How To Disassemble a Rifle Scope [Pro Tips & Guide]

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A Rifle Scope is an essential part of firearms. It magnifies the object and helps to see clearly. A proper alignment of scope ensures the accuracy of the shooting. Therefore, it is needed to clean the Rifle scope with care. Sometimes a piece of dust stuck in the scope and blocks your lens creates obstacles.

The entire process on How to Disassemble a Rifle Scope mostly relies on attention and time. Because disassembling a scope means completely putting it together, breaking down, and putting it back again.

Keep patience and follow our guidelines to Disassemble Rifle Scope without complexity.

About Rifle Scope

Simply, A Rifle Scope is a device that contains a couple of lenses used for magnification and some kind of reticle. The purpose of the Scope is to indicate the location where your bullet should crash. It Works Via Transferring Rays of light through the lenses inside the scope.

about Rifle Scope

A rifle scope has a lot of different controls with distinctive functions. It has two main types of lenses, an objective lens, and an Ocular lens. The part of the scope that holds the ocular lens is called an eyepiece. Another vital part of the rifle scope is the reticle. It is also known as crosshairs. The main objective of the reticle is to help the shooter to shoot at a specific point.

The outer body of the scope is called a tube and in the scope, there are two tubes. The size of the tube is important because it determines the right type of ring to be used whenever the rifle scope is installed on the rifle. And the role of the ring in the scope is to attach with the firearm.

What You’ll Need to Disassemble a Rifle Scope

As we noted previously, the process of Disassembling a Rifle Scope is not a tricky task rather it just takes time. What You’ll Need to Disassemble a Rifle Scope doesn’t only mean you only need some tools. Therefore, to disassemble the scope you need to be patient and arrange some equipment.

Disassemble a Rifle Scope

The equipment you need in this process is_

  • Lens Cloth
  • A Hex Wrench
  • A specific workplace where you can put all the parts
  • Tweezers to handle small parts

Experts suggest to handle the scope particles with much care. Otherwise, the setting of scope may be misaligned when you put them back again. If you think the above-mentioned equipment and some sort of knowledge on dismount are enough you are living in a foolish world.

How to Disassemble a Rifle Scope

The rifle scope needs to disassemble when it times to reset, clean, or paint. However, complete disassembly of the scope into each piece is not recommended by the expert. Since scope cylinders are sealed with GAS and internal arrangement is a complex procedure.

Basically, you can face a problem with the warranty if you completely disassemble all the parts. Don’t worry, this guide will not lead you in those types of circumstances. The procedure we will tell you is completely safe for all Budget-Friendly Scope. You don’t need to be a professional to follow those steps.

How to Disassemble a Rifle Scope

Step 1: Choose an ideal Workspace

Workspace is a first and foremost condition to start disassembling a rifle scope. Because when you dismount all the particles, they need to be stored properly in a safe place. We don’t recommend working on a table since they have holes and cracks and there is a possibility to fall down any small parts into the holes.

We recommend using a cartoon or paper that is wide enough and able to prevent misplacing any small particles. Another important thing is, the workspace should have enough light. All the equipment and dismount particles should be placed in front of the eyes.

Step 2: Follow Scope Instruction Manual

Most of the rifle scope has an individual Instruction Manual. If you have your own manual before starting the process read it with care. Know properly the arrangement of the particles in the scope. Note which side each particle belongs to.

If you don’t find your manual, dismount the particles and place them in a sequence. For better placement, after the dismount, you can take some photos as a reference. They will help you to store them in the right alignment.

Step 3: Separate Rifle Scope

Separate scope from the rifle by pulling out all the hex bolts with the hex wrench. Most of the scope has two bolts and some come with four hex bolts. It completely depends on the brands and manufacturer.

After separating, give a light cleaning to the scope with the cloth. Remove all unwanted particles softly with a singular circular motion.

Step 4: Dismount and Clean the particles

This step needs much care to finish. Dismount all the particles and make sure your hands are steady enough to avoid cleaning pieces too hard. To ease your cleaning process some prefer to use Best Grease and Lube.

When all the particles are detached separately, make sure to clean all the lenses and scope rings. Because cleaning those items ensures to reduce the risk of transferring something inside the holes.

Step 5: Additional Reset

While disassembling, people take time to reset the scope. Resetting the scope means back to the factory setting of the scope. To factory reset your scope look on the eyepiece and turn it to the right angle and continue it until it will not move further.

Resetting scope often becomes obvious  when you need to zero the eyepiece from scratch. Resetting scope also refers to the process of optical centering.

Step 6: Reattach Rifle Scope

After cleaning all the particles safely it is time to put them back into the rifle. To reattach the lenses, eye ring, ocular lenses, magnification in the proper place follow the manufacturer guideline. In this process, the toughest part is to properly align and level the tube after placing that equipment.

The placement of scopes does not need to be too tight. If you do that, over time this may cause unnecessary friction on the mounting base and scope rings.

Step 7: Zero the Scope again

Zeroing your rifle scope facilitates you to align the scope perfectly to ensure the perceived target.

In order to do that, check the windage and elevation and complete the required adjustments. After that, for testing purposes do three practice shots whether your aim point is in the correct place or not.

Rifle Scope Maintenance Tips

Do you know how important scope is for a rifle? Most people invest more money on Scope rather than investing in the rifle body. They think a cheap rifle body is sometimes enough for hunting, but without a quality scope, it is difficult to shoot perfectly.

Rifle Scope Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is always important for Scope. A cleanse and proper maintenance not only ensure the cleanliness of your objective lens but also ensure overall performance. Here are some of the suggestions to keep your scope always fit.

  • Clean objective and ocular lenses after each time use. Because a small piece of dart can create little scratches in the lens.
  • When it’s time to clean your scope, always use a Microfiber cloth. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth reduces the possibility of strain and scratches.
  • Avoid applying spray cleaner directly on the lens. It is suggested to use water and microfibre cloth instead of spray cleaner.
  • For getting better performance from the lens over time use a lens pen when it times for regular cleaning. Its clean lenses without any liquid.
  • In case of a battery-powered scope, clean your battery compartment periodically. It protects the battery from moisture and wet conditions.

Final Opinion

A Clear Field of View just before the shoot ensures perfectness during hunting. And a perfect shot relies on the best performance of rifle scope. We all know that disassembling a rifle scope boosts up the scope performance in a good manner.

Therefore to make a perfect shot or to reset the scope it is mandatory to know How to Disassemble a Rifle Scope properly. This will not only keep your scope aligned but also ensure the durability of your scope lenses.

To sum up, if you have any further interest in dismounting a scope, you can comment below. We have professional experts on this matter who are always ready to help you.

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