Sentinel 10 Gun Safe Review in 2022

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Ever thought about what will happen if your children get access to your gun or your gun get stolen by the thieves? A gun safe can solve your problem. But various brands are offering different types of gun safes with varying types of features. So which one will be the best decision for you? Our review will help you to decide the best gun safe out there for you.

In this article, we are seeing the Sentinel 10 gun safe review. To illustrate, after a lot of analyses, we choose this one as the best gun safe for apartment seeing the price and features. Hence, there are many gun safe available in the market. Specifically, this sentinel safety cabinet provides the best bang for the buck. By reading this article from top to bottom, you will understand why it’s the best and what makes it different from others. So let’s dive into the review.

How We Test This Product?

We did precise market research before choosing this product. After analyzing more than twenty well-known websites hours after hours, we came up with this fantastic product. Even We identified some key features which are rarely seen in its competitor products in its quality. Our panel also took customers’ reviews into account to have a practical overview of it.  In fact, we have a special analyst team whose main job is to filter and incorporate all the necessary information.

They compared and contrasted this one with other available products in its quality and found it unbeatable. Then we share our thoughts and opinions on the selected products because we believe that we should not offer any gun safe which is not pleased to us, let alone the users. In summary, after analyzing all reviews, our sentinel svs gun safe review team suggests that The Sentinel 10 gun safe is a great product.

Table of Content:

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Sentinel 10 Gun Safe Review 2021

Sentinel 10 gun safe is undoubtedly one of the best-selling gun safes. You are purchasing this product to store purposes, so your main concern should be the looking system. Firstly, the three-point locking system, including a double-bitted lock, confirms the best security. It protected the door from pry opening, letting the burglar with no chance.Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Gun Security Cabinet

Secondly, the gun-safe cabinet can hold up to 10 rifles or shotgun up to 52″. It also has a removable steel top shelf that provides extra storage for the accessories and ammo. In addition, The safe gun cabinet is covered with a foam-padded bottom. Likewise, inside the cabinet, you will find 3-foam-padded barrel rest that will protect your guns from any kind of scratches. Thirdly, the pre-drilled mounting hole and included fastening tools will also help you to keep the cabinet secure anywhere at your residence.

Next, let’s now talk about the looks of this sentinel 10 guns safe. The cabinet features a durable black powder coat and gold accent. In fact, the black color itself gives it a classy look. Similarly, you don’t need to think about its durability. Lastly, the steel body will defend your weapons from any kind of external damage.

Sentinel 10 Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Model: GCWB-10-DS
  • Brand: Sentinel
  • Manufacturer: Stack-On
  • Gun Type: Rifle, Shotgun
  • Shelf Style: Removable
  • Material: Steel
  • Assembled Product Weight: 62.2 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17 W” x 13-1/2” D x 53”H
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Lock Type: Key Lock

Sentinel 10 Features:

  • Sentinel 10 gun safe’s key features that make it different from others are: it can hold up to 10 guns. Also, it comes with an extra removable self.
  • Its 3-point-locking system secures the gun safe at the top, bottom, and middle. It has a double-bitted key lock.
  • Its interior is done with foam padded rest in both bottom and barrel holders, preventing your guns from scratches or any kind of physical damages.
  • The safety cabinet comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can mount it on the floor or wall. The mounting tools are included with the sentinel 10 gun safe.
  • It is a handy safe cabinet that can be easily movable to anywhere at your place. Its size is so perfect that you can place it in your desired place without any issues.
  • This sentinel svs gun safe is a California-approved Guns Safety device that matches all the requirements of Penal Code Section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.
  • Decent-sized cabinet
  • Solid build quality
  • Easily mountable
  • 3-point-locking system
  • Not that expensive
  • The foam pads may not stick easily
  • The foam can get flimsy

How to Use Sentinel 10 Gun Safe?

How to Use Sentinel 10 Gun Safe?


The use of sentinel 10 gun safe is not that complicated. It comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer. Once you receive the gun safe, you will find all the hardware inside the cabinet. There will be 3 foam-padded cushions that you have to attach inside of the cabinet. One of the middle and tow for the sides that will be the gun’s barrel rest.


There will also be a removable steel self, and you can mount it separately inside the cabinet. Two keys will be provided that unlock the safe. Lastly, you will be given some mounting tools inside the safety cabinet; you have to use them through the pre-drilled holes to mount the cabinet on the floor or walls.


The sentinel gun safe is a key lock type safety cabinet. It comes with a three-point locking system with key coded and including a double-bitted lock. After locking it, you can unlock the safe with your key. If somehow you lose your key, there will be an added key in the box of the gun safe for safety purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any kind of question coming to your mind about the Sentinel 10 gun safe? Check our FAQs; you will find your answers there.

How much does a 10 gun safe weigh?

The weight of the Sentinel 10 gun safe is 62.6 lbs.

Who makes Sentinel gun safes?

Stack-On manufactures sentinel gun safes

Can you lay a gun safe on its back?

There will not be any kind of problem if you lay a gun safe on its back as long as you are gentle

Does this gun cabinet come assembled when shipped to your home?

Yes, it comes completely assembled.

Will there be any extra keys with the cabinet?

Yes, you will get one added key with the cabinet.

Final Thought

In conclusion, we recommend you buy the Sentinel 10 gun safe, seeing the features it provides. There may be some better options available for you but not in this budget. Sentinel 10 gun safe’s price makes it different from others. It’s the perfect bang for the buck.

If you’re looking for a gun safe that will prevent any kind of unwanted accidents related to your weapon, you can purchase Sentinel 10 gun safe without any second thought. Thanks for being with us in this Sentinel 10 gun safe review.

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