Why Is My Rifle Scope Blurry?

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A rifle scope is a significant component of a rifle. Without it, you cannot have a successful hunting experience. Some people may feel that having a rifle scope is not necessary; they couldn’t be more wrong. With a rifle scope, you get advantaged more than anyone else and this scope makes it extremely important.

A rifle cannot function without a scope. Why is this so? Because it is the scope that focuses on the target by zooming in and closing on the distance. However, a rifle scope cannot function well when it’s blurry. But why is my rifle scope blurry? The cause could be that the riflescope is dirty, scratched, damaged, and many other reasons.

Why Is My Rifle Scope Blurry?

Why is my rifle scope blurry? This is a question that is usually asked when you fail to hit your target because your rifle scope is blurry. Many reasons may be causing the blurriness thus it’s important to get to the root of the problem and find a way out.

Why Is My Rifle Scope Blurry

Some of the reasons why your rifle scope is blurry include: –

  • Dirty scope – One of the main reasons for making your rifle scope blurry is if it’s dirty. Any dirt covering the scope will make it blurry.
  • Poor sighting – This happens when the scope is not mounted correctly according to your eyesight. Many people don’t have a clue how to sight in their scopes, hence causing the blurriness leading to poor shots.
  • The Wrong Scope – If you have mounted the wrong scope, it will definitely be blurry scope. If you didn’t follow the manual’s instructions on the optic for your rifle, you are the cause of the blurring. This is because you would have used a scope not suited for your rifle.
  • Not Correctly Mounted – Another reason making your rifle scope blurry is if you have mounted it incorrectly on the rifle. Wrong mounting can affect your rifle scope making it blurry.
  • Magnification- Your rifle scope may be blurry because it is subjected to high magnification. If your scope gives clear images under low magnification, then you will be sure that the high magnification is the problem.
  • Water Inside Scope-The water inside your rifle scope may be the cause of blurriness. If you left your rifle unattended someone might have slipped water into it, affecting the rifle scope. If you are out hunting in the rain, some water may enter the scope causing blurriness.

How to Fix a Blurry Rifle Scope?

It can be quite frustrating using your rifle and realizing that you have a blurry rifle scope. This may happen when you have a clear shot of taking down your target. Once you focus, you fail to take a shot because of a blurry rifle scope. Once you understand what is causing the blurriness, it is time to find workable solutions.

How to Fix a Blurry Rifle Scope

Here are some of the things you can do to troubleshoot your blurry rifle scope;

Clean the Scope:

A blurred image may be caused by a dirty scope, as we have discussed. Why not try cleaning it and see if you will get clearer images? However, it is critical that you clean the rifle scope properly to prevent further damage. Don’t be in a rush when cleaning; do it gently to avoid scratching the lens. Put an emphasis on the eyepiece where most of the dirt ends up hiding. A cotton swab will work excellently well in areas the damp cloth cannot reach. Once you are done cleaning, please focus on the scope to confirm whether it’s having any image issues.

High Magnification:

If you note that your rifle scope gets blurred due to high magnification, avoid that. If your scope performs efficiently at low magnification, be assured that the high magnification is the problem hence should be avoided. Only use your rifle scope to focus on targets that are near to prevent the blurriness.


To put it in simple terms, mirage is the heat waves you usually notice rising from the ground during a warm or hot day. When you end up focusing on your rifle scope and come across the mirage, it may cause blurring.

What you should do is redirect your angle of the heat waves. A mirage shows all kinds of distortions; hence you should find a shield for your rifle to deal with the mirage.

Reticle Focus:

It is vital to ensure that the reticle is in focus to attain clear images. If you notice that the blurriness is still occurring, adjust the focus appropriately. Keep adjusting the reticle focus until you are confident that the blurriness is done away with.

Water in your Scope:

Once you notice that blurriness on your rifle scope is due to water, get it out immediately. If you don’t do that, rust may start forming, affecting the entire scope completely. Once all the water is out, dry the scope gently with a soft dry cloth. Ensure that the scope is completely dry then try focusing to ensure that the riflescope is portraying clear and sharp images.

Damaged Scope:

The cause of blurriness may be because the riflescope is damaged. What you should do is have it replaced for better functionality. There is no use having a damaged scope that is not enabling you to have clear shots due to poor images.

Final Word

Hunting is a fun adventure that can be even more fun if you hunt in the right environment. That goes for having a functioning rifle for a successful hunting adventure. It would be of no use having a rifle that has parts that are not working well.

Why is my rifle scope blurry? We have discussed in detail what could be making your rifle scope blurry. It is time that you worked to change that narrative by following the troubleshooting measures we have outlined.

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