WildSurvive Pro Review 2022: Know This Before Buying Now

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I hear about WildSurvive Pro all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? During travel or trekking, I always carry extra knives, compass, etc. in an extra bag. I saw the WildSurvive Pro kit on my travel partner’s backpack. Then, I decided to purchase the survival kit to test. It makes several tasks easier during my trip. Its collections of tools provide impressive service because they are made with high-quality materials. In the WildSurvive Pro review, I will discuss my overall experience with using methods. Stay tuned.

WildSurvive Pro is an incredible survival kit that is included with survival tools to ensure protection. On an adventurous trip, it becomes very helpful to do necessary tasks. Also, it helped me many times in unexpected situations. It includes several useful tools that are easy to manage and carry under all conditions. I never face any legal issues while using it.

What Is Wildsurvive Pro?

WildSurvive Pro is an amazing solution for excursion support. It consists of a compass, first aid kit, pen, flashlight, knife, tool card, fire starter, saw, whistle, mirror and more. These tools are indispensable for trekking and outdoor activities. All tools are organized in a small bag, which makes the adventure trip easier. It can be used in household tasks if needed. The tools are quality full so that you can stay protected from the harsh situation. It is perfect for cooking, camping, stay protected from animals.

What is WildSurvive Pro

WildSurvive Pro Review: What are the Contents?

Most of the survival kits have different tools. WildSurvive Pro has some essential tools that allow me to do lots of tasks easily. Let’s what are the contents inside the kit box:

WildSurvive Pro Review What are the Contents

  • Knife: The knife is foldable and made with high-quality materials. It helps to do quick popping in danger. Also, it can be used to open bottle cans, break glass, etc.
  • Compass: It has a 360-degree bezel to find out the direction from maps easily. Its construction is very compact, so anyone can navigate the compass where needed in an emergency.
  • Rope: The rope helps in cooking, camping, tying up any things, etc. Its quality is so good that it is hard to tear off.
  • Woodcutter: The tool can help while walking through the jungle and during cooking.
  • Fire starter: On any outdoor activities, fire is essential to stay safe from wild animals. Also, it is important for cooking and staying warm from cold weather.
  • Flashlight: In the outside dark area, it is an essential tool. It helps to move in a dark way at night.
  • Bottle clip: It makes the day to day tasks easier.
  • Blanket: It keeps me warm in the cold condition to survive at night with a sound sleep. Easy to fold to carry anywhere in the small kit bag.

All tools in the WildSurvive Pro kit are portable and made with military-grade materials.

Specifications Of Wild Survive Pro

Let’s see below the specifications of the survival kit.

  • It has a knife, woodcutter, fire starter, flashlight, bottle clip, rope, compass, blanket.
  • All materials are military-grade in quality.
  • Easy to carry and keep inside the small bag.
  • Accept all method payments.
  • 50% to 70% discount with the refund policy.

Benefits Of Using Wildsurvive Pro

I have faced many critical situations in some of the outdoor activities. The survival kit helps me in several ways with its quality performance. Below, I have presented the benefits of the WildSurvive Pro kit:

Benefits of using WildSurvive Pro

Essential tools:

I have a knife, rope, flashlight, compass, woodcutter, fire starter, blanket and bottle clip in the small kit. With the tools, I have solved several tasks during outdoor trips. Also, the tools are effective in household chores.


All tools are constructed with high-grade materials that ensure long-time performance. Its durable and super-quality performance makes it worthy of this budget.


The kits are 100% water-proof, so it can be used in any weather condition. I have traveled to the waterfall with the kit many times and it never mixed up with water. The tools are resistant to water that ensures their durability.


The kit is organized with those tools that are used the day to day tasks. In adventure trips, the tools are effective to stay stress-free and safe from wild animal attacks. It has emergency tools used to solve different scenarios.


The manufacturer offers 50% to 70% discounts on different events. At this rate, it is the cheapest survival kit with best performance in the industry. Everyone can afford the kit and save costs with attractive discounts.

How Does WildSurvive Pro Work?

WildSurvive Pro’s working process is very simple. Let’s see below how it works:

How Does WildSurvive Pro Work

  • The bag consists of several essential tools. Open the zipper to take out the needed tool.
  • The folding knife provides superb performance in cutting with perfection.
  • Flashlight provides light in dark areas to move freely to complete the operation.
  • Its compass shows the proper direction with correct navigation. I use the compass on the map to find the right direction.
  • The fire starter allows me to cook, stay warm in cold weather and stay safe from animals.
  • The rope, woodcutter, blanket, bottle clip solved many problems in my adventurous trips.

Why Are People Buying This Survival Kit?

The WildSurvive Pro provides essential tools set that works better than other survival kits in the industry. All tools ensure high-grade performance at all conditions. Their robust construction provides a durable performance so that the kit can be used for a long time. For its extreme level performance, people are buying this survival kit. Also, the kit manufacturer provides over 50% discounts on every purchase.

Why Is This Product Better Than Others? [Wild Survive Pro]

The Survival kit has all the essential tools that are needed for an excursion. For its compact size, it is easy to put in a small bag or side of the backpack. Also, it is water-resistant, so I never worried about the tools to get dry.

Why Is This Product Better Than Others Wild Survive Pro

All tools are made with military-grade materials so that they will provide longtime service. The kit comes with money-back guarantees that ensure its quality. It is the efficient and best survival kit among others.

What Are The Pros Of This Kit?

The WildSurvive Pro benefited with its amazing features. Let’s see the pros:

  • ABS box provides waterproof protection.
  • Durable and high-end tools.
  • 3 years of the standard warranty.
  • Tools for camping, outdoor activities, adventure trips, etc.
  • More than 50% discount.

Cons Of This Kit?

  • Stock is limited.
  • Only available on the manufacturer’s website.

Wildsurvive Pro Review: Price And Where To Buy It From

I have purchased the WildSurvive Pro from the manufacturer’s website and I recommend you to get it from here. Never get the survival kit from third-party platforms because there is a chance of a fake survival kit. From the manufacturer’s website, I have obtained 30 days satisfaction guarantee and 3 years warranty. All payment methods are accepted.

WildSurvive Pro Review price and where to buy it from

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s find out answers of the following frequently asked questions about the WildSurvive Pro.

Who Really Makes WildSurvive Pro?

The Closen Company manufactures the WildSurvive Pro survival kit. They made the best budget survival kits for the trekker, adventure lovers, camper, etc. with long life service.

How much will it cost me?

Its regular price is 84 dollars. After a 50% discount with a coupon code, the price will be 42 dollars.

How long can the average person survive in the wilderness?

A healthy person can go 48 hours to 1 week without liquids in the wilderness. A week of surviving without liquids is the extreme level of surviving.

What should you not do in the wilderness?

Never be worried and choose a safe place where you can stay safe from wild attacks. Also, stay away from harsh weather conditions by taking necessary things with you.

What are the things you need to survive?

You need a knife, fire starter, rope, woodcutter, bottle clip, compass, first aid kit, a weather-proof blanket to survive in any situation.

What is the use of the tactical and folding military knife in the kit?

The knife has a one-sided sharp part that is risky for everyone. The tactical knife keeps us safe from the sharp side injury. It helps to cut foods, adjust rope size while camping and more.

Are the transactions safe on the website of the company?

The WildSurvive pro website ensures Norton, McAfee and TRUSTe verified payment that guarantees the safe transaction.

Final Thought

I have shared my experience with the survival kit in the WildSurvive pro review. It is an efficient kit to organize and be prepared for any disaster. When preparing for camping, hiking, cycling or any other outdoor adventure, one of the biggest concerns is always to carry as little weight as possible. The survival kit is an indisputable necessity for all of us. It has all the essential surviving tools to stay safe in any situation.

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