How to Open a Browning Gun Safe Without the Combination?

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Browning gun safes are designed especially for securing your arms from fire. Sometimes forgetting the combination code is a common problem as it can happen with anyone. As a result, most of them are irritating and frustrating to remember the code. Don’t worry about this matter. Here in this article, we will provide enough information How to Open a Browning Gun Safe Without the Combination.

There are many ways to open a gun safe without a combination code. Among them, Using the manual override key is the easiest way to open locked gun safes. Because most of the gun safes come with an override key. You just have to use this key to reset the combination lock. This method is the easiest and effective way to unblock your gun safes. Read this article to know more other methods to open locked gun safes.

Overview of Browning Gun Safe

Browning gun safes are designed and manufactured by Browning Prosteel that has more than three decades of experience. They use great security technology and also good interior storage options. Additionally, Browning has 7 different gun safe series, three with fewer features than the other three. These gun safes are rated for 60 minutes at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit heat resistant. If you are considered investing in a high-quality gun safe, Browning gun Safes Under 600 is the best choice. In this gun safe, you can easily store up to 5 rifles as well as small bullets and other items.

Overview of Browning Gun Safe

Factors to Consider When You Forgot the Browning Gun Safe Combination

When you forget the combination lock of your gun safe, you should consider a few things. To assist you in this matter, below we have explained some of the things that you could remember.

Factors to Consider When You Forgot the Browning Gun Safe Combination

Figure Out If There Any Extra Key

If you forget your gun-safe combination lock, you should search for an accessible override key. Because this overrides key may help in this condition to get access to your safe. It gives you a reliable method to unlock your gun safes without requiring a locksmith for support.

Check the Information of Your Gun Safe

In this situation, the information you give on records of transactions or serial numbers might help you. The serial on the back of the gun safe will give you information about your gun safe. Find all pieces of information written on the receipt about the gun safe. You may have to provide this information to others.

Find Out the Type of Locking Mechanism

It is very important to determine the locking system of your gun safe. There are many types of locking systems that come with a gun safe from electronic lock to dial lock. This will assist you to unlock your gun safe if you forget your combination lock.

How to Open a Browning Gun Safe Without the Combination

As we already say, there are many ways to open a gun safe without the combination lock. Below we have described some of the best methods on How to Open a Browning Gun Safe Without the Combination.

How to Open a Browning Gun Safe Without the Combination

1. Use a Manual Override Key

Most of the gun safe comes with an override key when you purchase it. This is an easy and effective method to get back your safe’s access is to look for a backup key. With the help of the instruction manual guides, you can easily reset the combination lock on your gun safe. It is wise to leave the override access key somewhere else where it can be safe. Besides, take some precautions before resetting the combination lock as there is a risk of safe loss.

2. Utilize a Wire or Paperclip

If you can’t find out the serial number of your gun safe, you can use a paperclip or wire to unlock your gun safe. Remember that this method requires patience and skills to unlock. You should know where to set the paperclip inside the key lock. Complete attention is required to bypass the locking mechanism of the gun safe. You must keep your ear close to the door when you hear a ‘click’ sound that signals you to unlock safely.

3. Use a Magnet

It is possible to open some safe guns with a magnet. Unique Earth magnets that are usually made of neodymium are available online at retailers like Amazon. A large type of this magnet can be used to open a gun safe without combination. Once you have this, you need a gym sock or a related piece of tube fabric. Now you have to find out the solenoid. Move the magnet around gradually on the solenoid until the safe gun opens. This method works because the nickel solenoid controls the locking system.

4. Call Browning Gun Safe Service

In this way, Browning service needs customer data of the ownership for identification. You just have to know the complete serial number and other information about ownership. After that, you will have to fax the printed letterhead of the certifying officials. Give a photo and ownership by presenting the entire serial. You need to add the name and contact number of the Gun safe owner.

Call Browning Gun Safe Service

5. Ask Help from a Locksmith

If you don’t unlock with the above methods, you can contact a Locksmith. Some people may prefer doing this the first time. Hiring a professional locksmith for a gun safe can be expensive, but they have the experience to easily unlock any gun safe.


While it is common to forget the combination code of your gun safe. There are also lots of ways to unlock a Browning gun safe. You don’t need to gather exceptional skills to open a locked gun safe. The simple methods we explained will guide you on How to Open a Browning Gun Safe Without the Combination.

Following the above techniques, you can quickly open your locked Browning gun safe. You can adopt any methods to unlock your gun safe, If one method doesn’t work switch to another. So, it is better to use these methods and avoid damaging the safe gun. Because gun safes are also expensive to purchase.

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