How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail?

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Rifle Scope is a kind of optical illusion that makes the lookout focus when you move your head or eye slightly. Most of the shooters and people who enjoy rifles struggle with How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail. Although with the proper know-how, the process can be quick and painless.

Basically, Picatinny rail is widely used to mount any scope. It makes the rifle lightweight and saves your time as well. To attach a scope to a rifle, you have to loosen the rings of Picatinny. After that, place the scope over the rings and adjust it according to their shape and structure. Once complete, adjust the ring gap and tighten the rings. Read this article to know the detailed guidelines of how you can mount a rifle scope easily.

What Is a Rifle Scope Mount?

The Rifle scope mounts a base that is attached to the rifle. It gives place on the top refile to mount the rings for the scope. The mount could be created in a way that the iron scenes can be used when the scope is not connected. Basically, Rifle scope mounts are crafted from either steel or aluminum. Besides, rifle scope mount has many types like Weaver Scope Mount, Leupold Scope Mounts, Picatinny Scope Mount, etc. Among them, Picatinny Scope mount is best for 1000 Yard Scope for 308 rifles. With this, you can target a long-range subject and comprehensive viewing field.

What Is a Rifle Scope Mount?

What Are the Different Types of Rifle Scope Mounts

There are three main types of mounts that use rifle scope. Each of these mounting systems offers its own unique advantages and cons. Below we have explained these types of rifle scope mounts.

What Are the Different Types of Rifle Scope Mounts

Weaver Scope Mounts:

The Weaver Scope Mount is the most widely used type of rifle Scope Mounts. It has a flat and wide base with cut crossway recoil slots. These slots are made to fit exactly so that the scope rings have a similar leg at the bottom. Typically, weaver-style bases and their associated recoil logs are approximately 180 degrees wide. The scope ring and base mount securely together, like a jigsaw. In this way, it prevents movement on the coil when you use Weaver-style rifle scope mounts. As a result, you can use big and powerful scopes. 

Leupold Scope Mounts:

This is a regular non-weaver-style mounting method that is also known as Redfield or Burris. Basically, this scope base comes with one or two sections and is normally made of steel. These bases are recognized for their silky shape and strength.

Leupold Scope Mounts

Unlike the Weaver-style rings, this scope mount can’t be easily detached and put on another refile. To remove this, you have to divide the head half of the scope rings from the refile. Although the scope mount super-securely, you don’t find the flexibility to speedily mount.

Picatinny Scope Mount:

Picatinny Scope Mount is another well-known mount design that has some excellent advantages. It has three main areas where the mount base differs from the Weaver-style are the slot placement, number, and dimensions. Compared to the Weaver styler mount it has a more comprehensive and slightly deeper slot. Most of the shooters prefer the Picatinny scope mount because of the surface area. Besides, its rail allows you to relocate the scope to various slots and change at any time.

How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail

It is very important that you follow these actions perfectly to mount the scope to the Picatinny rail. If you fail to correctly do this, you can restart the whole process. To assist you in this matter, here we have described in detail How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail.

How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail

Step 1: Begin the Mounting Process

Before beginning the mounting procedure, you have to mark both the top and bottom sides of the Picatinny rail. This will help you know where all the edges of the top of the mounting are. It is essential to avoid any careless mistake that could waste your time.

Step 2: Adjust the Rings and Check the Position

In this step, you have to loosely place the rings into the rail. Avoid tightening them first, because you may yet have to adjust the arrangement of the scope. After placing the ring, you can examine the scope’s eye relief. If it is well located, your eyes should have perfect comfort.

Step 3: Scope and Scope Power Adjustments

Now, you have to carefully adjust the scope according to its frame and structure. Because, all scope is different to shape, so you can make the proper scope alignment that requires your scope. After that, place the capability of the scope to the height at this spot. This way you can see far away through the scope.

Step 4: Adjust Ring Gap and Tighten

To adjust the space between the rings on the rail, you have to read the manual of the rail. Because it completely depends on the rail that you use. There is no specific method to adjust the gap, so the manual guide is the best solution. After adjusting the gap, you have to tighten the base screws of the rings with a torque driver. Ensure all the screws are fitted as possible.

Step 5: Placing the Rings

Before starting this process, make sure that the ridge of the ring is suitable for pointing forward. If it doesn’t align perfectly, the scope can be irritated by the gun firing. Now place the ring upper side of the scope that you marked at the start of the procedure. That is why marks are very useful to attach the correct sides.

Step 6: Adjust the Scope Position

In this stage, you may consider changing the position of your scope either forwards or backward. Move the scope forwards or backward according to your most eye-relief. If you are not comfortable, this can distort your eyes and affect your efficiency while shooting the rifle.

Adjust the Scope Position

Step 7: Set Up the Scope

You can begin this process by placing the power of the scope to its highest point. After that, adjust the vertical crosser to point directly downwards to the position of the top bore of the rifle. Always ensure that the crosshair is pointed to the bore.

Step 8: The Final Step

At the end of the process, tighten the screws on the top of the rings with a torque driver. So that the scope does not move around while you are using the refile. If you find any obstacle to do this, repeat the entire process.


This concludes a complete guide on How to Mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail. So, you can now have a better idea of how you can do this perfectly. Because mounting a new rifle accurately is pretty essential. If done wrong, you will constantly struggle with finding a good target behind the scope.

So follow the steps outlined above to mount any scope to any Picatinny rail. Because this rail is the most used and knowing how to mount the scope means you can mount almost any refill. Moreover, by following these steps, you can become a professional at setting up a rifle scope on the Picatinny rail in no time.

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