How to Break Into a Cannon Gun Safe Without Combination?

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People owning firearms and important valuables need gun safes to protect these accessories. Gun safes provide valuables protection against intruders as well as the children. Opening gun safes require a key or lock combination you set the first day after purchasing it. What if you forget the lock combination codes?

Herein, we shall comprehend how to break into a cannon gun safe easily without the lock codes. Accessing the components in gun safes might turn out as a nightmare without the lock combination codes. However, such problems have solutions, and you shouldn’t rush into damaging your safe to access valuables inside.

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This article presents ideas about breaking easily into gun safes and regular maintenance tips to the cannon safes. Through this section you can get quick access to the solution.

Can You Break Into a Cannon Safe?

Most people run into confusion when they forget the lock combination codes of their gun safes. However, this shouldn’t give you too much headache since experts have the skills to break into these units quickly. Re-accessing your valuables in the gun safe is nowadays simplest like dealing with just a padlock. Avoid trying it yourself since you might damage it, and try to choose a gun safe code you can remember.

Can You Break Into a Cannon Safe?

How to Break Into a Cannon Gun Safe

Breaking into a gun safe has now turned out simplest than how people ever thought before. We have numerous tested and proved strategies by experts on how to handle such a task. Below are just a few possible ways of how to break into a cannon gun safe readers should know.

How to Break Into a Cannon Gun Safe

1. Employing Backup Keys

Before breaking into a cannon safe using crude methods, think about the backup key the manufacturer includes in the package. Usually, a cannon safe manufacturer will provide customers a backup key as well as remain with a spare for emergency purposes. Typically the keyholes are behind or under the safe, mainly for these keys whenever you forget your lock combination codes. These keys will override the entire locking system to open the safe.

2. Use a Hammer

At times, you might lose your backup key as well as forget the lock codes. Using a hammer is another method you can employ for breaking a gun safe to access your accessories. The hammering method entails hitting the top side of your safe with a hammer severally while turning the handle as well. It’s just a few seconds for the solenoid to fall, thereby opening the safe successfully.

3. Drilling a Hole

Here is another excellent but time-consuming method gun safe owners can employ to break into their units. You need a drill machine to bore a hole until you reach the reset button inside the unit. After this, find a narrow object that may be a pin that can penetrate through the drilled hole to the reset button. Your gun safe will open immediately the object presses the gun safe reset button.

Drilling a Hole

4. Get the Manufacturer’s Help

Contacting the manufacturer is the most effective way to get help to avoid damaging your gun safe. Mostly, these people might have backup keys they will use to open your safe. They also have experience breaking into their products more than if you choose to get any third party’s help. In addition, those with valid warranties will receive free services to get their gun safe opened.

5. Hire a Locksmith

Locksmiths are experts and a little bit of hope in all matters entailing locking systems. These specialists have sophisticated tools and have undergone thorough training dealing with locking mechanisms. Like the manufacturer, these people provide a helping hand to open gun safes without damaging them. However, they charge heavily for the services they provide.

6. Manipulate the Lock

If you have tried possible means but all in vain, try manipulating your gun safe lock. Manipulation entails releasing the spring to affect the opening of the gun safe. You can employ either a nail or any other object that can scatter the locking mechanism apart. Otherwise, this should remain in the list of last strategies you can try after things get worse or go in vain.

Regular Maintenance of Cannon Gun Safe

Gun safes require regular maintenance to continue serving you effectively for extended periods. Cleaning your safe is utmost the first thing to mind when talking about maintaining gun safes. The cleaning process entails wiping off all dust and other forms of dirt settling on the unit. Cleaning is essential, and doing it once a month can serve the best in maintaining your gun safe.

Regular Maintenance of Cannon Gun Safe

Another excellent maintenance strategy for gun safes is lubricating or oiling bolts and screws periodically. Apply grease on both sides of bolts and screws for at least six months to ensure they continue functioning effectively. Not necessarily you wait for this time but instead carry out regular checkups whether these components require lubrication. Otherwise, they will rust and stop working effectively over time.


Understood how to break into a cannon gun safe? Above we have both safe and unsafe methods to handle this task. It’s advisable to try all the safe options first before indulging in crude ones that might damage your safe. You only go for unsafe methods once safe options fail or when you don’t need services from your unit anymore.

Consequently, handling such a task, especially if you have no information dealing with it, is not recommendable. At times you end up damaging your gun safe as well as the firearm and other valuables inside unknowingly. Leave such tasks specialists who can conduct the processes safely and effectively without damaging anything. Cannon safe guns are essential to people in need to safeguard their firearms and valuables accessories excellently.

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