How to Break Into a Gun Safe Without the Combination?

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Forgetting is an obvious thing, and everybody forgets on several occasions in their lifetime. Gun safe owners usually use lock combination codes to open their units. However, there at times, they end up forgetting these codes. How do they open up these units to access their accessories?

Now, opening gun safes with different strategies other than the lock codes isn’t an easy task. However, there are means to approach such situations. Experts have several alternatives they can break the gun safes to enable owners to access their valuables. Let’s discuss how to break into a gun safe herein.

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This article presents ideas about how to easily break into gun safes and strategies to maintain these units. But first look at the table to find out the desired part you want to read.

Is it Easy to Break into a Gun Safe?

Breaking into a gun safe is both easy and hard, depending on the quality of the unit. Quality and best gun safes are hard to break, and those constructed of low-quality materials are easy to break. Now, whichever the case, you need to access the unit’s valuables even if you forget the lock combination.

Is it Easy to Break into a Gun Safe?

How to Break into a Gun Safe?

It’s very frustrating to forget your gun-safe lock combination code. However, that shouldn’t pose you into worries since experts have devised several ways to deal with such cases. Below you shall understand how to break into a gun safe whenever you lose or forget your lock codes.

How to Break into a Gun Safe?

1. Employ a Hammer

Once you forget the lock codes as well as lose the backup key, opening safe units might become a nightmare. Employing a hammer is among the ways you need to think about to access your valuables. But does hammering work to the standard and electronic gun safes?

Yes, breaking standard is even the simplest using this tool. Electronic models require hitting the top part as you continually turn the handles until the solenoid falls. However, this should fall under your last option in the list since it might cause damages to the unit. Use it if you intend otherwise not to use the safe in the future.

2. Try Drilling a Hole

Most people consider this strategy since it doesn’t cause significant damage to valuables and the unit alike. Consequently, the method is effective for the electronic models that have reset buttons inside. The only problem here is how to access the reset button.

Use a sturdy drilling machine to accomplish the process. However, the process will consume time penetrating through the thick quality material of a safe. Once you reach the reset button, get a narrow pin and pass it through the hole to press it. The unit will open smoothly without struggling further.

3. Get the Manufacturer Help

Safe manufacturers also offer a helping hand whenever customers get hit by these problems. They will take responsibility to provide you an amicable service other than destroying the unit. Consequently, fees charged by manufacturers are relatively cheaper compared to hiring services from third-party companies.

Get the Manufacturer Help

Furthermore, valid warranties cater to the service freely. However, when contacting manufacturers, there are details you also require to provide them. These are, for instance, the model, payment receipt, serial number, warranty card, and other documentation that came with the unit. These will prove true ownership of the safe before they make a step to provide you a service.

4. Hire a Locksmith

Apart from these strategies, you can also hire locksmiths’ services in your locality to deal with the issue. These experts have knowledge and skills of all matters entailing locks systems. Remember, doing the task yourself might cause the unit and the valuables inside to damage. However, locksmiths handle such issues with professionalism, and nothing comes out damaged after completing.

However, before these experts provide you service, they also need to confirm the unit’s ownership first. You will need to provide them all papers and documents, receipt of purchase, and everything to prove ownership. Trust the service of a locksmith since they have every tool and skill to handle such problems excellently.

How to Maintain a Gun Safe

Getting effective service of these units depends significantly on how owners maintain them. As with other products and units, there are several ways you can maintain these products. Below are three amicable ways you can employ your safe.

How to Maintain a Gun Safe

1. Prevent Accumulation of Dirt

A lot of dirt might accumulate in your safe due to several days in a closed state. Dust and other forms of dirt might damage the valuables and even the lock system as such. Therefore, you require to carry out regular cleaning to these units and at certain time intervals. Create a schedule to clean your safe at least weekly to ensure dirt does not accumulate on or in your unit.

2. Grease the Unit Regularly

Manufacturers employ several screws and metal parts to construct the gun safe units. Prolonged usage of these units might make these parts and screws stack in a way. Consider greasing these parts and all screws to avoid recurring issues. Some effective lubricants you can employ include diesel, oil, and diesel, among others.

3. Keep it Off from Humidity

Lastly, firearms, ammo, and other metal accessories or components corrode when exposed to humidity. Such problems usually arise when you maintain your unit in an open state for quite an extended period. You can use dehumidifiers to keep the components and the unit safe from humidity. Likewise, ensure you avoid opening the safe frequently since this can gather humidity in the unit.


Gun safes are arguably essential components to safeguard our valuables at home. However, owners should stay cautious to ensure they maintain their units the best way. Ensure you always remember your lock combination codes to prevent mishaps of breaking your investment.

However, if such issues arise, worry less. You can still open your safe using our tips about how to break into a gun safe. However, it’s paramount to use effective strategies to prevent causing significant damages to the unit and accessories inside.

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