How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards?

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Are you interested in learning How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards? Is it taking longer and requiring more work than you anticipated? Getting your scope spot on at 50 yards requires some skill, but the procedures outlined here will get you up to speed and assist you in sighting in your scope.

Decreasing the time it would take to sight in your scope allows you to spend more time doing other things, such as hunting. Once you’ve mastered this technique, it’ll be second nature to you. You’ll be able to perform it whenever you need it sighted in. Ensure your rifle is properly installed and adjusting MOA you can shoot at your target easily.

About Sighting In A Rifle Scope

Sighting in a rifle scope means the process of correctly setting the sights to shoot at a specific distance. Rifle owners must sight in their weapons since the bullets used in rifles do not move in a straight line. The distance varies on the basis of a variety of factors, including the kinds of animals. You can sight in your gun at 100 yards if it’s a deer. You can also choose simple parallax adjustment from 50 yards to eternity with some best scope for 6 8 Spc.

About Sighting In A Rifle Scope

What You’ll Need to Sight in Your Rifle Scope

Here are some essential things that you’ll need to sight in your rifle scope. Let’s have a look-

What You’ll Need to Sight in Your Rifle Scope


It will be easier to tell where the bullet falls if you choose a bigger target. As a target, a white poster board will suffice. This permits you to see exactly where the bullet lands, even if it’s a long-distance off goal. When sighting in, always choose a trustworthy target.

Binoculars And/or Rangefinder:

If you truly choose to dial in your shot, you’ll need a rangefinder. It will ensure that you have a 50-yard setting without a question. Binoculars will let you figure out where your shots are landing and where you need to make adjustments.

Ammunition and Gear:

Bring decent, high-quality ammo for your firearm. It’s best if you use the same ammo you use for hunting. If you zero your rifle in with different ammo than you hunt with, your trajectory will alter, and you will no longer be zeroed in.

Laser BoreSighter:

This allows you to acquire a rough alignment on your scope the first several times you shoot. Because you can’t glance into the breech with semi-autos, levers, or pumps, these devices are ideal.

Rifle Rest:

While sighting in your weapon, you want as little mistake as possible. A rifle rest is not required, although it is highly recommended. It eliminates human mistakes and assures that your weapon will be sighted in as accurately as possible.


It’s perfect for sighting in a rifle scope when the weather is nice. Pay attention to the weather forecast and choose a day with little or no wind. If you want to escape the hottest portion of the day or temperatures that would freeze your toes off, the time of year is also vital. Dress appropriately.


This is a shortlist of goods that most hunters and gun owners will already have. Every item on this list is highly recommended since it will enable zeroing your rifle easier to manage. The procedure outlined here is a tried and true method for sighting in your rifle.

If you’re new to it, you’ll need to be patient. Do not rush through anything and take your time. There are a few tried and true methods for zeroing your sight with one shot, but you won’t achieve your rifle’s maximum accuracy. Your rifle sight will be as near to zero as any human can obtain if you follow this procedure.

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards

Here we’ll mention the steps of How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards? From there you’ll get all the info that will aid you the most. Catch a glimpse-

How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards

Step 1- Make Sure Your Scope Is Properly Installed

Verify that all of your elements are properly installed. Your rings and mount should be a good match for your rifle. Some scope rings are only compatible with specific scope bases. This is your responsibility to make sure that these components are compatible. Make safety a top concern at all times. Turn on the safety and leave it empty until you’re ready to sight it in.

Step 2- Situate Your Scope

A vital step is to see a clean image via your scope. Setting the eye relief. The distance between the scope’s eyepiece, as well as your eye, is also part of the process. You must leave sufficient space between your eye as well as the end of the scope. This is for the return to not send the scope into your eye after firing a shot. It has the potential to cause catastrophic injury and cause the day to end early.

Step 3- Level Your Rifle

Your rifle rest will come in helpful here. Look for an area to shoot that is sturdy and level. A mount or tripod will suffice, yet you must ensure that this is level in order to remain your shots on target. The best procedure to sight in any scope is with a rifle rest or mount. This way, there’s less potential for human mistakes.

Level Your Rifle

Step 4- Reticle Alignment

When it comes to zeroing in their rifle sight, many shooters overlook this aspect. When your reticle does not line up with windage and elevation, it is known as reticle can’t. If you’re firing at a target that’s more than 200 yards away, this can be an issue. To the left or right, it will miss.

Step 5- Adjusting MOA or Minute of Angle

MOA adjustments are typically made in 14-inch increments. This implies that to move the bullet one inch at 100 yards, you’d have to crank the knob four times. At 50 yards, each MOA click gives you 1/8 inch of adjustment, therefore each click gives you 1/8 inch of modification.

Step 6- Shoot at a Target

Fire a cluster of rounds towards the bullseye with your target at 50 yards distant. Using a 1” grid paper to assess how much modification is required correctly and prevent guesswork is an excellent idea. Rotate the top turret 2 clicks clockwise and the side turret 4 clicks counterclockwise. For instance, if your shots are 1 inch down along with 2 inches to the right.

Wrapping it up

I hope you learned How to Sight in a Rifle Scope at 50 Yards, after reading this guide. When adjusting your scope, keep your rifle secure. Using 1” grid paper to quickly note how much modification is needed is strongly suggested by me and many other shooters.

As you continue to repeat the procedure, modifying your scope will get easier. If you’re a rifle owner, you can follow these tricks to turn your rifle scope into a slight-in. This is highly recommended in other distances as 25 yards, 100 yards, instead of 200 yards.

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