How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe? Explore Easy Tips!

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To keep your valuables safe and secure, you need a safe or vault that is sturdy, waterproof, and fireproof. Portable safes are easy to maneuver but not as much protection as a gun safe. You need a safe for your weapon if you have an enormous and heavier gun so that thieves can find it hard to unlock and move. Maybe, you think about how to move a 2000 pound safe?

Moving an enormous safe that is 2000 pounds or more is difficult for you. When it comes to moving to another place with your safe, it is somehow challenging. Even relocating your house from one place to another is also tricky because of its heavyweight. In this case, you may call a safe mover who is an expert in doing the work for you.

What to Do Before Moving a Heavy Safe?

If you are not careful before moving a heavy safe, you might experience many problems. Among the potential hazards of carrying a heavy safe are injuring yourself, damaging the floor and wall, and many more. Therefore, you should wrap your safe with a thick blanket so that it does not harm your apartment or itself.

What to Do Before Moving a Heavy Safe?

You also need to unload the safe so that its weight reduces. Otherwise, your valuables inside the safe may be damaged while moving. If you have guns inside the safe, you must pick them out of it because you cannot carry your firearms by the safe movers. You should tightly lock the door of the safe to cause it open unexpectedly.

How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe?

If you have a portable safe, it might be easy for you to move from one place to another. Also, you can move it where you want to shift with your entire family. What if you have an enormous nightstand gun safe? You need to think twice before you start moving the safe because of its massive weight. So, let’s talk about how to move a 2000 pound safe?

Before you start, you should consider two phases, including the preparation phase and the moving stage. The preparation phase includes you have to wrap the safe, arrange for PVC or dolly, rope, and so forth. On the other hand, your second phase should consist of carefulness and moving it following the right path.

1. Plan Out The Safe Moving

It is essential to plan before you start because you need to clear the path you want to move. If you find home appliances on the way to your desired place in your house, keep them aside. Otherwise, these appliances might damage if there is an accident and the safe falls on them.

How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe?

Then, you should arrange the necessary things that will help move the safe. These items should include a thick blanket, rope, tape, PVC, dolly, and more. You should always keep one thing in your mind that your safe is more solemn and requires your full attention during the moving.

2. Preparing The Safe

Unload your safe before you move it. It reduces the chance of damaging your valuables inside it. Also, the unloading process of the safe lessens any risk by reducing the weight. You may also find that your safe’s door is removable. If it is so, remove the door that will reduce its weight, too.

Maybe, the door of your gun safe is attached, and you need to lock the door tightly. An accidental opening of the safe’s door might cause an unwanted accident. Wrapping the entire safe with a thick furniture blanket is essential. Now, secure the blankets with packing tape. It will protect your safe from any unwanted bumps and hits while moving.

Not only that, the wrapping with blankets will minimize the risk of damaging your floors and walls. If the moving of your safe is conducted by a professional mover, make sure you have unloaded your guns. It is not permitted to move your guns and ammunition by other than you.

3. Bring The Moving Equipment

In many cases, it is seen that people use PVC pipes and golf balls for easy rolling. Yes, you may adopt the technique if you have a portable safe that is not too heavy. But for an enormous safe that is 2000 pounds or more, you must avoid these things. This equipment may not carry the weight of the safe.

As a result, you might experience a potential accident while rolling the safe over golf balls or PVC pipes. They can cause dents and scratches on the floor, and you might lose control over the moving.  To avoid unwanted accidents and hazards, you should consider a heavy-duty dolly. Dollies are specially designed to move appliances, gun safes, and furniture.

4. Start Moving

You have wrapped the safe well with thick blankets, brought necessary moving equipment like a dolly. Now it is time for the safe to move to your desired place, right? First, secure the safe to the dolly so that the moving should be smooth. On one side of the safe, you should bring and align the dolly and lean the safe slightly from another side.

You can tell your friend or someone who helps you in this case that slips the dolly under the safe to put it on the dolly. You can use ropes to secure it with the dolly tightly. Start moving the dolly with your safe in such a way that it maintains the balance.

5. Best Tips to Keep You Safe

While moving your safe to another place, make sure you are protected. Otherwise, any unwanted accident may take place anytime, which might wound you seriously. For this purpose, you should consider wearing all the necessary protective gear before you get involved in the moving.

You have to wear a pair of boots that are sturdy enough to endure any impact. Not only that, you need to make sure that you have worn hand gloves that are comfortable yet sturdy. Wearing all these protective gear, you should start your safe moving from one place to your desired location at home.


If you want to move your enormous safe without any risk, hiring professional movers should be your priority. You need to consider that safety must be your first option. A gun safe typically becomes enormous and up to 2000 pounds. Therefore, you need to learn how to move a 2000 pound safe. Otherwise, you might wound yourself because you cannot move it alone.

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