Tacticphonex Review 2022: The World’s Most Durable Phone Ever

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Travelling is one kind of addiction for me. I love going hiking or on the tour. And the most obvious thing I carry with me is the smartphone to communicate with others. A smartphone may provide all the facilities but due to the thin screen, my phone gets damaged all the time.

That’s when I decide to buy a phone that will provide the toughest screen. I searched online and found TacticPhoneX. I was not sure that this phone would be applicable to me or not. But, I saw in reviews that this is one of the toughest screen phones. I personally purchase it and use the device. I was satisfied to use this device so I write a TacticPhoneX Review. The review will show you actually what I get after using this phone during hiking.

What is TacticPhoneX?

If I explain in an easy word, then this is a regular phone with a button system and has a large screen.  If you are looking for an admirable look then this is not the right one. But, when I will explain the features of this amazing phone you will be surprised.

What is TacticPhoneX Max

TatcticPhoneX ensures durability and I can use it anywhere like swimming, climbing, hiking places. Like other smartphones, there is no chance of breaking the screen. To prevent a broken screen, this device uses scratch-free glass.

Also, the TacticPhoneX is surrounded by soft rubber material. This device has excellent strength and I can randomly use this while swimming, tracking, hiking, etc. places.

This device is completely waterproof, so I don’t have to worry about damaging the phone because of water. Also, a Long-lasting battery session helps to make videos and take snaps for a longer period of time.

This extra-large function helps the senior citizens to read or see anything from the phone clearly.

From this phone, I also get a loudspeaker and I can easily set three SIMs at a time. This device supports almost 15 languages and I can listen to FM radio while I am bored. In the latest TacticPhoneX, I found a 2MP Camera with a 20% bigger screen than the older version. So, I choose this device without thinking twice.

TacticPhoneX Main Features

TacticPhoneX is a strong device that can be used in traveling or hiking areas. Also, this device has some lucrative special features.

TacticPhoneX Main features

Strong Surface:

This phone uses Michelin’s rubber on the outside to protect the phone from broken. Also, this device uses shatterproof protection to protect from dust, water, mud, etc. elements.  There is a major chance of damaging any other smartphone for various reasons. But this Tactic phone is known as one of the toughest phones in the market. So, I can use this whenever I plan to go outside for a tour.

Strong Surface


The Tactic Phone X uses 6 screws in the back. After tightening the screw, when I use it underwater, there is less chance of damaging the phone. I can keep this device for 30 minutes underwater, and it will not be damaged. The water resistance capabilities of this phone are great. The whole device is waterproof and I am relaxed on rainy days while trekking or hiking.

Extended Battery Life:

Most smartphones are recently increasing their battery capacity. But those phones provide one or two days of services. TacticPhoneX gives you 360 hours of service nonstop. If I use the device to talk or other purposes, then I can use it for 72 hours. This is a great back up for me. As sometimes I hardly find the port to charge my smartphone.

Extended Battery Life

Multiple SIM Slot:

The TacticPhoneX is capable of running 3 SIM at a time. This is a great opportunity for users. Why? Because of the network issues. Sometimes it happens that one SIM company is unable to provide a proper network in a particular area. That time other companies may cover that area. So, if I can have 3 SIM on my device then I will be able to communicate with others. This is such an amazing thing.

Larger Interface:

At first, this particular feature did not attract me at all. Instead, I thought this such a pain to use with such a large screen or button. But the benefits I realized when I went to the sunlight or underwater. This larger screen and the larger button help me to find out the button easily. Also, I can clearly see the text or image at night or in the sunlight.

TacticPhoneX Technical Specs

After reading the features, I thought the TecticPhoneX specification will clear the idea of the device. So that with a glance you can learn about the TecticPhoneX.

TacticPhoneX Technical Specs

  • IP68 ensures that this device is water and Dust-proof.
  • TacticPhoneX devices provide 3000mAh.
  • This device is shatterproof and has a Michelin rubber exterior.
  • Three adjustable SIM with TF card expansion.
  • FM Tuner Radio with Box Speaker.
  • Power bank option including LED Flashlight.

Why Do I Need the Tactic Phone X?

As a normal tourist, this phone is not necessary actually. Because it will not be so beneficial. But, if you are a traveler and like to go outing, hiking, tracking, and touring one place to another like me then TacticPhoneX is a perfect choice.

Why Do I Need the Tactic Phone X

When I am outside the home or go on tour, it is obvious I need a medium to communicate. So I need a phone. Now if my phone has no strong protection then there will be a 100% guarantee of getting damaged by my smartphone.

This TacticPhoneX has a Michelin rubber exterior and shatterproof glass. These features make sure I can protect it from the sun, water, or dust. Also, this device has a larger screen and button. This feature helps me to see the text or image clearly even in the sunlight. Triple SIM helps me to set a different SIM to avoid network problems.

Though the surface is rubber protected I can carry the mobile very easily and the UI is also simple. Those are the reasons I choose this device while I am out of my home for hiking or trekking.

How to Use the TacticPhoneX?

TacticPhoneX is a basic phone and much easier to operate than smartphones. Actually, there is no critical part that I find to operate. At first, I just inserted the SIM on the slot. Then open the phone and the device is ready to use.How to Use the TacticPhoneX

The phone has a 2.4 inches screen which is enough to see the text or image clearly on the outside. And the larger button helps me to operate even in the sunlight. Also, the resolution of the picture is well enough to capture or see anything. The long-lasting battery features keep me stress-free from low battery options.

If I only use it just to see the location or use the flashlight for sometimes this device will provide me 360 hours of service. So, it’s completely up to me how I can use this.

Experiences and Opinion Regarding TacticPhoneX

In the article, I already provide all the information about TacticPhoneX. People may not believe the opinion after reading the online reviews. So here I want to share my experience based on using the device and gave an honest TacticPhoneX Review.Experiences and Opinion Regarding TacticPhoneX

The long-lasting battery mode saved me from the tension of a low battery. Also, I can use it everywhere like in the dust or in the water. This is a great thing for me because I love traveling and hiking. Also, the triple SIM option makes sure I can always get the network from a different SIM.

Another great experience I get from this device is it supports almost 15 languages. So, if I face any problem with languages, I can ask strangers and get help. The great powerful LED Flashlight gives me enough light at night. I can also listen to local news and music through FM.

One thing I didn’t like about this phone is, it is very heavy. Sometimes this weight causes me pain in the hand. Otherwise, this TacticPhoneX is the perfect device for me while traveling.

Where Can I Purchase the TacticPhoneX?

You can get the TacticPhoneX available on the online store. But for guarantee and warranty, I prefer this online store. Besides guarantee, this store provides some great offers on special occasions.

TacticPhoneX Review

Frequently Asked Questions

I already gathered related information for you on the above. You can also learn about TacticPhoneX from this question-answer session.

Which phone has the toughest screen?

Normally when you will buy a smartphone the seller will provide you a protection glass for the screen. But those are not so durable to protect your screen. By using TacticPhoneX you will feel safe. The shatterproof glass protection makes the phone screen toughest among others.

Is the Tactic Phone X suitable for senior citizens?

Yes, because of the larger screen, keyboard, and font size this TacticPhoneX is perfectly suitable for Senior citizens. Also, the simple interface makes the phone popular among those citizens.

Final Thought

If anyone asks me to choose the smartphone, I may not go for the TacticPhoneX device. But when it comes to choosing the toughest screen phone for traveling, this device is the best choice.  With a reasonable price, this device has a great protector on the screen. I have tried so many phones for traveling.

But after using this TacticPhone X, I set up my mind to purchase this one. The larger screen of this phone helps me to see the text or images clearly. And the rubber surface keeps the phone safe. So, without going through any other phone I choose this special device for me. I hope this TacticPhoneX Review will give you the interest to buy or use it while traveling. If you have any questions regarding this phone you can ask in the comment section. 

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