How to Keep Moisture Out of a Safe: Storage Maintenance

Article Write: | Latest Update On: January 25, 2022

A safe plays a pivotal role when it comes to keeping your essential items inside it. These things, including your laptops, cash, rings, guns, and more, demand better safety. But only having a sturdy and nice-looking safe is not all that you require. Inside the safe, there may develop moisture, mold, and mildew that can affect your items. Therefore, you need to know how to keep moisture out of a safe.

After keeping things inside a safe, most users don’t open it for days or weeks. Yes, a safe can save your valuable belongings from fire and water. But the safe collects moisture over time that is harmful to your necessary things inside it.

What Can I Put in My Safe to Keep Moisture Out?

Most safes are built to be airtight. It means that when you lock the safe after keeping your valuable items in it, almost no air can circulate. To keep things safer, safes are fireproof and waterproof. Still, there are potential hazards like moisture, mold, mildew that can damage your valuable items.

What Can I Put in My Safe to Keep Moisture Out?

To prevent your worthy belongings, you should take the necessary steps to keep them moisture-free. There are many ways out there you can adopt. I personally recommend you to use silica if you want your safety to keep moisture out from my point of view.

How to Keep Moisture Out of a Safe? (Best Methods)

Your safe’s sturdiness, fireproof, and waterproof features are not the only things you need to consider. You also have to take moisture that your locked safe collects into your consideration. As you know that moisture, mold, and mildew can also be a threat to your valuable belongings. So, let’s jump in on how to keep moisture out of a safe?

If you have guns and want to keep them protected, you still need to think about the moisture. But you require a gun safe for apartment so that it can be saved from fire and water. However, I am going to share precisely what I follow to keep moisture out of a safe. Without further details, let’s jump into the topic so that you can understand everything clearly.

1. Open Your Safe Regularly

When you keep things like your guns, passport, cameras, insurance documents inside the safe, you don’t open it. For several days or weeks, it remains locked unless you don’t need any of them. In the meantime, moisture, mold, and mildew develop there that may cause significant harm.

But you need to ensure airing for a few days opening the safe. If it is not attached to your wall or floor, you can bring it out and keep it under the sun. Clean it properly with disinfectant to remove any mold or mildew. Also, make sure that you have kept it open for a while so that fresh air can enter.

How to Keep Moisture Out of a Safe? (Best Methods)

2. Place some Dry Rice

You can keep a cup of dry rice inside the safe because dry rice can absorb moisture and water vapors around over time. Decreasing the amount of humidity in the air can help keep your belongings better inside it. Though dry rice is not as effective as silica gel, it works, and you can start your journey.

It is one of the fantastic ways to dehumidify the air inside the safe. From the ancient age, the method has been practiced for this purpose. Similarly, you can also apply the technique that will help you keep moisture out of your safe.

3. Baking Soda works

Baking soda is another common desiccant. It will assimilate the dampness in your safe and ideally cut down the overall humidity in the safe. It’s ideal for keeping the baking soda in a bowl and keeping the safe protected. It tends to be difficult to scratch off a surface if you simply place it straight on the floor of the safe.

Again – remember that this is far less viable than silica gel, so use it as a transitory home cure until you can make it to the shop to get yourself an appropriate dehumidifier.

4. Silica Gel Dehumidifiers is great

Silica gel dehumidifiers should be the best and effective way to keep your safe out of moisture. It is capable of absorbing up to 40% of its weight in water vapor. You can place a silica gel dehumidifier bag inside the safe that works perfectly for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Then, you should recharge the silica gel dehumidifier.

You will find most silica gel dehumidifiers rechargeable. It means that when you feel like it needs to be recharged, you can open the safe and remove it for recharging. You can do it only by plugging it into an electric outlet and raising its temperature to over 300d degrees Fahrenheit.

5. You Can Consider an Electric Dehumidifier

Instead of using silica gel, an electric dehumidifier can filter the water vapor electronically. It works well but requires an electric outlet so that you can plug in the device. If you are eager to use an electric dehumidifier, you have to make sure that there is a power source.

Bottom Line

Keeping your valuable belongings inside a safe, you have to ensure that there is no moisture, mold, and mildew. Though it might be a constant battle, you need to keep something inside the safe that will work as a dehumidifier. In this case, it is necessary to learn how to keep moisture out of a safe.

If you can follow any of the proven methods I have mentioned here, you are sure to keep your safe out of moisture. Otherwise, developing condensation and mildew is a must that might damage your valuable items inside the safe.

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