How To Use A Scope – The Ultimate Guide

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What is the purpose of shooting for hunting, protection, or sport? Only one goal and that is hitting the target. Do you think to hit the target is that easy? No, this depends on your practice, focus, and aim. Most of the rifles with an iron sight system let you aim in point, but to make your shooting more accurately from a long-range with a clear target, you have to know how to use a scope. Here you will have all the information about using the scope properly to have a good hunting experience. So stick with me till the end.

How To Use A Scope – The Ultimate Guide 1

What Does A Scope Do?

With your rifle scope, you are allowed to have a clear target with a précised aim. This is the main reason that scopes are used by the shooters and hunters widely. The long-ranged scope is making the long-range shooting easy and perfect. You can use the scope on a handgun also.

Your target gets magnified with the scope. For this, your shooting accuracy gets increased and ensures safety around the target. You can shoot the target with aim even in low light conditions with the scope.

The different types of reticles make the shooting more efficient and accurate. You can develop your shooting skill with the scope because the scope helps you to understand the precise shot perfectly. To get the utmost benefits, you have to know the proper use of the scope.

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How To Use A Scope?

Before using the scope, you will need:

  • a rifle that matches your style and uses, a scope that will fit in your rifle and comes with proper features to help in your hunting,
  • scope rings if you need to mount your rifle in a suitable height,
  • a safe firing range that will help you to zero your rifle in a safe distance with safety gears
  • And a target to shoot.

Setting Up Your Rifle And Scope:

Before any shooting task, you have to zero your rifle first. Zeroing is the starting point for shooting. For hunting, zeroing the rifle in 100 yards is preferable. Some may zero the rifle in 50 yards or 200 yards. This depends on your plan of using the rifle and the type of rifle.

Here I will talk about zeroing the rifle in 100 yards. We plan to shoot the target in the center from the 100 yards distance. You have to adjust the scope for this purpose. Pick the place to zero your rifle where there is no wind, and the level is the same. The level is to set your rifle properly to make the shooting accuracy.

The scope rings that are mounted on the rifle should be in a low position and avoid touching the rings. It is for balancing the rifle and stay protected from the recoil. You can choose scope rings with different height if you are not comfortable with the existing one.

Scope with a good glass helps to make the view clean, but you have to worry about the magnification as it varies much. You have to set the magnification in the lowest setting to make the target image clear from any distance.

If you want to shoot in 300 yards, you will not need a 50x powered scope. You can use the 3x-10x scope easily. Excess magnification limits your exterior sight, creates a shadow effect, and blurs the target. Also, your scope will get heavy and expensive.

Using The Scope:

  • Pick a safe location with a backstop and set the target at 100 yards. When you are done with mounting the scope on the rifle with proper scope rings, then you are ready to zero your scope. Before the shooting, makes sure to use safety gear.
  • The Aim with your scope, check if the aiming is comfortable or not. Set the magnification to the point where you can see the target full and clear.
  • Start with two or three shots, then set the scope in the precision you need. Adjust the aiming point in the target center by adjusting the windage and elevation knobs.
  • Keep firing your rifle until you hit the target perfectly. Next, adjust the magnification to get a close image and let you hit the target in the center. If you can do it properly, your zeroing is done.
  • After zeroing your rifle, you can shoot in any distance you want, be it shorter or longer distance. This will help you to understand the elevation of your rifle while aiming from a distance. You have to keep practicing to make your shooting accuracy, and you will learn the scope adjustment fast.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Scope?

Riflescopes are getting popular day by day, and it is for the right reasons. There are a bunch of advantages to using the scope. The benefits are:

  • Longer range shooting has gone easy and accurate for the scopes. It is not safe and comfortable for hunters to go too close to the target while hunting. The scopes allow you to shoot the prey accurately by staying in a safe distance. You can make hunting in your comfort zone. Just aim, target, and shoot with the scope.
  • The accuracy of shooting gets perfect. Missing the target is the least excepted for any hunters. With the scope, there is no chance to miss your target.
  • In the shooting competition, you will stay on the top of the scoreboard just for a good scope.
  • It is not an easy task to fire with a rifle. You have to be confident and have the belief to use the gun. If you have the proper skill and a good scope mounted on the rifle, your shooting experience will get better day by day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What scope should I use for 1000 yards?

 In normal shooting, 14-16x scope helps to make it smooth in 1000 yards. You will get a scope with 24x, but they are not much required as 6x works properly for close hunting. 16x is more than enough for 1000 yards shooting.

What scope do I need for 300 yards?

 For shooting out in the 300 yards, the 3-9x scope is preferable. With this scope, you can shoot from 50 yards to 500 yards. You will need a big tactile .25 MOA turrets to do the shooting operation smoothly.

What power scope do snipers use?

The snipers use the 10x power scope for shooting. The military also uses this power scope. It is best to use from 250 yards to 1000 yards.

Final Thought

This is the proper way of how to use a scope. When you go for an advanced level of shooting, there will be some change technically, and you may have to increase your budget. In summary, the scope helps to magnify your target and allows you to make a perfect shot. But you have to practice with the scope to make your shot perfect. So keep shooting.

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