How To Sight In A Rifle Cope Without A Boresighter – Get All the Details

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While adopting the latest technology to zero in your scope is all the heat, it doesn’t beat sighting your scope in an old-fashioned method. Not only is it more challenging to utilize a device like a bore sighter. But, unless you also have a comprehensive knowledge of physics behind your rifle and rounds, it’s not nearly as effective!

In this guide, we accompany you through every process you require to know how to sight in a bolt gun scopewithout a boresighter? You need to set you range properly, establish your grouping and need to focus on measurement. When you’ve completed sighting your range, your bullets will be hitting the bullseye every time you extract the trigger of the rifle!

What you will need

Why There is Need to Sight in Your Scope

When everything is operating with perfect accuracy on the scope of the hunter, the firearms lineup with where the bullet will go when you extract the trigger. But this isn’t a remarkable coincidence. It appears when you sight in your rifle scope.

Need to Sight in Your Scope

While you can have sight in your scope to several distances, we suggest starting with 100 yards. This is the most accomplished and what most rifles and scopes operate best with. Once you have sufficient knowledge of what you’re doing, you can sight in your scope for various distances if you want to. Why should you have sight in your rifle’s scope? Precisely because to make a good target.

What Is a Boresighter?

while we’re continuing to train you through how to sight in your scope without a bore sighter, it’s still an excellent idea to understand what a bore sighter is. So if anyone brings it up, you acknowledge what they’re talking about. The bore sighters are also used in hunting. There are also laser boresight available.

What Is a Boresighter

A boresighter is a laser-pointer tool that fits into the muzzle of your rifle. When you turn the bore sighter on, it conveys a laser pointer out to your target. Adjustment of your scope respectively needed to be done. There is also a good product named budget night vision scope if you want to shoot at night

While this might seem easy, what it fails to consider is bullet drop. Bullet drop alters by your particular rifle and the kinds of rounds you’re shooting. So, it can be challenging to measure this without firing a shot. While bullet drop might not look like a big deal, it can commence to significant misses.

At 100 yards, most shots will drop anywhere from 2 inch to 4 inch, which might not seem like much. But when you run that figure out to 500 yards, it can comfortably stretch into the 30″ to 50″ range. Instead of hitting your target, it’s continuing to fall a few feet short. When you sight in scope without a bore sighter, you can factor in bullet drop. The air rifle is also a good option for hunting purposes or any reflective target.

Before You Start

Before you go out to the range target shooting, make certain you have everything that you require for the fantastic accuracy. Don’t waste your energy! You’re going to require a target, decent hearing protection, and your caliber rifle with the scope already positioned.

Finally, make sure you have any instruments that you might require to make modifications. This will change based on your particular scope, so take your time and get acquainted before heading out. Most hunters do hunting without any boresight.

How to Sight in Your Rifle Scope Without a Boresighter

As a rifle owner, sighting for the adjustment of your rifle scope without a boresighter is more comfortable than you think. It is the most easiest method to sight in a rifle scope without a bore sighter.

Rifle Scope Without a Boresighter

Set Your Range

When you’re sighting in your modern rifle scope, you need to place your target out for 100 yards. From there, make assured that you’re utilizing the same rounds that you’ll be firing when you’re shooting for real. Otherwise, your outcomes are going to differ a bit. You also have to set up a solid rest for your rifle. Effective range will give you best performance.

Set Up Your Rifle and Scope

 While you should already have your scope positioned, you still require to ensure the adjustment of essential windage and elevation modifications before you begin firing. This is a critical step, and if you skip it. Your scope will not be sighted accurately, and you’ll end up missing a ton of shots.

You are required to do everything. Just like you would if you were aiming down your sights on a goat or a target and you were not sighting your scope.

Establish Your Grouping

 Once you set everything up for starting your game, line up your scope with the target and take your shot. You’re not likely to bullseye the target here, and that’s okay. What you want to do is line up the scope with the bullseye every time and pull the trigger, even if the round isn’t going where you want it to.

Take three to five shots, then head out to take a look at your target. Hopefully, all the rounds are in the same area on the target. If not, you probably need to work on your technique a bit more.

Measure and Adjust

 If you take a look at your target and all the holes are together, you’re in good shape, and you can start making your adjustments! All you need to do is measure the average distance from the bullseye to the group and make the adjustments. As  target shooter, measure both the horizontal and vertical distances to the bullseye.

Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

Once you’ve made your adjustments, head back to the shooting position and take your next set of shots. Get your rounds in a cluster, and once that cluster is around the bullseye. You can stop making adjustments! You’ve successfully zeroed in your scope without any fancy tools, and you’ll now get better results! While keeping your firearms. keep your air rifle in a safe direction to get best performance in the hunting field.

Safety Tips When Sight in a Rifle Scope

Modern rifles are very dangerous when they are not appropriately handled. So you have to be very cautious when sighting in a rifle without boresight. These are tips you should follow:

Safety Tips When Sight in a Rifle Scope

  • Make certain your rifle is unloaded when you make adjustments in a rifle.
  • Always keep your hunting rifle in a secure direction. Don’t put pressure on yourself.
  • It would help if you never pointed the rifle at any living being.
  • As a rifle owner, you must wear an ear protection device.


If you are using your quality rifle without any boresight, you should not worry about it. You can easily set up your rifle without any boresight if you have proper knowledge and understanding of this field. Many individuals do not know how to sight in a rifle scope without a bore sighter.

Hopefully, this guide has led you through everything you require to know about sighting in your scope. Now you can manage out to the range or field and understand that your round will go accurately where you want it to!

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