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How to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination?

Article Write: | Latest Update On: June 6, 2021

A Gun Safe is a secure place to keep your firearms secure from disallowed access. Liberty Gun is such a kind of Safe that it can hold many firearms at a time. Gun Safe by Liberty is always the right choice, and they are built for the last. However, what will you do if you lost your combination? Search on the internet for How to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination may show you thousands of ways.

Though all of them are not show you a possible way. We feel your problem. We know how pathetic it’s when you lost the combination, and at the same time, you need to open the safe. You can open your Gun Safe. First, you need to determine what type of gun safe you have. It’s effortless to learn how to open motorized electronic, manual and direct drive electronic locks. Stick with us till the end of this write-up to know details.

Is it Easy to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination?

There are various types of safes on the market. Nightstand Gun Safe, De-mountable Safes, Fireproof Safes. But most of the safes can be divided into two categories, Digital Safe and Dial Safe. A Liberty Gun Safe is considered Top-Rated Security Safe. However, losing a safe combination does not mean your safe is null. Through some simple, effortless technique, you can open it safely.

Is it Easy to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination?

Liberty Safe provides a Procedure to Recover the Safe Password. The three types of a safe category have a specified sequence to open. If you think all those processes are complex and find it unable to open the safe by you. You can go for a locksmith to open your safe lock. A locksmith has a different technique to open secure locks. They use the magnet method, key replacing method, lock placing process to open the safe locks.

As they have only technical knowledge only, sometimes it’s a risk to open the Liberty Safe locks by a locksmith. They don’t have much understanding of the locking mechanism. Because, according to the type of lock, the Locking Mechanism is different. Let’s drive to the next section to know details about the process of unlocking liberty safe.

How to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination

From 1988, Liberty Safe is the high-quality, safe lock and has the most top company in the USA. They ensure the best domestic security for keeping firearms. Below we have two different methods to open a Liberty Safe without combination. All those methods are proven and provide hassle-free access in the liberty safe.

How to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination

1. For a Dial Safe

Here are the steps you need to follow for a Liberty Dial Safe:

Step 1:

At first, you need to find the emergency key. When you purchase your Liberty Safe from the Authorized Manufacturers, you must have an emergency key. Find out the key you have put it, as you need it to open your safe locks properly. Or then you need to crack down your safe by force.

Step 2:

Erase the panel which covers your safe dial. Extracting the dial panel usually is easy and can be done by utilizing your bare hands. Trying to break the panel out of the dial using a fork or the same tool is a bad-advise because it may damage the exterior of your safe.

For a Dial Safe

Step 3:

When you have successfully removed the dial panel, take a look under the dial. You may find a tiny type of round notch underneath. You will find an emergency key hole. This hole is designed for blending with the safe. So, it is difficult to spot it right away. You will find your safe emergency keyhole on the side of the dial.

Step 4:

Put the emergency key on the emergency key hole and turn it until the safe opens. Keep sure the key return on its original position earlier, removing it. By neglecting the previous result in the safe failing to open the safe lock, remember the process next time, you need it.

2. For a Digital Safe

Here are the key steps for a digital Liberty Gun Safe:

Step 1:

Many digital safes has emergency keys. If your safe doesn’t have any, you need to use the reset button. If you wish to do that, at first you have to detect the location of the safe’s bolt. On the back of the safe, you will find this bolt. In the case of some Small Digital Safes, the bolt is on the opening base.

Step 2:

When you find the location of the bolt opening, take a light and use it through each opening. Until you don’t see the interior keypad, find it from bolt opening to bolt opening.

For a Digital Safe

Step 3:

When you detector your safe interior keypad, manage a rod that is thin enough and long to fit the matching bolt opening. An unused wire hanger is a better option. However, instead of wire, you can use whatever you want. Place the rod on the safe and click on the reset button. It needs to hold the button by pressing it for 1o seconds.

Step 4:

Set Your New Combination number in the interior keypad. And click on the set button. Most of the digital safe releases a beeping noise while a unique combination is set. Until the combination is saved on your interior keypad, keep pressing the button for at least 10 seconds.

Step 5:

Discharge the rod from the safe. Place your new combination number in the safe exterior keypad to be sure it run perfectly. If your safe it unable to open, then you need to repeat the process or look for an expert locksmith.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Gun Safe

A Gun Safe has the most extended durability, strength, and security for guns and firearms. Every necessary thing needs to keep in maintenance. Without proper care, they become null and void. Experts suggest using a Cleaning Kit for Constant Maintenance. That kind of kit is also used to reset the combination code for a digital safe. Hereinbelow, we have gathered some excellent tips for your gun safe. Those tips will help your safe to be perfect and perform like a new one.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Gun Safe

  • Monthly regular cleaning
  • Use the right kind of cloth
  • Use the proper cleaning liquids
  • Oil in the Hinges
  • Check the fire seal
  • Fix the damage on the surface
  • Keeps the gun inside in good condition
  • Avoid storing a loaded firearm
  • Check the lock system
  • Perform DIY repairs


It is a common phenomenon that people sometimes forget many things. Forgetting the combination of Liberty Gun Safe is common for people. We hope, Ours entitle article How to Open a Liberty Gun Safe Without the Combination can rely on you from this kind of situation. Resting the combination and put a new combination is the perfect solution in this regard.

Since Liberty Gun Safe has a lifetime warranty, if you forget your combination, you can also contact the manufacturer. They will repair it without any cost.

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