How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe Without a Key?

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Those who own gun safes can testify of their experience when they lost the keys of their units. Mostly, when such instances happen, they run to expert safe openers who end up charging them high service fees. However, you can evade such costlier fees by trying a few methods to get your safe open.

Are you looking for how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key? Well, there are several ways gun safe owners can employ to access their valuables whenever they lose their keys. However, there is a need to use amicable approaches to avoid damaging the unit and its contents.

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Our article tackles all the possible ways to open a sentinel gun safe without necessarily using the keys. To find out the necessary section check the list.

Is it Easy to Open a Gun Safe Without a Key?

Most people are conversant about gun safes and what they do use for. Forgetting lock combination codes is a common happening to most gun-safe owners all over. However, safe gun owners worry less about these instances since experts can still open the units without keys. But is such an easy activity to accomplish?

Is it Easy to Open a Gun Safe Without a Key?

Now, there exist several strategies experts employ to open a gun safe for apartment without necessarily using keys. How to accomplish the project depends on the skills you have towards the task at hand. Expert safe gun dealers have everything to complete such a project in little time possible. However, novice players in the industry find it challenging and might take longer to accomplish such tasks.

How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe without a Key

Accessing valuables in a gun safe can turn tricky-sometimes if you lose the key for opening the unit. However, with technological advancements, we can still smile since experts have devised strategies to deal with such problems. Let’s comprehend how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key in our presentation today.

How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe without a Key

1. Seek Manufacturer’s Help

Before you think about trying any method to access your valuables, you must inform the manufacturers about the issue. You will provide them your machine details and proof of ownership before they offer you services. At times, they might have duplicate keys preserved mainly for customers who lose their copies. Consequently, in case you still have a valid warrant, they can still provide you free services.

2. Employ a Knife

Knives also form integral gadgets in opening gun safes when we lose our keys. However, only experts who have dealt with such issues can accomplish the project using a knife successfully. These experts usually push the knife tip to the keyhole while continuous twisting and shaking. It takes a few seconds or minutes for the lock to open and access your firearms and accessories.

3. Get a Hammer

A hammer can also work effectively in opening a gun safe whenever you lose your keys or forget the passcode. Here, you will aim to dislodge the keypad by employing several bangs with your hammer and a pair of a chisel. Hit until you reach a silver knob which you require removing to access the opening knob. Lastly, insert the finger and press the knob to open your gun safe to access your accessories.

Get a Hammer

4. Employ a Screwdriver

Screwdrivers also work similarly to knives in opening a gun safe. Just like the knives, get a screwdriver that fits into the safer keyhole to perform this task. Insert the tool and start making counterclockwise rotations or twists until the lock starts to open. You will be at peace accessing your firearms and other valuables in less than five minutes.

5. Paper Clips Work Better

Experts have tried paperclips and verified them as ideal tools for opening gun safes when losing your key. Open one tip for the pointed tip to stick downwards at 90 degrees. Insert your paperclip into your gun safe’s internal chamber and ensure it goes deep into the unit lock. Lastly, get a pair of tweezers to turn the paper clip counterclockwise until the gun safe opens.

6. Use Magnet to Open gun Safe

Using a magnet to open a gun safe is somehow more complicated, but it’s the perfect method you can employ. Here, you will employ the magnet to locate the solenoid which makes up the most gun-safe locks. Once you locate the solenoid, slowly move the magnet along together with this component. Use a bigger magnet for this project, and it takes just a few minutes to get you through the process.

7. Employ the Bounce Method

Indeed this is magic, but trust me still, several experts employ it and provide faster results than other methods. Hold the unit with one hand trying to open it and the other on its backside. Ensure you use a plane bouncing surfaces to prevent damaging it while trying the strategy. Try falling the safe several times, and there are high chances that the unit will open.

Employ the Bounce Method

8. Employ a Nail Cutter Filler

Experts have tested the bail cutter filler and proved they work excellently in opening gun safes. Employ the pointed tip of the nail cutter filler where you require first inserting it into the keyhole. Like the screwdriver and knife methods, you will need to rotate the filer counterclockwise severally. Do this as you giggle it upwards and downwards until the lock pin releases.


You have insight of how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key. Opening a sentinel gun safe is now fast and straightforward, like dealing with any padlock with lost keys. The methods explained above have undergone testing and even employed by several gun safe owners who fall victims. However, safe owners need to identify the safest options to prevent damaging their lifetime investments.

Nevertheless, handling the task alone can, at times, cause the worst damages you never expected. As a safe gun owner, handle the job only if you have a background idea of handling gun safe locks. Otherwise, it’s paramount you leave or hire a specialist to help you.

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