How to Open a Safe With 3 Number Combination – Get All the Details

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Keeping your valuable thing in here and there is not a good decision. Many things need proper protection and safety. Therefore, people use Digital Safe Locks to protect their valuable stuff from damage. Sometimes a Safe Lock is also able to hide things with much security. It works as a shield to save items from water and fire damage. A safe lock with 3 number combinations is enough to do all the things for keeping your valuable things safe.

However, as a new user, it’s expected that you haven’t sound knowledge on How to Open a Safe With 3 Number Combinations. According to different manufacturers, there are various types of patterns to open safe locks. Among them, the most common way for manual dialing is left-right and left-right. Use 4,3,2,1 Dialing Patterns to Unlock the Secure Lock without any complexity. Let’s drive deep into this article to know more about combinations.

What Is A 3 Number Combination In A Safe?

Safe combination locks have the number- one method for procuring a secure door. There are various types of combination locks gettable. The combination for a safe lock can divide into two categories: group 1 and Group 2. For safe home Group, two varieties are frequently used nowadays. They have one, two, three-number combinations. Group 1 locks deliver a great degree of protection as they can offer up to six number combinations. They are also studier and attain many wheels in the lock mechanism.

Now, let’s take a look at what is 3 number combination in a safe. In a three-number combination, there are three separate wheels. Each of them demonstrates a different number in the combination. The position of extra notches inside those wheels illustrates the position of those numbers. When all the numbers are getting correct, then all of the gaps stay in a lineup. The gravity of a metal bar inside the locks unlocks the safe locks.

How to Open a Safe With 3 Number Combination

 3 Number combination is the oldest procedure where there are many safe locks available with biometrics and passwords. The old-fashioned combination is secure and suitable for Gun Safe Under 300. This kind of manual combination in a Gun Safe gives extra security and worried-free circumstances. Thus opening a safe can be exciting with the enigma it contains. However, it arise the question of how to open a safe with 3 number combination. Almost there are 1000 combinations available for a 3-digit safe combination. Once may stand for hours in front of the security locks and can’t find any clue what to do. Let’s see the steps on how to open it safely.

How to Open a Safe With 3 Number Combination

Step 1: Turn around the knob three times to the right side until it comes by zero.

Step 2: Locate your first number and go back to the knob now from the opposite or left direction.

Step 3: When going back the knob to the left, pass your first number two times and end it the third time.

Step 4: Locate your second number and keep turning the knob to the correct position. Complete it with the first rotation and stop on the second time.

Step 5: Then, rotate the knob of the combination on the left side and end at the third number of the combination. Execute this without crossing the third number at all.

Step 6: Decrease the pace as you come to the last combination digit number.

Step 7: When you almost reach the third combination number, revolve the knob and drag the door open.

How to Change the Combination on a Safe?

 The change of the combination before using it enrich the security of safe locks. All the secure locks have a factory combination which is the same for all types of models. When you buy a safe lock for the first time, you will see a display, and the manufacturer allows you to choose a combination to set and keep it secret. The procedure of changing the combination of different safe locks depends on its model. However, the primary method is almost the same. You can change the combination anytime to ensure the protection of your valuable things.

How to Change the Combination on a Safe

Step 1: Recognize the marks to open and change the lock. There is a chubb lock and also a safe use arrow on the top of the circle.

Step 2: Unlocked the safe door and flung the lock bolts on the extended position. When the change mark entirely dials the combination, it will automatically be removed.

Step 3: Revolve the combination knob counterclockwise until the earliest number has passed the change mark for three times. Arrange the earliest number with the help of the change mark in the fourth revolution. Use the chubb 10, 20, 30 for factory combination setting on 3 wheel locks.

Step 4: Turn the knob according to clockwise before the second number has passed the change mark two times. Organize the second number according to the change mark in the third revolution.

Step 5: Spin the knob counterclockwise before the change mark passes the third number. End when the third number on the aligns in the second rotation.

Step 6: Strip the change key on the back of the lock. In a quarter turn, rotate it and turn it according to counterclockwise direction. Select a new combination with the last number that is higher than 25.

Stop 7: Keep dialing the combination by using the change mark entirely as it was done in steps 3, 4, and 5. Place the third number on the change mark and revolve the rotation back in the clockwise direction. After then, the new combination can be used to open the safe.


A Safe lock is worth using a device when it comes to keeping things secure. The security locks for your valuable things need proper maintenance. Thus the operating system of this device little bit tricky than any other safe locks, you need to read the i=nsdtructional manual. In the instruction manual, you will find How to Open a Safe With 3 Number Combination in a proper way. After reading the instruction manual you will find they have discussed the above procedure to open and change the combination.

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