How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting?

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Have you ever tried the long-range shooting? Man, it will give you a feeling of thrill. When you pierce the target in the long-range, you will have the feeling of “I am the king of the world.” When you get the shooting perfect, you will be addicted. So you have to select the perfect scope for long-range shooting. Here I have discussed the most important topic about how to use a scope for long range shooting. I hope it will help the long-range shooting lovers out there.

How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting? 1

What Is The Longest Range Scope?

Now the question is, what is the longest range scope really is? Well, the long-range starts to work when the standard sight gets ineffective. The 300 yards is considered as the longest range, and to shoot in this range, you will need a long-range scope. The scopes have to ensure – 10x magnification power, optics with parallax focus, BDC reticle and turret adjustments. With a 10/22 rifle, a long shot is difficult, but with the .308 rifles, the long shooting gets easy. A 500-1000 yards shooting is extreme for a handheld weapon, but with the longest range scope, this shooting gets accurate.

How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting?

To increase the shooting ability with the rifle like hitting a target at 1000 yards, you have to sharpen your skill with the proper scope on your rifle. Now let’s go to the part of how to use the scope for long-range shooting. But remember, you have to adjust the scope properly to make your shot precise.

  • When you are starting to target in a long-range, a proper scope is required. When you need a scope for hunting, you have to consider some important factors. These factors will make your hunting experience special and perfect.
  • Mounting is important while using the scope, especially for long-range shooting. While mounting the scope, keep the level of the scope with the rifle and align the vertical crosshair with the vertical middle line. The slightest misalignment will cause a miss while shooting.
  • In the long-range shooting, you have to do the zeroing scope systemically. Even a small error can cause a big problem while shooting. The three-shot system is proper for zeroing the long-range scopes. You can use the rifle, scope, and ammunition power at the same time.
  • The lens coating helps to use the scope comfortably. The coating cover of the lens makes your image bright and specific.
  • The size of the objective lens able the light transmission large. The larger the size of the lens gets, the more it will allow the light transmission. This makes the image vibrant and brighter to make your hunting accurate. But the problem is the size of the lens gets heavy if you go for the large one. So you have to place the rifle in proper position and comfortable angel if you use a medium-sized lens on your gun.
  • You have to zero the scope repeatedly before going for shooting. This will ensure the reliability of the scope. Use a tripod or bench to keep the rifle in a fixed position. Then zero the scope adjustments and shoot. After a few times, again, repeat the zeroing process. Makes sure the two shots have landed in the same hole.

Note: Before using the scope for long-range shooting at first, you have to know how to use a scope? Go through this article about it.

How To Choose A Scope?

Choosing the right scope for your rifle is important. Because this scope will make your shooting experience accurate. Here are the main features you have to consider while you are choosing a scope:

  • Scope with tube body that comes in 30 or 34 mm is getting popular among hunters. The heavier and larger tube allows better light management. A 1-inch tube is better for a scope.
  • In low light conditions, the exit pupil is required. You can find it by dividing the diameter of the objective lens with magnification. For example, in this 8×32 number, the exit pupil is 4mm. to make your hunting proper in low-light, 4mm exit pupil is appropriate.
  • Adjust the diopter until the alignment of the reticle is done correctly. Avoid over adjustment frequently.
  • The parallax adjustment settings are available in the high magnification scope. With the parallax, you can have a clear hit of the target as it eliminates the parallax between the target and the reticle.
  • There are two types of focal plane – first and second focal plane. For some years, the first focal plane was considered as the best one. But it was not enough for long-range shooting. The second focal plane automatically adjusts the measurements with the zooming option.
  • To make adjustments horizontally and vertically, the elevation and windage turrets work for you. These are also important in zeroing the scope.
  • The scope you will pick must have at least 3.5-4 inches of eye relief. It is the distance between the eye and the lens of the front scope. This keeps your eye safe while hunting.
  • Focus the scope once before using it for the shooting. Here focus means adjusting the eyepiece to make the reticle line sharp.
  • There are scopes in the market with different materials. You have to own the scope that will last long to make your hunting experience challenging. The material has to come with aluminum alloy and coating that will resist the scratching. Consider the lens material also. Because while hunting, the lens may get scratched. For scratch resistance, it offers to pick the lens material.

Note: here, I have pointed out the important points of how to choose a scope? If you want detailed information, then check the article about the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scope do I need to shoot 1000 yards?

Scopes with 14-16x is enough to shoot at 1000 yards. You will get 24x scopes, but you don’t have to need more than 6x to hunt unless you are in close hunting. For 1000 yards shooting, 16x is more than enough.

What scope do I need for 500 yards?

1. 1.5x scope is enough for 100 yards shooting range. So for 500 yards, 4x-6x is plenty. Some experts may recommend you 10x magnification to have a good shot.

How far can you see with a 3×9 scope?

With a 3×9 scope, you can see up to 100-300 yards. You can view a deer in this scope and with an open sight too. The problem may come from the shooter’s sight limitation.

Final Thought

A long-range shooting gets perfect with a good scope. And after that, you have to know how to use a scope for long-range shooting to get the most benefit while hunting.  It is not easy to shoot in a long-range without a perfect rifle with a scope and skill. If you want to get the shots out to 1000 yards, work on the skill and develop your patience. Get a proper scope with a good rifle and make your long-range shooting perfect day by day.

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