How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight?

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When you have weapons at home, you need to keep them off from intruders and children alike. Apart from securing weapons, they also make the best storage for other valuables like jewelry, money, and other essential items. However, gun safes alone won’t provide the maximum protection you wish to have against unknown people. Intruders can still drill gun safes and take control of every item stored inside.

However, you can increase your valuables’ level of security by hiding your gun safely in plain sight. Who knows how to hide a gun safe in plain sight? Before we get deeper into this discussion, we shall enlighten readers on why hiding valuables is essential all times.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight?

Hiding gun safes serves as an excellent solution to safeguard both your unit and valuables in it. Most people lack the idea of the best sites to hide their gun safes. People falling into this category should worry less.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

Still need to gain more about how to hide a gun safe in plain sight? Before that, ask yourself, why is hiding these units of importance? Most people get tempted to leave their units in plain sight. This is especially for convenience or if placing there seems like an attractive feature. In such cases, you increase the safety risks of your family.

When an intruder needs to do evil, he will try to determine whether you are well armed or not. Most safes get constructed in such a way that they are totally impenetrable. However, no matter the case, intruders can crack gun safe for apartment codes and go away with the unit’s valuables. In other scenarios, they might go away with your firearms or even use them against you.

So, hiding a gun safe is the solution of providing yourself the opportunity to surprise intruders. Experts recommend gun owners keep their gun safes in places completely out of sight. But you should do this if you can access your weapons quickly whenever an emergency occurs. This is a way of having advantage over the intruder or attacker.

Even though you might never come across intruders face to face, hiding a safe gun is paramount. Not only the intruders can access your weapons but also the children and residential workers. Hiding them out of sight improves overall security in your residence. But, how do you hide a gun safe in plain sight?

When you look forward to hiding a gun safe, ensure you place it in places not easily visible. There are various places deemed best to hide these units. They include under the bed, gun concealment bench, garages, under the table, and many others. Let’s discuss in detail places you can hide a gun safe.

1. Under Your Bed

Bed sights make the best places to hide gun safes, especially if your bed is large enough. What makes them the best sites is their convenience than other places. Moreover, hiding under the bed prevents from being noticed by children and other unknown people.

Under Your Bed

2. Gun Concealment Bench

Another best site to hide a gun safe is in the concealment bench. This is a site where you rest assured neither the kids nor intruders can access them. However, you need a gun concealment bench where you will place all your items and other valuables.

3. At the Garage

Here comes another great site to hide your gun safe. You might find it hard to find a place inside the house to hide your safe. So, in such cases, you can consider installing it outside. Garages make the best hiding places for these units. However, ensure you can access the weapons first whenever an emergency occurs.

4. In Picture Frame Boxes

There are several sites to hide gun safes from kids and even the intruders. If you own weapons that don’t take up large storage space, this is your site. Such smaller weapons include a pistol and even revolvers. Their size can fit inside this box.

5. Under the Table

The fifth site you can hide your gun safe is under the table. Get a table from the market and modify it with compartments to store your valuables. Not necessarily should you have the table in the table room. But consider placing it in other rooms like the kitchen and bedroom as such. Experts suggest placing the table in the bedroom so that you can access the weapon easily whenever an emergency occurs.

Under the Table

6. Inside a Clock

Several concealment gun clocks are available in the market. They are meant to provide us an opportunity of hiding our weapons safely all through. You can hide your items in the wall clock, mantle clocks, or even the table clocks. They serve the best sites to hide the gun from unknown people and the children alike.

7. Behind the mirror

Safe manufacturers have resorted to producing gun safes constructed of mirrors. They are excellent since intruders might think that what is on the wall is just a standard mirror. Gun safe manufacturers design both the in-wall and the sliding mirror safes. They are the best sites to store even the longest guns without being noticed by an intruder.

Disadvantages of Having a Hidden Gun Safe

Overall, gun safes provide our weapons and other valuables maximum safety. However, like any other thing with advantages, there are some downsides with it. Let’s discover the downsides of gun safes.

Disadvantages of Having a Hidden Gun Safe

Jeopardize Safety:

Another disadvantage gun safes have arises from their company logos. Any gun safe bearing a logo from a manufacturer poses you big to security risks.

Not Fireproof:

There are few gun safes that protect items inside against fire. However, several models lack that feature. In times of fire, expect significant losses of all the valuables in the gun safe. Even the few fireproof options don’t provide protection exceeding certain temperature levels. Therefore, note this whenever you need to invest in these products.

Easy to Access:

Almost all gun safes don’t have such sophisticated lock systems. Others even don’t have locks at all. Therefore, kids and intruders can access your valuables with ease if noticed.


Have you gotten insight about how to hide a gun safe in plain sight? Securing weapons and other valuables is essential to everybody. Gun safes form the safest places to safeguard all our accessories. However, placing weapons and other things in these units is not enough.

As an added protection to your valuables, ensure you hide your gun safe where intruders cannot access it. Above, we have given gun owners a few places where they can hide their gun safes. Employ them, and you would have increased the overall safety of your weapons and other valuables.

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