How to Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope?

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When fingerprints, dried droplets of water, grime, and fat are present on the lens, optical performance is drastically reduced. Scratches can also be caused by fine dust; this is an unrepairable problem. That’s why it’s critical to keep your eyeglasses or binoculars in good working order and to use the proper cleaning procedures and detergents.

High-quality, logically coherent, and tight-fitting lids will keep your lenses clean and protected from rain, dust, and snow. You may put a ballistic table with rifle scope adjustments. So, How to Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope? Nobody can clean theirs rifle scope. Yet, it becomes so dirty then utilizing a brush or lens tissue may work.

How Often Should You Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope?

The regularity with which you should clean your rifle scope is determined by a number of factors. Riflescope has so many categories. rifle Scope Under 150 is the best to choose one for utilizing and cleaning. Most significantly, the frequency of cleaning is determined by the model of your rifle, as well as its age and intended use.

How Often Should You Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope?

Older weapons, as well as those that are often used in contests, require more regular cleaning. Obviously, weapons that are used often should be cleaned on a regular basis. That basically means that if you frequently visit the shooting range or spend too much time with your firearm, you should clean it before it becomes too dirty.

What You’ll Need to Clean Inside of a Rifle Scope?

You need the necessary tools to complete any work correctly. Cleaning a rifle scope lens is the same way.

The materials and equipment mentioned below are what I use and maintain in a Pelican Case that I keep in my range bag. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it must be airtight to keep infection at bay.

What You’ll Need to Clean Inside of a Rifle Scope?

Blower Bulb:

These are available at any camera retailer. Canned air is popular among shooters, but it might land you in trouble.

If you turn the container slightly upside down, the liquid air will escape, and this substance normally leaves a mark on your lenses that you’ll have to wipe off once it dries.

Camel Hair Brushes:

The first and only brush which should ever be utilized on a rifle scope lens is a real Camel Hair Brush.

Keep the brushes in a Ziplock bag and wash them with Ivory soap, allowing them to air dry before rinsing with lens cleaning alcohol (see below) and let them air dry.

If you’re not a thrifty person like me, you may also throw them out after each usage. Though these brushes are cheap, you should utilize those rarely.

Good Quality Lens Tissue:

If you’re in a hurry, basic white tissue will suffice (no printed designs along with not special in any other way). NEVER EVER utilize any toilet paper or even any facial tissue. It includes small particles of silica and other grit that may harm your optics. (lens cleaning wipes 5*6).

Good Quality Lens Tissue

Preserve it sealed in a Ziplock bag. Therefore, only unzip it long enough to remove one sheet of tissue at such a time, no matter what you are utilizing. Furthermore, don’t take a sheet out, set it on anything, then pick it up and wipe your optics with it. The tissue will gather dust, and your lenses will be scratched.

Maybe this is looking obvious, but the simplest thing to overlook. At some point, all of us did this or will do it again.

Optic Cleaning Fluid:

Isopropyl Alcohol is the main component of the Optic Cleaning Fluid that is packaged and sold. At a pinch, you could use 90% of what you’d find in a drugstore, but the remaining 10% is water. Which we want to avoid. As much as you do, don’t use the 70%, or you’ll end up with wet spots on the lens you’re attempting to clean!

Since alcohol absorbs a lot of water from the air, put your lens cleaning alcohol in a tiny, well-packed container to avoid this. However, once the alcohol has dissipated, you may notice water spots on your lenses after cleansing them if the alcohol absorbs enough water.

The simplest option is to take a bottle of optic cleaning fluid. It comes in a tiny bottle so that users can dispense just a small amount of fluid. I utilize it every time cause this is the cheapest along with readily available things.

How to Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope with Safety Precautions

Continue reading to learn How to Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope, as well as other helpful hints for all rifle owners.

How to Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope

1. Dust Off Your Lens

The very last point you want to do after spending so much money on a beautiful rifle sight is damage the lens. Before you even consider rubbing your lens with a towel, it’s critical that you dust it. Every piece of dust and debris leaves a little scratch in your lens, reducing its clarity over time.

2. Use a Microfiber Cloth

You can utilize any kind of specially developed microfiber cloth piece. This can clean all the smudges along with oils from your lenses. It won’t leave any scratches on your lenses.

3. Don’t Spray Cleaner Directly on Your Lens

Cleansing your lens with water and a microfiber cloth will go a ways away, but occasionally you need a bit more strength. Windex is too harsh and might ruin your lens’ coating, so use eyeglasses or a lens cleaning instead.

Ensure the lens cleaner is sprayed onto the microfiber cloth rather than straight on the lens. Moisture in excess might harm your scope’s seals, so use it cautiously.

4. Keep the Cap On

Keep the scope cap on your weapon when cleaning it. Cleaning your pistol with chemicals and powders might harm the lens coating and watertight seals on the scope.

Handy tip: When going in and out of your hunting site, wear your headgear. Along the way, you’ll kick up a lot of dust, and you could even come across rain or pollen, which may contaminate your lens.

5. Use a Q-Tip

If you see any kind of small nooks along with crannies, it may be very hard to clean. For all those tight spots you have to utilize a Q-tip. First of all, wrap your microfiber cloth surrounding the Q-tip. It will aid you by cleaning your lens.

6. Use a Lens Pen

For cleaning your lenses you can utilize this dual-ended tool. This is a tool which is very much famous among hunters and also photographers. In this lens pen, one end of it has bristles which are utilized for dusting the lens.

Use a Lens Pen

On the other end of this tool has a pad which is actually a carbon cleaning compound. Users can utilize this pad to rub out smudges.

Handy tip: before dusting you need to confirm that the bristles are oil-free.

7. Unscrew Your Turrets

Utilize a Q-tip to clean your turrets, or even you can choose a microfiber cloth. If you choose a piece of cloth then first clean your lens and then clean the turrets. Cause you don’t want to take the risk of scratches on your lens.

8. Bring a Cleaning Kit When You Hunt

Users can clean their scope over the day if they keep a LensPen or microfiber cloth in their hunting pack. It would be a shame if you missed your shot due to a lack of a kit to clean off raindrops or mud splatter.

9. Clean Your Battery Compartment

If your scope has rechargeable batteries, you must cleanse the chamber by removing the batteries on a regular basis. Your batteries may corrode within the container if they become old or moist. If you find the battery acid early enough, you may be able to clear it out, but if you wait too long, you may have to say goodbye to your scope.

Handy tip: Maintain a supply of replacement batteries in your hunting pack to ensure that you will never run out of charge.

10. Don’t Over Do It

When your lens is filthy, you should clean it completely, but be careful and just clean the lens as much as you need to. Even though you dust the glass well, the world is full of small dust particles, however, no matter how cautious you are, you’ll acquire itty bitty scratches every time you clean it.

Caring Tips for Rifle Scope

Optics cleaning should be performed on a regular basis, much like weapon service. While cleaning lenses, give it your best shot and be cautious. They are the optic’s heart and therefore should be treated with care. A little basic maintenance may go a long way toward extending the life of your optics.

Wrapping It Up

Still, have a query about How to Clean the Inside of a Rifle Scope? No, I hope not. We’ve already covered every detail of how you may easily preserve and care for your rifle scope. Please follow our instructions to keep any damage to your rifle sight to a minimum.

This is the finest thing which you can do with your desired rifle scope. Make a decent routine for cleaning and checking for not only the scope but also the rifle. Good luck with your hunting.

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