacuum clean up

Step 6: Insert the anchor bolts into the base of the safe and secure them. It will good if you use concrete anchor kits and then use an adjustable wrench to tighten the inserted bolts.

Step 7: Once you are done, now try to move the bolted safe to ensure accurate anchoring. Then again, perfectly place the black caps of the gun safe again, and you are done.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Bolt Down Gun Safe On A wood Floor

Bolting your gun safe on a wood floor will let you experience both good and bad sides. However, the side of the advantage is much heavier than the disadvantage. In this section, we will show both the advantages and disadvantages of bolting a gun safe on a wooden floor.

Advantage Of Bolt Down Gun Safe On A wood Floor

  • When your gun safe door is in a straight position or a ground floor, it is quite impossible to open the safe. Moreover, burglars can never tip a bolted gun safe to open its door.
  • Whether you use cheap gun safes or expensive ones, a thief can never push it and smash it. So bolting means a complete safety protection.
  • Once you bolt down a gun safe in a safe location, no one will be able to move any anchored gun safe. So that you can go anywhere without worrying about the safe.
  • Bolting a gun safe in a wood-like plywood Floor is much easier than anchoring it on a concrete Floor
  • Anchoring a gun safe will keep the safe secure from tipping over. Therefore, you can keep your important stuff inside more safely.

Disadvantage Of Bolt Down Gun Safe On A wood Floor

When you bolt down a gun safe on your wood floor, it will increase the security against theft. However, there are also some downsides are available when it’s about bolting the gun safe on a floor, they are –

  • Making holes in the wood floor will decrease the durability of your wood floor. Also, making holes means ruining the beauty of your floor’s appearance.
  • If your gun safe does not come with pre-drilled bolt-down holes, then making holes for bolting can reduce the mobility of the gun safe.
  • Moisture can enter inside the gun safe when you will bolt down your gun safe. And moisture will cause rust on your gun safe.


Bolting your gun safe to the floor or wall is like adding a layer of protection that will prevent theft. Along with keeping your gun safe secure, bolting or anchoring is also essential for a number of reasons. For your convenience,  we have discussed both pros and cons of bolting a gun safe, which will help you to understand the importance of bolting.

We have also shown how to bolt down a gun safe on a wood floor with a minimum of fuss. Therefore, simply follow our outlined bolting procedure and secure your gun safe effortlessly. We hope you find this article helpful, and for any further query, utilize the comment section.

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