Tacticalx Flashlight Review [2022]: You Can Read Before Buy

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Aff link Flashlights are extremely practical tools. They can do much more than a light in the way. They are useful in dark areas and camping trips. I think it is a lifesaver so we should bring it with us. Also, its dimension is minimal so that it is easy to transport.  I have used several tactical flashlights, but the TacticalX’s performance is the best one for me. Here, I will present the TacticalX Flashlight review with my understanding.

The light of the TacticalX is brighter than a normal flashlight. It allows you to regulate the zoom of the flashlight up to 2000 times. In emergencies and blackouts, it is an essential support. I see the powerful flashlight used by army cops, marksmen, security officers, etc. It is used basically with firearms to illuminate a target. According to its price, it is the best value flashlight among others.

What Is TacticalX Flashlight?

What Is TacticalX Flashlight

TacticalX is a military-grade flashlight that delivers a powerful beam. It produces 800 lumens illumination, which is brighter than a regular flashlight. Its 2000X zoom feature allows us to adjust the light focus and spread. It is constructed with durable aluminum materials that ensure its long-lasting performance. With its four light modes, you can adjust the brightness level as you need. I have used it in heavy rain and it worked fine because it is IP68 waterproof certified. Its operation looks like a normal flashlight. Discover more in the TacticalX flashlight review below.

Features Of The Tactical Flashlight

The TacticalX flashlight has incredible features that make it reliable in the market. Let’s find out the features:

Features Of The Tactical Flashlight

It is brighter than others:

Most of the flashlight delivers up to 300 lumens light that can cover 600 feet distance. The TacticalX has 800 lumens light-power, which is insane. I can see the object at a long distance at night.

It allows zooming the light:

The flashlight has up to 2000X zoom options to cover short to the long-distance area. I can cover a wide area with a single flashlight, which usually needs 2 or 3 regular flashlights. The feature is effective in jungle camping and hunting at night.

Durable aluminum construction:

It is very tough so that it will not break on a medium level clash. It is constructed with aluminum grade material that is definitely stronger than other metals. It runs with 3 AAA size batteries that are available in the market.

It offers several light modes:

It has 4 light modes: Glare, Low, Medium and High. The light’s brightness can be adjusted according to place and needs. The high mode covers a wider and longer area. And the glare mode covers only nearby areas. Use the different levels of brightness based on the situation.

Waterproof protection:

The flashlight works fine in rainy weather for its IP68 protection. I submerged it in the pond for about 12 minutes and it worked fine.

Why Carry A Flashlight When My Phone Already Has One?

All latest smartphones have a flashlight. Here, I will explain why I need a flashlight when my smartphone has one.

Why Carry A Flashlight When My Phone Already Has One

  • A flashlight is a pretty handy tool that can be used for several reasons. It is highly essential in case of a power cut, night camping, parties, self and home defense.
  • Flashlight emits much more light and is much smaller than a phone flashlight. It is resistant because they are made of the same material as rifles and pistols. Most of them are designed for the harshest environmental conditions and waterproof protection.
  • The flashlights are tiny so that you can carry it conveniently in a pocket or small backpack. With an AA or AAA size battery, you can light up all flashlights. These batteries are affordable and available in departmental stores.

How to Use Tactical Flashlight

Below, I will explain in simple steps how to use a Tactical flashlight.

How to Use Tactical Flashlight

  1. Before using it, you must enter the AA or AAA size battery. If there is a recharge option, then power it up.
  2. Enable one mode from its four lighting modes. Each of the modes will help you at the right time, the low and glare modes for indoors and the high and medium for outdoors and survival.
  3. Depending on the model, your flashlight will have a unique design with compact size. So, you can take it everywhere.
  4. Test its maximum functions outside the home to perceive its lighting levels.
  5. Now go out and explore, have fun and have the satisfaction of a safe and illuminated path.

Where Can I Order Tactical Flashlight?

TacticalX Flashlight review

I have bought the TacticalX flashlight from their official website and recommend to get it from here. The flashlight provides maximum safety when walking on nights and to protect the outdoors. I have got it with a 50% discount and you can also get the flashlight at the same discount offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have explained some usually asked inquiries about the TacticalX flashlight.

Are tactical flashlights effective?

Tactical flashlights are not only effective but also a lifesaver tool for self-defense. It delivers extreme bright light to see anything in dark night areas.

Do tactical flashlights work in daylight?

The Tactical lights emit brighter light that can blind anyone from the opposite side in daylight. In some countries, traffic police use it on roads to control the vehicle.

Is 1000 lumens too bright for home defense?

The 60 lumens flashlight is enough for home defense. A 1000 lumens flashlight is very powerful and it may cause temp blindness of the target person.

How many lumens do I need in a flashlight?

A flashlight should be at least 60 lumens for home defense. If you want to use it outside, you can go for 120 to 1000 lumens flashlights with an adjustment option.

How many lumens should a good tactical flashlight have?

A good flashlight has a minimum 120 lumens. Nowadays, the latest flashlight has up to 1000 lumens lighting power and you can easily adjust the brightness level.

My Summary

I have described the overall experience and the performance of the flashlight in the TacticalX flashlight review. I am in love with the amazing flashlight because of its 700 lumens powerful light. It has modes to adjust the brightness on several levels. With the 2000X zoom option, it helped me to cover wider areas during my camping.

Also, I have used it in the pond at night and it performs well without any damaging issues. Due to its compact size, I feel handy to carry it. So, get the TacticalX flashlight for self-defense.

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