Where to Put a Safe in your House?

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Safe is an excellent solution for hiding jewelry and money in the house. Are you thinking of installing a safe in the house? The ideal would be to do it during the renovations of your home so that it will be much more difficult for thieves to find it. Let’s immediately see some advice on the best places to go to position it. The Safe can be built into a wardrobe but requires a little masonry work.

Another possibility is to embed the Safe in the wall, preferably in the lower part of the wall. The cover will be hidden by the sockets that are in the room and will not be noticed by anyone. The installation must be entrusted to a security professional as fewer people know the secret, and the better it is in terms of security. It is also good to have a security system to make life even more difficult for possible thieves. Here are some useful tips on where to put a safe in your house.

Is a Home Safe a Good Idea?

A safe in the house can be useful for securing various goods like jewelry and precious objects, cash, important documents. There are never too many precautions when it comes to our hard-earned savings or objects with a particular emotional value. The first rule to follow is that the fewer people know that there is a safe in the house, the better.


For this reason, it is inappropriate to think about installing it when the house is still under construction or renovation, and there are many people in the pipeline. Safe is a passive security system. To be truly safe at home, it is good to combine it with an active security system, such as an anti-theft system.

What should you think before choosing the best place to put a safe in the house? Before placing Safe in your house, you should choose a hidden place to keep the belongings safe. If you decided to install a safe in your house, you should select a secured place where a thief cannot enter. The secured place to put a safe is behind the reading table or bookshelves. Only you can access the Safe from those places.

Check the wall corners deeply and make a cabinet to put the Safe. The cabinet must have a lock so nobody cannot understand what is inside. Also, you can place a Safe under the floor if you have space. I suggest to place it under the bed that is hard to reach for everyone.

Where to Put a Safe in your House?

You cannot place a Safe with 100% protection in your residential house. But some places provide 80 to 90 percent security and foolproof protection. So, let’s find out the solution where to place and install Safe in the house.

Where to Put a Safe in your House


Installing Safe in the wall and floor is the easiest way. Choose the corner between two walls to install a Safe, which can provide security from theft. Measure the Safe’s size and place it yourself to keep all belongings secured.


Before preparing a bookshelf, keep spaces for the place the Safe behind it. You can hide the Safe door with books that ensure more safety to your essentials. Also, you can install it yourself.


A kitchen is a secure place in our house because many appliances and furniture are available in the kitchen. Place the Safe in a cabinet and put all necessary things on it. You do not need to cut or resize the cabinet to install the Safe in the kitchen.


In our house, no one tries to enter the kid reading room because there is a few furniture. Thieves know that we do not put our expensive belongings in the kid reading room. So, you can install the Safe behind bookshelves and other places where you feel secure.


You can place a Safe inside a cabinet in the kitchen and bedroom without resizing it. Plug the screw perfect with a screwdriver and close the cabinet door. The cabinet is the best place to install a Safe to protect all belongings in a place.

Which Place Tries to Avoid Putting a Safe in Your House?

Which Place Tries to Avoid Putting a Safe in Your House

The best position is the wall corners, and it is comfortable for those who must use it but very uncomfortable for those who must use tools to break it in. To operate tools such as a sledgehammer, enough space is needed to take advantage of the leverage effect.

  • To make it secured to use these tools, you can think of putting the Safe in a corner or a rather narrow corridor.
  • Putting the side of the door with the hinges near a corner makes it difficult to use the crowbar, while if there is a wall-less than two meters in front of the safe. It is impossible to apply enough force to the club to break it.
  • Another perfect position for the thief could be along with a flight of stairs. Of course, the section of the wall to which the safe must be anchored must also be free of pipes or electrical cables.
  • It is preferable to place it in a private area of ​​the house, such as in the sleeping area. Because in the living room or another public part, you may find yourself in difficulty if you have to take something in the presence of guests.

For those who particularly fear a possible robbery in his presence, the advice is to install two safes and those places.

Final Thought

Avoid placing the Safe in a large room and a low position because you are preparing an ideal place to work in total comfort in this case. Instead, position the safe as high as possible, so that any use of a drill or crowbar is difficult.

With these small tricks, you can easily install a Safe where you can store your precious goods, thus keeping them away from any malicious people who could break into your home during the holidays or during the pit hours, that is when the house is empty.

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