What is the best way to store guns without a safe?

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Life is not the same as the 1950s or 60’s anymore. Unlike earlier, we need to take several precautions to maintain our safety. This includes wearing a seatbelt or helmet to have personal safety weapons, be it a paper spray or a gun. But the most common concern regarding this issue is what is the best way to store guns without a safe.

Why Keep a Gun Safely Store in a Place?

There was a day when carrying a gun was a taboo, and people had to bury their guns to hide it. But those days are over. After all, your gun is of no use if you cannot access it in an emergency. Nowadays, there are many ways to store your gun, so that both your gun and family will be safe.


There are three major reasons for which you ought to store a gun safely a place:

  • Protection of the family: what if you have children in your house along with having a gun. I am sure you don’t want your children to have access to that gun. This is the first and foremost reason behind storing your gun in such a place that your children cannot reach it.
  • Protection of the gun: storing your gun under the soil or in such a humid place is not really good for your gun. It will be best to store your gun in a place where the environment favors your gun.
  • Protection from thieves and mishaps: guns are not so inexpensive, thus have chances to be stolen. So, you should keep your hidden so that thieves cannot find it easily. But not so off-site that even you cannot access it in case of emergency.

What is the Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe?

To keep your gun secured, we suggest you use a gun safe as it is the best option so far. However, if you do not own one, there are many other ways to store your gun safely. There are many safe hiding places for your gun. Today, we will guide you to what is the best way to store guns without a safe.

A Lock Box: It is usually used for storing money and small papers. However, it is safe storage for your gun at the most reasonable price. In this little box, you can easily keep a handgun along with a pair of bullets. You can choose anyone between a lockbox with a lock or with a pin code. You can keep some moisture absorbent chemicals to prevent building up moisture.

What is the Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe

False wall/floor/ electrical vent: You can go for this expensive yet inconvenient method if you own more than one gun. You have to make a hole to create a false wall or floor or electrical vent. Nevertheless, this is inconvenient as you cannot access your gun easily if an emergency arises.

A Gun Storage Bag: This is designed not only to store your gun but also to give it protection, which comes with various features and in different sizes. This bag withstands both internal and external abuse. Hence you should have one that has firm padding inside. This prevents rust caused by moisture, and very easy to carry it with you wherever you go. It’s a convenient way to keep your arm with you as it does not take much space.

A gun storage cabinet: This is the best option after a gun safe to secure a gun. You are free to choose yours according to the need of your needs and house size. You can show off and be proud of having it in your collection as well. The cabinet should be durable and able to protect the weapon from any internal or external damage. It is a better idea to put a lock on the cabinet to prevent other people’s access to your weapon.

A gun storage case: A gun case is one of the best portable storage solutions. You can use it without or with an external lock, but the better idea is to use one with a lock. A pistol case that is equipped with a cable lock is a secure, safe, and legal way of transporting your weapon to the ranges or in different places. It also helps to secure a gun at home.

What to Consider When Securing Your Guns?

You can prevent almost all of the accidents at home caused by firearms if you take some simple precautions. Among all these, a proper storage system is the best option. It should be something like that who owns a firearm should respect the arm and keep it in a secure place to avoid misuse and firearm accidents.

What to Consider When Securing Your Guns

When you secure a gun, you should ensure that it meets the reasons behind securing a gun. However, while securing your gun, you should also keep in mind that:

  • You should always point the firearm’s muzzle in a safe direction so that no injury occurs even if an accidental discharge takes place.
  • The thing is that you need to keep your finger on the trigger unless you are willing to shoot.
  • Make sure that your gun is unloaded when they are not in use.
  • When you are not using your gun, make sure you are storing it in a location that children can’t access, and none can touch it unless you permit.
  • Never keep your ammunition all together with your gun.
  • Keep your gun in a secured location as soon as you are done with using it. Unload and clean it before storage.
  • Educate everyone in your family about the safety of firearms and how they should handle it if they find it unattended.

Final Thought

After all the discussions, we can conclude that a gun safe is an answer to the question of what is the best way to store guns without a safe. But you still have many options if you are yet to do savings to own a gun safe. You can use any of that as long as it fulfills the needs to store a gun safely.

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