How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe In 2022

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If you own a gun, you must take proper care of it. You have to keep the gun in a safe and secure place to protect it from theft, misuse as well as terrible misfire events. Having an excellent gun safe is the best way of preserving a firearm.

But the gun will be affected by moisture into the gun safe. As a result, the exterior level of the gun will be rusty. How to keep moisture out of your gun safe? To know the actual answer, you must stick to here for a while. Let’s move on!

Do I Need a Dehumidifier in My Gun Safe?

If you ask what’s the best of keeping a gun safe moisture-free, managing an ideal dehumidifier will be the actual answer. A dehumidifier can absorb excess moisture from the nightstand gun safe at ease. It’s an electronics tool referred to as Golden Rod.


Producing heat around 140 degrees Celsius, it keeps the inside of the gun safe dry. You can easily set it into the gun safe and protect your gun from all causes of moisture. So, you need a dehumidifier to your gun safe.

How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe?

You can’t be altogether out of all concerns, merely having a gun safe. There may be erosion and random misfiring occurrence through the moisture impaction. How to keep moisture out of your gun safe? In the following section, we’re going to cover some methods of alleviating moisture from the gun safe.

How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe

Using silica packs:

Undoubtedly, placing the silica packs inside the gun safe is the most effective way of demolishing moisture. You can manage some fresh silica packs to keep the environment out of moisture all along. Silica can absorb moisture thoroughly and turn the air dry within a short time.

They can absorb moisture at the stand out scale; therefore, after reaching a milestone, they become powerless. So, you have to regenerate the silica packs in every week. Besides, you must heat the silica in 120 degrees Celcius to make them active in all situations. So, applying silica packs can be your first attempt to make the inside of your gun safe moisture-free.

Using dehumidifier:

You’ve already known what a dehumidifier is and how it works against moisture. Therefore, you can’t help managing an efficient dehumidifier inside your gun safe. It will abolish the accumulation of moisture at once by producing precise heat. But you have to plug the dehumidifier into a power outlet to keep it alive.

Moreover, you need to drill the gun safe to make a hole for wire transportation. You will find some of the gun safes have built-in holes for entering wire. If you afford the considerable investment, you can purchase one of those to lessen your hassle and find consistent performance in removing moisture.

Using a light bulb:

Another proven approach of keeping gun safe moisture-free is using a light bulb. In this case, you have to manage an excellent bulb that fits your gun safe. The bulb will produce a notable heat to keep the environment dry and moisture-free.

The bulb also needs regular recharge to deliver constant performance. In this case, you have to manage a spontaneous charging facility by connecting to a power outlet. Again it comes to make holes for wire transportation like a humidifier.

Using a sealant system built-in case:

You can reach out to the sealant system built-in case to have the prospected outcome in keeping your gun out of all danger. As the sealant includes foam, silicone, and caulking, therefore, it becomes easier to absorb moisture to it. Most noticeably, it’s applied around the door jamb for protecting the moisture entrance into the gun safe.

It always keeps the moisture less than 50% to give your gun relief from rust and signs of corrosion. After having a sealant system built-in case for a few days, you will find nothing hazardous to your gun. You can check out the humidity inside your gun safe through a hygrometer.

How Do You Choose a Quality Gun Safe?

Along with managing the precise environment for removing moisture, you also need to have the right gun safe to have the best outcome. Now we’re going to point out some consideration that you need to focus on purchasing a perfect gun safe.

How Do You Choose a Quality Gun Safe

Locking system:

You’re going to purchase a gun safe for having better protection. So, you must reach out to a specific one that comes with an excellent locking system. A gun with an advanced locking system won’t let you down ever since nobody could unlock it any technique.


A gun is nothing but a risky tool. You must keep it away from fire events to get protected. When or where a fire will be caused, nobody knows. Hence, you should pick such a gun safe that comes with optimal fire-resistant. Otherwise, you have to suffer in severe trouble in the long run.


Durability is a significant consideration before choosing a particular gun safe. You must purchase a gun safe that will last longer with less maintenance. Otherwise, you will lose massive money in replacing it within a short period.

Final Thought

You must be careful enough to store your firearm. Having a gun safe seems the most secure way of preserving a gun these days. But excessive moisture may cause severe problems to the gun inside the gun safe.

To get relief from the moisture effect, you must know how to keep moisture out of your gun safe. From this article, you have been informed about it by this time. Now it’s up to you how accurately you’re implementing those methodologies to have a moisture-free environment inside the gun safe.

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